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VELUX windows make for a stylish, practical addition to any home. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof window, or adding brightness and natural light to a new build, VELUX windows are a fantastic choice. A key step to consider before you buy the widow is your budget. In fact, there are many more costs to factor in than you might expect. In this guide, we’re going to take you through all of the key points, helping you to identify the cost of your next VELUX window.

How Much Do VELUX Windows Cost?

VELUX windows have such an abundance of glazing types, opening styles, customisable functions, and more, the cost of one VELUX to the next can be wildly different due to the range of window sizes and styles. How do these factors affect the cost of a VELUX window? Is a manual window much cheaper than an electric one? How does frame material affect the price? In this next section, we’re going to go through all of the major costs involved when ordering a VELUX.

Centre Pivot VELUX Windows

Centre pivot VELUX windows are highly versatile, well-suited for illuminating dark, stuffy spaces. VELUX offer a fantastic selection of manual, electric, and solar-powered models with a variety of window sizes and finishes to choose from. Frames in both classic pine and modern white polyurethane are available across the range, along with glazing options including standard safety glass, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and more.

Manual Opening

VELUX’s manual centre pivot window is the most affordable type on offer. Physically controlled using a top control bar, manual centre pivots are ideal for low-height installations, offering easy operation, layout flexibility and better views.

Prices start as low as £241.25 for a pine/white painted frame paired with standard safety glazing in the smallest size (55 x 78cm) then increase to £606.43 for the largest white polyurethane model available (134 x 140cm).

Looking to upgrade your glazing? Energy efficient glazing will increase the cost of a mid-size 78 x 188cm white painted window from £313.15 up to £496.26, extra noise reduction to £549.67 and enhanced security to £393.56.

Manual Centre Pivot VELUX Window Price by Size and Frame Type


Smallest (55 x 78)

Mid (78 x 118)

Largest (134 x 140)

VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Window (White Polyurethane + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Window (White Painted + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Centre Pivot Roof Window (Pine + Standard Safety Glazing)




Electric Opening

Looking for something a little more high-tech? The VELUX Integra electric centre pivot roof window comes complete with touch-screen control pad for the ultimate in convenience and functionality.

The cheapest electric models available are the 55 x 78cm sizes with standard safety glazing. These smaller sizes start at £539.27 for the pine and white painted frames then increase to £599.82 for a white polyurethane style.

To enjoy maximum light ingress, the largest white polyurethane model (134 x 140cm) comes in at £904.45 for standard safety glazing, £1,060.56 for energy efficient glazing and £690.30 for noise reduction glass.

VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Window Price by Size and Frame Type


Smallest (55 x 78)

Mid (78 x 118)

Largest (134 x 140)

VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Electric Roof Window (White Polyurethane + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Electric Roof Window (White Painted + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Electric Roof Window (Pine + Standard Safety Glazing)





With no awkward wiring or external power sources to contend with, the VELUX solar-powered centre pivot window features a photovoltaic solar cell which powers the window through the use of clean solar energy.

The Integra Solar prices start at £578.05 for a standard glazed 55 x 78cm white painted model and increase to £943.24 for a 134 x 140cm white polyurethane frame.

Want to increase your energy savings to the max? Purchasing a mid-scale (78 x 118cm) model with energy efficient glazing will bump up the cost to £884.58 for white polyurethane framing and £806.06 for white painted.

VELUX Solar-Powered Centre Pivot Window Price by Size and Frame Type


Smallest (55 x 78)

Mid (78 x 118)

Largest (134 x 140)

VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Solar Roof Window (White Polyurethane + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Integra Centre Pivot Solar Roof Window (White Painted + Standard Safety Glazing)




Top-Hung VELUX Windows

Top-hung VELUX windows offer panoramic views thanks to a full, unobstructed opening via the bottom handle. This means a top-hung VELUX will give you the maximum in natural light and ventilation throughout the space. They come in a wide range of sizes, glazing types and frame models to choose from including pine, white painted and white polyurethane to perfectly suit the space you’re working with.

