How Many Roofing Sheets Do You Need?

Are you planning on updating the roof on your shed or have you decided to build a pergola in the garden? Maybe you’re hoping to build a covered area for your car in apprehension of winter?

Whatever your project we’ve got a calculator to help you! We have several different calculators on the Roofing Megastore site to work out not only how many roofing sheets you need but also the fixtures and fittings that you’ll need to go with them! The calculators will save you time, working out the amounts you need quickly and precisely, and they’ll also ensure that there is no wastage due to incorrect amounts being ordered. All you need to know is the length and width of the roof that you want to cover and the type of roofing sheet that you want!
They’re also great gadgets for a contractor on the move, allowing you to work out a quick quote for customers straight away!

Types of Roofing Sheets Available

Each type of roofing sheet has it's own benefits and advantages, so to help you to decide which type you need here's a quick rundown of the main types available and how to use their calculators:

Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Bitumen roofing sheets are made from bitumen fibres and are lightweight and long-lasting. They can withstand tough weather conditions from torrential rain and hail right through to stormy wind and they also offer brilliant thermal insulation and good sound absorption.
They’re tough and durable yet can be cut easily to size using just a fine-toothed hand saw making them a brilliant choice for garden projects such as shed roofs or garages. Because of their ease of installation, they’re the perfect choice for a DIYer and tradesman alike and come with a 15-year waterproof guarantee. They’re suitable for roof pitches of 5° to 90° and are also popular for use on car ports, agricultural buildings and stables.

You’ll find links below to two of our most popular bitumen sheets both of which have the calculator function on them:

Coroline Corrugated sheets

Corrapol BT Sheets

How to use the Bitumen Roofing Sheet Calculator

  • Click on the grey calculator button on the product page above the ‘Add to basket’ button
  • You’ll then have a choice of roof type – choose the one that matches the roof that you’re working on
  • Next put in the width and the length of your roof (you can use the simple dropdown buttons to change the measurements to the type that you are used to working in)
  • On the next page you’ll see the products that the calculator has worked out that you will need. This will include the correct amount of roofing sheets plus any fixtures and fittings that will be required
  • On the right-hand side (or underneath the products if you’re doing this on your mobile) select the colour of the sheets that you want

And that’s it! Have a good check through the products and the quantities and if you’re happy with them you can add them directly to your shopping bag using the button.

This whole procedure takes less than a minute making it quick and easy to calculate and make your purchase, giving you more time to concentrate on your project!

Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are brilliant for a multitude of garden applications, from greenhouses to cold frames right through to conservatories! They can be easily cut and installed and come in a choice of three great colours, bronze, clear and opal.
They’re a common choice for DIYers who want to create applications for the allotment, garden and home but they’re also a favourite for larger applications. Contractors choose polycarbonate as a go to product for lean-tos and pergolas as they provide shelter and often UV protection whilst still letting the sunlight in. They’ve even been used for Manchester City Stadium!

The clear option of Polycarbonate sheets offers fantastic light transmittance and is perfect for growing plants or as a pergola roof in the garden. Bronze will keep the glare at bay whilst retaining heat with its increased heat absorption. And the opal shade will provide privacy whilst reducing the levels of solar energy entering the sheet, keeping covered areas cooler when in direct sunlight-great for a carport.

As a general rule, the thicker the sheet, the stronger it is, so multi-wall polycarbonate in a thickness of 25mm is a brilliant choice for a conservatory, the 16mm is great for greenhouses or lean-tos and the thinner version at 10mm would work well for a cold frame.

Our two most popular polycarbonate sheets are below and both feature the calculator function which is a great way of finding out exactly what you need for your project quickly and easily:

Polycarbonate Axiome

Polycarbonate Corotherm

How to use the Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet Calculator

  • Click on the grey calculator button on the product page before you enter any information
  • Choose the roof type that resembles the project that you will be working on
  • On the next screen choose the colour that you are after and the thickness of the sheet you want
  • Next, enter the length and width of the slope of your roof (you can do this in imperial or metric measurements – just change to suit using the dropdown in the measurement box)
  • You can then choose the sheet sizes that would be most appropriate for your build, just click on the one that’s most suitable and the calculator will show you your results

The results will show you not only the sheets that you’ll need for your project but all of the fittings and fixtures too – so that you know that you’ll have everything that you need!
Check over the list to make sure that you are happy with everything in it and if you are, you can simply add all of the products to your basket ready for purchase by hitting the green ‘Add all items to basket’ button.

Nice and easy.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

A brilliant choice for agricultural and commercial buildings, corrugated metal sheets are often used for horse stables, livestock barns and company warehouses, although we have seen a recent trend for an increased use in tiny homes and in interior design too!

They’re strong and sturdy and will protect your roof from all kinds of weather (you can also choose a metal sheeting with PVC plastisol coating on which is scratch and fade resistant). Thanks to their durability you can expect a 10 – 15-year lifespan from metal roofing sheets.

You have a choice between 0.5mm and 0.7mm, the thicker, stronger option is ideal for a stable or barn whereas smaller projects will be more suitable to the 0.5mm sheet.

Take a look at two of our most popular corrugated metal sheets:

Galvanised Box Profile Roofing Sheets

Agricultural Corrugated Roofing Sheet - Polyester Coating

How to use the Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheet Calculator

  • Click the grey calculator button on the product page and you’ll be prompted to choose the roofing type that you are working on
  • Next you’ll need to input the length and width of your roof (you can do this in either imperial or metric measurements by simply selecting your preferred measurement in the dropdown box at the top of the page).
  • Then choose the sheet thickness that you’re after and the colour and click the ‘Finish’ button
  • You’ll then be shown your results-it’s that easy!

You’ll be taken to a page showing you your results with the sheets that you’ll need as well as all of the fittings and fixtures to go with them, you can change the sheet thickness, colour, fixings and fixing length on the right hand side if you want to (or underneath the product list if you’re viewing it on your mobile).

Check that you’re happy with everything and if you are you can put everything directly into your basket by simply hitting the ‘Add to basket’ button.

More Information

If you’re still unsure of what roofing sheet to go for or want further advice on using any of our calculators then please do contact us on 01295 565565 or email us at [email protected].