EPDM for Shed Roofs

Sheds require a roofing material that’s tough, yet lightweight. That’s why rubber shed roofing is ideal, offering outstanding durability and weather resistance whilst placing very little stress on the shed’s timber structure. Rubber roof membra...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Rubber Roof on a Shed?

Rubber roofing is one of the best shed roof coverings. Offering fantastic durability, a long lifespan, and simple installation, EPDM membranes are an ideal shed roofing material. What’s more, this versatile shed roofing solution can be used on apex, pent, and flat roof sheds.

Are Rubber Shed Roofs Any Good?

Rubber roofing is one of the most long-lasting and durable shed roofing options available. EPDM membranes can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, as well as resisting both UV light and extreme temperatures. What’s more, these rubber membranes will last for five decades or more, whilst requiring very little cleaning or maintenance.

Is Rubber Roofing Better Than Felt?

Rubber roofing has many considerable advantages over roofing felt. EPDM membranes last over twice as long, can withstand far greater impacts and more severe weather conditions, and will neither tear, rot, blister, nor suffer from moss or algae build-up like a felt roof can.

What Thickness of EPDM for a Shed Roof?

An EPDM shed roof should be at least 1mm thick. Rubber roofing can come in thicknesses up to 2.5mm or more, but these are designed for industrial roofs that will experience considerable foot traffic.