If affordability is a priority, we suggest taking a look at the pine and white painted top hung models which start at £351.94 for a standard glazed 55 x 98 frame. Noise reduction glazing knocks the total cost down even further to just £307.34 for the same model whilst an energy efficiency panel is £156.10 more expensive at £508.04.

The largest top hung window available is the 134 x 140cm which prices up at £784.19 for a polyurethane frame and £669.83 for white painted/pine (standard safety glazing). When paired with energy efficient glazing, prices increase to £942.40, drop to £606.29 for noise reductive glass and level at £824.04 for an enhanced security panel.

VELUX Top Hung Roof Window Price by Size and Frame Type


Smallest (55 x 98)

Mid (78 x 118)

Largest (134 x 140)

VELUX Top Hung Roof Window (White Polyurethane + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Top Hung Roof Window (White Painted + Standard Safety Glazing)




VELUX Top Hung Roof Window (Pine + Standard Safety Glazing)




How Much Does it Cost to Put a VELUX In?

According to, the average cost for professional installation typically averages at about £325 per day of work. This cost breaks down into a £200 daily fee for a skilled installer and around £100 - £125 for a labouring assistant.

Of course, this is only a rough estimate and the actual cost can differ based on a number of different factors including the specific size & type of window, additional labour (scaffolding, reinforcements etc) and even your location. In fact, estimates that average labour charges are 10-20% greater in London and the Southeast!

Cost of Labour for Installing a VELUX Window

Fitting Job

Size of Window (cm)

Estimated Time Frame

Average Cost of Labour

Small VELUX window fitted in a bathroom

66 x 98cm

1 day


Medium VELUX window fitted on a roof slope

94 x 118 cm

1 day


Large VELUX window fitted on a sloping roof

134 x 160 cm

1 day


Replacement of a small VELUX window in existing opening

66 x 98 cm

4 - 6 hours



The figures you see above are average costs based on standard professional installations with two people completing the job. Bear in mind, you may need to also factor in additional labour charges such as scaffolding for safe access to the roof space, rafter reinforcement and even moving furniture.

Most VELUX window fittings are done internally, however if scaffolding is required, you could be looking at prices close to £500 when supplied third party. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install a VELUX Sun Tunnel?

VELUX Sun tunnels are used to produce light exposure in places that don’t allow the installation of a roof window. With a much smaller diameter, sun tunnels are perfect for very narrow or tight ceiling spaces above corridors, stairwells, bathrooms, cupboards as well as under pitched roofs.

A VELUX TWF Sun Tunnel will set you back £334.86 and if you plan to hire a professional to install your sun tunnel as well, averages the professional fitting cost for a VELUX sun tunnel at around £280. Of course, this will vary depending on the type of tunnel you choose, tube diameter, tube length as well how easy the area is to access. 

VELUX also supplies rigid extensions to provide additional length between the roof and tunnel. For an insight into costs for each length and diameter, take a look at the table below.

Cost of VELUX Accessories

VELUX Window Flashings

When installing a new VELUX window, its hugely important to choose the correct VELUX window flashing kit for the job. In the table below, we’ve compared the costs of a range of different flashing types in the smallest, mid-range and largest sizes available onsite.

Cost of VELUX Window Flashings by Size

Flashing Type (without installation products)


VELUX EDL 00 Insulated Single Slate Flashing


VELUX EKW 0021E Coupled Combination Tile Flashing with 100mm Gap


VELUX EBW 4021B Twin Tile Flashing Installation Kit with 18mm Gap


VELUX EDN 00 Recessed Insulated Single Slate Flashing


Stuck on what kind of flashing you need? Take a read through our What VELUX Flashing do I need? guide to help you make the right choice.

Cost of VELUX Blinds

A matching VELUX blind makes a fantastic addition to any new or existing VELUX window. There is a fantastic selection of styles, colours and designs on offer with manual, electric and even solar options ready to discover. So how much will you need to budget in for a brand-new VELUX blind?

