Thermafleece SupaSoft - Recycled Plastic Insulation Roll

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Product Description

Overview of the Thermafleece SupaSoft Insulation Roll

  • Made from recycled plastic – prevents waste going to landfill
  • Free of harmful chemicals – offers a non-itch and irritation-free installation
  • Superb thermal conductivity – provides thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/mK
  • Great sound absorption – achieves an NRC of 1.00 at 100mm
  • Achieves a snug fit – prevents heat leakage in roof spaces
  • Fully recyclable – can be easily repurposed at the end of its life
  • Available in a choice of thicknesses and sizes – ideal for a variety of applications
  • Made in the UK – supports local communities and reduces emissions

Produced from recycled bottles, Thermafleece SupaSoft Insulation offers superb thermal insulation whilst diverting several tonnes of waste plastic from landfill. Providing the environmentally conscious homeowners with an ideal, non-itch loft insulation that’s easy to fit too.

This insulation roll provides 0.040 W/mK of thermal conductivity. Therefore, regulating the temperature of your home throughout chilly winters and warm summers. Creating a more comfortable living space and cutting energy usage.

With a choice of thicknesses and sizes, these rolls of polyester insulation can be placed between your joists or laid over existing insulation in your loft space. Making it easy to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

What are the Benefits of this Recycled Insulation Roll?

The polyester fibres found throughout this non-itch polyester insulation achieves a thermal conductivity of 0.040 W/Mk. Allowing you to maintain the temperature of your home, whether it’s a freezing winter or boiling summer.

Thermafleece SupaSoft also combats sound pollution with it receiving a rating of NRC 1.00 at 100mm. Providing you with a peaceful home, whether you are insulating an office located in a busy city or home placed in a leafy suburb.

Through a partnership with Eden Renewable Innovations, ThermaFleece have used plastic bottles when producing this insulation. Therefore, preventing excess waste going to landfill and providing you with a truly sustainable solution when insulating your home.

Available in a range of thicknesses and sizes, Thermafleece SupaSoft Insulation achieves a snug fit and therefore prevents air and sound leakage. Making it ideal for insulating the roof space of commercial premises and residential homes.

Where Can You Use Thermafleece SupaSoft?

This insulation is perfect for a wide range of building types, including older traditional builds and newer projects. Due to the variety of thicknesses and sizes SupaSoft is available in, it can be used in virtually any loft space with ease.

Wherever you use this recycled insulation, it will significantly improve thermal insulation and sound absorption. This is as it is manufactured to meet the strictest requirements, ensuring your home or office is comfortable throughout the year.

How is this Insulation Roll Installed and Maintained?

There is very little difference between the installation processes when comparing Thermafleece products to competing alternatives. In fact, it could very well be argued that products such as the SupaSoft are easier to install simply since they are nowhere near as potentially harmful.

Glass and mineral-based rolls of insulation will very frequently cause skin irritation, and can be harmful to breathe in, making the use of protective clothing essential. As this insulation is free of harmful chemicals, this will not typically be experienced when fitting ThermaFleece SupaSoft.

In fact, this insulation can be installed without protective clothing, though a mask and any other clothing designed to protect against dust is recommended, as any insulation rolls can be fairly dusty when installed.

Will Pests Be Attracted to Thermafleece SupaSoft?

There are numerous rumours and beliefs surrounding insulation made from polyester fibres and its tendencies to attract pests such as mice, moths and more. However, there is no evidence to suggest this is the case and you are no more likely to attract vermin with this insulation than synthetic insulation.

Mice, moth, and other vermin are typically attracted to poorly maintained insulation. Therefore, you should visually check insulation annually to identify any compression, dampness, or infestation. Preventing any small issues from developing into major challenges.

Have a Question About the ThermaFleece SupaSoft?

If you have any questions about Thermafleece products, or another range that we stock, please feel free to message us online, email us or call us on 01295 565565, and our team will do their best to help you out.

Product Specifications

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Lead Time3-5 Days
U Value0.040 W/mK
Sound AbsorptionNRC 1.00 @ 100mm


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