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Velux Blinds Buyer's Guide

VELUX produce a wide range of different blinds for their line of flat and pitched roof windows. They come in multiple different sizes and each variety comes with several unique benefits and features. However, some of these can be very different to one another, so it’s important to look into which Velux blind may be best for your project.

This guide will serve as a quick look into the most popular blind types offered by Velux, exploring their key features, as well as which windows they can be used alongside and more.

Types of Velux Window Blind

Blackout Blinds

Velux blackout blinds earn their name by providing unrivalled blockage of sunlight through them, and can make your room pitch black, making them perfect for bedrooms, especially during the summer months where the days are considerably longer. With a completely lightproof seal pretty much any time of the day, it is fantastic for kids’ rooms too, with stepless positioning allowing for easy operation by both children and adults.

These blackout blinds have been designed for use with Velux pitched roof windows. They also come in a range of different dimensions, each picked to suit a specific Velux window size. They also come in a wide variety of colours and designs, from simple colours to mellow, soothing patterns to designs featuring favourite children’s characters, there really is something to suit every taste.

Roman Blinds

Looking for a blind that looks as fantastic as it performs? Velux Roman Blinds prioritise elegance and decoration as much as light blockage, but also feature intricately designed soft lighting effects, giving your room a darkened yet appealing shade rather than the full darkness offered by the blackout blind alternatives. Like the blackout blinds, they boast stepless positioning, and thus allow you to position the blind anywhere up the window.

Another fantastic feature of the roman blinds is the ability to switch the featured fabric, meaning you can easily and completely change the patterns and moods of your room in just a few minutes. This also allows the fabric to be dismounted for simple yet thorough cleaning, meaning you can keep your blinds as clean as the rest of your room with no trouble.

Other benefits of the roman blinds include the lack of a visible cord, which makes the window far safer for children to be around, while the 20 fabrics available gives you plenty of choice when looking for your ideal design.

Roller Blinds

Velux roller blinds are a favourite among those looking for an effective yet economic set of blinds for their Velux roof window. Designed for pitched roof windows, they offer plenty of features beyond simple cost-effectiveness, including glare protection and the same exceptional stepless positioning system found in other blinds such as the roman and blackout alternatives, meaning this window will give you just as much control as you have with other Velux blinds.

The blinds provide basic privacy, while at the same time letting in natural light, albeit at a less intense level. This feature makes it fantastic for rooms where you may desire a little privacy but still want some sunlight entering the room. Such rooms include offices, playrooms, living rooms and more.

This window blind is available in many different sizes and can be produced in 15 stunning colours and designs, allowing you to choose the aesthetic that best suits your needs.

Pleated Blinds

Velux pleated blinds do not eradicate all traces of daylight from your room – rather, they softly diffuse it in a similar manner to the pleasant aesthetic offered by roman blinds. It nevertheless offers a great deal of privacy and is able to do this while also providing gentler, softer light. This fantastic feature makes this window particularly perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, office rooms and more.

These blinds come in a wide range of sizes to suit the Velux range of pitched roof windows, and on top of this come in 20 wonderful colours and designs, from soothing warm colours to vivid patterns and eye-catching shades.

Energy Blinds

Velux energy blinds are very similar to the Velux blackout blinds mentioned above. However, these particular blinds not only provide almost total darkness when fully closed, but also offer exceptional insulation levels, helping to protect the room in which it is placed against the cold. The tight construction and double pleated cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure helps to further protect against the cold.

Another unique factor about this blind is the fact that it is not fixed at the top or the bottom of the window, meaning it can be positioned pretty much anywhere on the pane, giving you full control to both light levels and privacy.

This energy blind is available in a multitude of sizes to suit various Velux pitched roof windows, and is also available in 12 stunning colours, giving you plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing the aesthetic of this excellent blind.

Venetian Blinds

Velux Venetian blinds are fantastic products, and one of the few blind types to offer all levels of transparency, giving you total control over the privacy and light levels of the room in which it is installed. Utilising cordless operation, it is also much safer for children to be around than many alternatives, and is extremely moisture resistant, severely limiting the likelihood of mould growth.

The Velux venetian blinds are also extremely low maintenance, and the few times you find yourself cleaning them, you will find the exceptionally easy to clean. The moisture resistance, as well as this easy cleaning, make the blinds ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

These blinds are available in a range of sizes to suit the majority of Velux pitched roof windows. They can also be purchased in multiple colours, from mellow, soothing shades to more vivid designs.

