Coroline Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet - Red (2000 x 950mm)

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Product Description

Designed for garden buildings, home garages, horse stables and other outbuildings, Coroline roofing sheets provide you with a highly versatile solution when looking to protect your buildings from temperamental British weather. Due to them being manufactured from bitumen, these roof sheets also weigh only 5.6kg each. But do not let that fool you as these easy-to-install sheets are still able to withstand tough wind, heavy rain, and snowfall. All in all, a hassle-free and long-lasting choice for almost any project. 

Overview of These Coroline Roofing Sheets 

  • Ideal for sheds, garages, stables, and various other structures 
  • Fast and easy to install with few tools and little experience 
  • Superb thermal insulation and sound absorbency values 
  • Guaranteed to remain waterproof for 15 years 
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 5 degrees 
  • Available in a choice of black, green, brown and red colours 

Commonly Asked Questions 

What Size Are These Sheets? 

Coroline roofing sheets have an overall length of 2000mm and overall width of 930mm. When accounting for the appropriate overlap, they offer a cover length of 1800mm and a cover width of 930mm. The overlap on each edge of these roof sheets is necessary to prevent any wind uplift or water ingress. 

What Thickness Are These Sheets? 

Coroline roofing sheets are 2.6mm thick and provide ample strength for tough wind, rain, and snowfall. If you require a thicker sheet, consider our 3mm bitumen roofing sheets or perhaps our 0.5mm steel roofing sheets. 

What is the Lifespan of These Sheets? 

Coroline roofing sheets typically last between 15 – 20 years with adequate support and care. They are also guaranteed to remain waterproof for 15, making them a very cost-effective solution for any homeowner. 

How Many of These Sheets Will You Need? 

For help calculating the number of sheets, fixings and flashings required we suggest using our handy calculator. You will need to select your roof type and provide a few measurements before we can estimate the materials you’ll need for your project. 

How Do You Install These Sheets? 

Coroline roofing sheets can be installed on both apex and mono-pitched roofs with little fuss. Simply follow the step-by-step installation guide, which also sets out the tools and equipment you’ll require.   

Accessories include: 

Have a Question About These Coroline Roofing Sheets? 

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our award-winning team. They’ll help you pick the ideal product for your project, whether you’re revitalizing an existing property or are tackling a larger new build. You can get in touch through our online live chat or by calling 01295 565 565. 

Product Specifications

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More Information
Lead Time3-7 Days
BrandAriel Plastics
Guarantee15 Years
Min Pitch5 °
Max Pitch90 °
Thickness2.6 mm
Corrugation Width95 mm
Corrugation Height38 mm
Cover Length1800 mm
Cover Width855 mm
Overall Length2000 mm
Overall Width950 mm



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What's the Difference Between Coroline and Onduline Roofing Sheets?

Coroline and Onduline roofing sheets are both manufactured with bitumen, but Onduline is slightly thicker at 3mm. Both offer the same coverage and a 15 year guarantee.

What is the Life Expectancy of Coroline Roofing Sheets? 

Coroline roofing sheets combine a tough corrugated form factor with durable bitumen fibres. It is because of this that they provide a 15 year guarantee and life expectancy, thoughtout which they will remain waterproof. 

What Overlap is Recommended on Coroline Roofing Sheets? 

We recommend a left/right overlap of 95mm and top/bottom of 200mm. The Coroline roofing sheet therefore has a cover width of 855mm and cover length of 1,800mm. 

How Do I Cut Coroline Roofing Sheets? 

You can easily cut Coroline roofing sheets with a handsaw, eliminating the need for specialist equipment.

Which Fixings Do I Use for a Coroline Roofing Sheets?

We stock Coroline sheet fixings, which are purposely designed to be used when fixing these roofing sheets. We recommend 20 fixings per sheet and these are available in packs of 20 and 400

Which Ridge Do I Use With the Coroline Roofing Sheets?

We stock the Coroline & Onduline Ridge, which is purposely designed to be used when fixing these roofing sheets on roofs that feature an apex. These are 1000mm in length and require an overlap of 125mm. 

Which Verge Do I Use With Coroline Roofing Sheets?

We stock the Coroline & Onduline Verge, which is purposely designed to be used when fixing these roofing sheets on roofs that feature an apex. These are 1100mm in length and require an overlap of 125mm. 

Why Must I Order a Minimum of 6 Sheets Per Order?

We require that you order a minimum of 6 roofing sheets per order. This is as transporting fewer sheets may result in them bending or cracking. 

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