What is Chipboard and What is it Used for?

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What is Chipboard and What is it Used for?

Ikea is famed for selling chipboard furniture and kitchens made from chipboard were all the rage back in the 50s but are we beginning to see the decline of Chipboard/particle board or low-density fibrewood as it’s also known.

What is Chipboard

Chipboard is made from reconstituted wood - often shavings, chips or sawdust and it’s compressed and held together using natural or synthetic resin and then formed into boards. It became popular thanks to its low price point, which is significantly cheaper than normal, pure wood such as pine or oak.

What Can I Use it For?

Chipboard was incredibly popular in the 1950’s and commonly used for both kitchen cabinet frameworks and veneered worktops, and it is still regularly used for both.
In recent years there has been a rise in people choosing more expensive, solid woods for their kitchens, but chipboard still reigns supreme for the budget ranges of many brands. Chipboard is very popular as a veneered worksurface and it comes in many different finishes. You can choose from a rainbow of colours and patterns and there are even extremely realistic natural wood veneers too. The work surfaces give an impeccable, long-lasting, sturdy finish and allow you to find a worktop perfectly suited to every kitchen interior at a fantastic low price.

It’s also incredibly popular for use in flat pack furniture and is one of the reasons why Ikea became so successful, allowing them to produce strong and sturdy furniture at a low price point that they could target a wider audience with. The flat pack and easy to assemble designs of the furniture are not only used by Ikea but are popular with DIY enthusiasts as well.

Chipboard is also incredibly popular with people looking to make frameworks for cabinets and cupboards and it can be used both vertically and horizontally with ease. It’s great for creating sturdy items of furniture cheaply and can make wonderful tables or headboards as well as a multitude of other items.

Chipboard can also be used for flooring, it's a great choice for flooring in a loft or attic and it's also popular for use in renovations as well as garden buildings and sheds. You can purchase chipboard that has been treated so that it has enhanced moisture resistance making it ideal for flooring applications in kitchens or bathrooms as well.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Chipboard is a brilliant budget option, it’s available to buy in large sheets at low prices and because it’s made from 70% recycled wood pieces it’s environmentally friendly.

However, there are a few disadvantages:

  • It cannot be used outdoors because if it’s untreated and gets wet it will draw up the moisture and this will ruin its form
  • It’s not as strong as some other fibre boards such as OSB and plywood
  • It has a uniform look and is often considered not as aesthetic as natural wood or OSB or plywood

But if you are looking for a cheap, sturdy material for use indoors chipboard is a fantastic option. You can find some moisture resistant chipboards at great prices at Roofing Megastore that are perfect for flooring projects.


If you need any further advice on chipboard or it’s suitability with your project feel free to give us a ring on 01295 565565, email us at [email protected] or talk to us on live chat at Roofing Megastore.

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