Children’s Blinds

There are a wide range of Velux children’s blinds available. These are the blackout blinds mentioned above, only they feature designs geared especially towards children. With a range of designs to suit many different children’s rooms, they are some of the most beautifully designed children’s blinds on the market.

Velux has also partnered with Disney to bring some of the world’s most beloved children’s characters to your child’s room, with several designs featuring characters from franchises such as ‘Cars’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Winnie the Pooh’ all available. Each of these characters is featured on a gorgeously designed blind design with calm, night-time colours to help your child drift off to sleep in no time at all.

Awning Blinds

Awning blinds are designed to reduce passive heating considerably, allowing you maintain a comfortable, cooler temperature within your room even on more intensely hot days. This is all without compromising the view outside your window. It also allows you to maintain a steady flow of light coming into the room.

Velux awning blinds also contain many of the other features other blinds from the manufacturer enjoy, including easy installation and appealing visual design. It is available in multiple sizes to suit the majority of Velux windows.

Insect Screens

One of the key features of many pitched roof windows is the ability to open them and enjoy the fresh air that can then flow into your room. One of the main problems with this however, especially in the warmer summer months, are the insects that can often find their way into your home, with flies, wasps and mosquitoes proving particularly problematic with their buzzing, biting and stinging.

To combat this very common issue, Velux has produced special insect screens to provide your window with 100% insect protection. With a durable, transparent fabric, it has minimal effect on the visual appearance of your window, doing little to obstruct the view.

When you don’t need the screen anymore, you can simply stow it away neatly in the top casing, which has been made from high-quality aluminium. This product can be purchased in a range of dimensions to suit just about every type of VELUX pitched roof window.

Velux Blinds for Flat Roof Windows

Also available are a wide range of different blinds for Velux’s exquisite range of flat-roofed windows. The most popular of these models are based on the energy blinds, pleated blinds and awning blinds found alongside the Velux pitched roof window collection.

Flat roof blinds are very similar in functionality to their pitched roof alternatives and can be operated with ease. They can also be produced in a range of highly appealing colours and designs, so you can absolutely rest easy if you’re worried about missing out on Velux’s excellent range of pitched-roofed blinds with your flat-roofed windows.

Fitting and Functionality

Deciding on the right blinds for you is a huge part of the task of purchasing new blinds, but the job isn’t over once you have settled on your decision – the blinds will still need to be installed.

Luckily all VELUX blinds can be fitted quickly and easily, whether placing them in a brand-new window or replacing an old blind on an already existing window. The excellent ‘Pick&Click’ system means that a Velux blind can be fitted or replaced in no time at all, with no cutting or trimming necessary.

Velux blinds are simply clicked into the brackets that are provided with all Velux roof windows, and then the side rails are mounted. In just a few straightforward steps, your blind will be ready to use.

Finding your Velux Code

When choosing a Velux blind for your roofing window, it is important to ensure that they are of the right size, or else they will not be compatible. To make sure that you have the right sizes, you can check the code on your Velux window. This is a fairly easy process and can be completed in no time at all. For more information on this, check out our guide to VELUX window sizes.

Operating Types

There are several different ways to operate a Velux blind, the two primary ways being manual and electric operation. Manual operation is pretty self-explanatory – the blinds can be opened and closed using handles and other means of operation. Most Velux blinds are cordless, making them a lot safer for family homes.

Electrical, or power operated, Velux blinds usually operate via a switch or remote control. The Velux ACTIVE is a fantastic advancement of the benefits of electrical operation – it is a system that constantly keeps track of room temperature, humidity and other aspects, and keeps the windows and blinds connected to its system opened or closed accordingly in order to provide you with the most comfortable room climate possible.

Which Blind is Right for Me?

You should now hopefully have a far better idea of what Velux blinds are available to you and what they are and aren’t capable of achieving. Different people will want different features to come with their blinds, and this may well also depend on property size, age and the room in which the blind is to be installed.

Blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms where it is important to block out all light, especially in those summer months when bedtimes and sunlight hours may overlap, especially for children. Venetian blinds, with their bespoke appearance, are great for living rooms and for those who are looking to send the extra money to have an excellent-looking blind. Meanwhile, if cost-effectiveness is important to you, roller blinds may be just what you are looking for.

We stock a plethora of Velux blinds for both pitched and flat roof windows, each one boasting fantastic benefits and features that really do set them apart from one another. Whether you’re looking to completely block out the sunlight in a bedroom, would like a little more privacy, or would simply like to reduce the number of nasty bugs showing up in your home, we have a Velux blind for you.

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