Prices range significantly based on blind style, operation type, window size and blind colour. Say you’re ordering a blackout blind for a 78 x 118cm scale window. The VELUX Manual Blackout Blind will cost you £42.25 whilst the solar option is a bit pricier at £265.81.

For a little extra help picking out your perfect blind, check out our handy VELUX Blind Buyer’s Guide here!

How Much Does It Cost to Replace VELUX Glass?

Whilst replacing a large VELUX roof window unit (135 x 160cm) can cost anywhere between £1000 and £1350, you often don’t need to perform a full-scale replacement and can simply just switch out the glass instead.

VELUX offer glazing panels in a wide range of types and sizes. The cost of these replacement panels will vary depending on the window type and model you have. In order to determine the correct glass panel for your specific roof window, you’ll need to use the data from the nameplate printed on either the left or right space behind the handle bar.

All VELUX windows manufactured after 1968 have a type sign stating specific information about the window model including type, size, variant and production code.

Do Roofers Install VELUX Windows?

After investing in a brand new VELUX window, you’ll want to ensure it's being fitted to a professional standard by someone who knows how. VELUX windows fall under the umbrella of ‘roof windows’ but does that mean a roofer can install them?

Generally, most trade-professional roofers are able to fit VELUX windows. However, it is incredibly important to ensure you’ve carefully discussed the installation requests and requirements fully before hiring or handing over money. Remember, a faulty installation can lead to some costly damages for you so don’t risk hiring anyone you don’t think can get the job done right.

If you are ever unsure, we recommend searching VELUX’s list of Certified Installers to find a component professional near you. These installers comply with stringent and regular checks and assessments by independent industry experts to ensure their quality of work meets the VELUX standard. You can check out that handy search tool here!

Do You Need Planning Permission for a VELUX Window?

In most cases, planning permission is not required for the installation of a VELUX window as long as the following rules and conditions are met:

  • Windows must not protrude more than 150mm above the existing roof plane
  • Roof modifications or alterations should not rise any higher than the highest point of the existing roof plane
  • Side-facing windows must feature obscure glazing to meet privacy requirements & should not be openable unless 1.7m above the floor

Roof modifications such as VELUX window installations fall within permitted development so you should generally be okay as long as the above guidelines are met. If unsure, contact your local planning authority for further advice.

Do VELUX Windows Add Value?

VELUX windows are an investment and whether you’re renovating to sell or simply thinking ahead to the future, it’s beneficial to know whether you’ll actually see any increase in property value after installation.

Whilst replacing or installing new windows won’t triple your home’s value (unfortunately),, averages that worn out windows can reduce a property’s valuation price by anywhere between 15-40%! With the stunning finish that VELUX windows create, you can avoid hindering your home’s resell potential and create a beautifully sleek look that may boost buyer interest considerably.

As well as adding gorgeous aesthetic appeal, a correctly installed VELUX window will also help to regulate internal temperatures and fill your home with the gorgeous warmth of natural sunlight. This not only creates a more attractive effect visually but also contributes to lower energy consumption within the home. Another appealing advantage for any potential buyer!

How Long Does a VELUX Window Last?

Manufactured to professional standards using top-quality materials and techniques, VELUX windows are definitely built to last. In fact, VELUX are so confident in the lasting power of their products that all VELUX windows are supported by a 10-year guarantee! In addition to that, VELUX electric products as well as blinds and shutters are also covered by a 3-year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

For more information on guarantees, take a look at the VELUX Guarantee help here.

Want to Give VELUX Windows a Go?

Has this post inspired you to introduce the magic of VELUX into your home? Maybe you’ve already found your perfect VELUX window but are searching for an amazing price to seal the deal? Whatever the reason for browsing, we’ve got you covered with a fantastic selection of VELUX roof windows ready to order now.

Check out our high-quality range of centre pivot and top hung VELUX windows available in a variety of sizes, frame colours, operation styles and glazing types. We’ve also got a top-grade selection of VELUX sun tunnels with coordinating components to match! To fit a VELUX window the right way, don’t forget your VELUX window flashings and window blinds for the perfect finishing touch.

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