What Are Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets?

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What Are Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets?

Roofing sheets are an undoubtedly popular roofing material used consistently by industry professionals and DIYers alike. From agricultural buildings to storage units, livestock houses to garden sheds, roofing sheets accommodate a huge range of different projects and applications with their durable structure, practical installation and smart industrial look.

Technologies within roofing production are ever-changing and improving. One of the latest innovations in roof sheet manufacturing is ‘anti-condensation.’ Anti-condensation sheets are uniquely produced with specialist anti-condensation membranes readily integrated into the sheets themselves.

The main purpose of these advanced sheets is to minimise moisture build-up and prevent droplets from leaking down onto the contents of your building. However, with an ultra-smart design and an array of fantastic features, anti-condensation sheets have far more to offer than just that.

In this article, we’ll be exploring everything there is to know about anti-condensation sheets, delving into the what’s, whys, how’s and where’s - answering all your burning questions.

Condensation 101 – Understanding the Basics

Condensation is a common problem for many types of building structures. It can form from a variety of different sources and have some inconvenient and potentially damaging effects on the building and its contents. But what exactly is condensation? What causes it? And why is it such a problem?

What is Condensation?

Let’s start with the simple science. Condensation occurs when warm air that contains water vapour, meets a cool surface. When the surface reads a temperature that is lower than the dew point of the water vapour in the air, it cools and condenses. As a result of this process, small droplets of moisture are formed which is what we refer to as condensation.

Where Does the Water Vapour Come From?

Water vapour enters the air from a range of different places. From wet floors and damp clothes to steamy showers and even just simply breathing, moisture can build up pretty quickly in more ways than you may think. Common condensation causes are:

  • Breathing
  • Drying wet clothes
  • Mopping floors
  • Bathing
  • Cooking
  • Inadequate ventilation (& higher internal heating)

What are the Negative Effects of Condensation?

So, what’s so bad about condensation? Surely, it’s just a little bit of water? Well, a seemingly small condensation problem can lead to some major issues for your building, belongings and even the health of those inside. This ‘harmless’ moisture build-up can cause damp, black mould growth, musty unpleasant odours, decaying framework, rotting timber, roof damage, reduced insulative performance, peeling paint/wallpaper as well as a range of health issues such as sinus problems, skin rashes and even bronchitis.

Condensation on Regular Roof Panels

Metal roof panels and sheets are particularly vulnerable to condensation simply due to the nature of the materials and their structure. When the external temperature falls below the temperature within the building, non-insulated roof panels quickly become cooler than the internal space below.

When warmer air meets the colder roof panel, it cools down which increases the relative humidity within the air and causes condensation. Once condensation has occurred, moisture builds up across the surface of the sheets and begins to drip down, falling onto whatever is below.

Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets (Dripstop)

There is a range of anti-condensation roofing sheets available with some of the most popular integrating the fantastic Dripstop membrane, which you can find right here at Roofing Megastore!

Dripstop is a brilliantly smart membrane material that comes readily integrated onto the roofing sheets, so no additional installation is required. This smart membrane is comprised of a large quantity of interlaced PES fibres, amongst which condensation droplets can be stored in tiny pockets. Amazingly, dripstop can absorb up to 1.000 g/m2 of water at one time.

How Do Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets Actually Work?

Anti-condensation membranes serve as a medium for absorbing moisture droplets and releasing them back into the air when the internal temperature rises. As the room below becomes warmer, the water that has been stored within the pockets of the membrane will start to evaporate back into the air which causes the membrane to dry out once again. This prevents condensation from wreaking havoc on your roof structure and falling into your building.

Many anti-condensation membranes such as Dripstop are self-adhesive and applied to the reverse side of the roof sheet during the roll forming process. This means that when you buy or order, the sheets already come ready to use without the need to fix the membrane yourself.

Where Can Anti-Condensation Sheets be Used?

Dripstop can be used in almost any kind of building environment or structure where condensation and humidity issues may arise. It is important to stress however, that an adequate stream of airflow must be able to enter in and around the structure, such as is demonstrated within open sided or front sided buildings. This allows the membrane material to dry out when necessary – a key process for it to function properly.

Common Anti-Condensation Panel installations include:

  • Cold storage
  • Livestock buildings
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Postframe
  • Self-storage structures
  • Car & truck ports
  • Aircraft hangers
  • RV/Mobile home storage
  • Equipment Storage

What are the Benefits of Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets?

Anti-condensation sheets are designed to offer a wide variety of fantastic benefits for your roof and building structure. With the easy integration of intelligent Dripstop technology, you can enjoy advantages such as:

  • Reduced Condensation & Humidity – Of course, the main benefit of installing anti-condensation sheets is their impressive ability to reduce internal moisture and minimise the risk of damage to your roof as well as any equipment, livestock and occupants within.
  • Reduced Labour Costs – As the Dripstop membrane comes pre-fitted to your roofing sheets, you can cut down on labour fees that would otherwise be spent installing separate insulative & membrane materials.
  • Cut Installation Times – As well as reducing costs, most roofers say that anti-condensation sheets can save around half the time it would usually take to fully insulate and install standard roofing sheets.
  • Safer Working – With no need to incorporate any additional materials when installing your roofing sheets, you won’t be dangerously reaching over panels or stepping out blindly onto insulation.
  • Acoustic Properties – The dripstop membrane even adds an additional layer of sound insulation to your roofing sheets, reducing and reflecting impact noise for a quieter & more peaceful environment below.
  • Easy to Install – Pre-adhered and ready to go on arrival, anti-condensation sheets are incredibly quick and simple to install for both trade experts & keen DIYers.
  • Ultra-Durable – The Dripstop membrane material is incredibly robust and hard-wearing, increasing both the durability and corrosion resistance of your roofing panels.
  • Bacteria Resistant – Dripstop panels are highly resistant to bacteria for an enhanced sheet lifespan, with easy cleaning & maintenance throughout.

Do Anti-Condensation Roof Sheets Sound Right for Your Project?

If our anti-condensation roofing sheets are just what you need for your next roofing installation, make sure to check out the brilliant range of corrugated and box profile sheets we have available to order right now. These specialist sheets can even be coated with polyester or plastisol to extend their lifespan by up to ten extra years of use.

If you have any further questions or need assistance regarding any of the products we stock, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our award-winning customer service team. Give them a call on 01295 565565, email [email protected], or leave us a message in our live chat below.

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