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Synthetic Tile Calculator

If you’re tiling a roof for the first, second or third time it can be tricky to work out how many tiles you need for the project which is why we’ve taken the hard work out of it and created a nifty Synthetic Tile Calculator to help you.

This calculator is also great if you are a contractor quoting for a job – saving you time it will give you a cost for the materials at a tap of a button letting you work out a quote on the move.

Synthetic or plastic roof tiles are a brilliant choice for a new build or roof extension. But, as they’re so light they’re also a wonderful roofing material for a shed, garage or even a log store as Kezzabeth demonstrates in her fabulous ‘How to’ guide.

At Roofing Megastore we have a fabulous range of synthetic tiles available including IKO, Guardian, Lightweight Tiles LTD, Tapco, Eco Slate and Envirotile.

Tapco and Eco Slate are two of our most popular synthetic tiles. They’re lightweight enough to use on a vast array of projects that wouldn’t be able to support a heavier tile - such as conservatories and garden buildings – but they still have the fantastic look of natural slate!

You can use the smart calculators on our website to work out exactly how many of either of these you would need for your project:

Eco Slate Calculator

Tapco Calculator

Here’s some information on both Tapco and Eco Slate to help you decide which is the right tile for you:

Eco Slate

Eco Slate has a rugged appearance and an imperfect finish giving it authenticity and a natural look, which makes it a wonderful tile for a period or country home but equally as good for a stables or summer house.

It’s even been featured on channel 4’s Grand Designs because it’s 100% recycled and is becoming more and more popular as people increasingly begin to build eco homes and think more about their carbon footprint. This is where the lightweight of this tile comes in, it’s so much easier to transport than natural slate, because even though it looks like natural slate it certainly doesn’t weigh like it!

Being lighter you’ll save energy and fuel costs plus the installation time will also be reduced as you, or your contractor will find it much easier taking Eco Slate up the roof than they would a heavy natural slate.

The risk of breakages that you have with natural slate is also gone, which will again make you savings, and the installation period is incredibly straightforward. You fit these tiles straight onto the plyboard with an underlay and the tiles self-bond. Here’s some more information about the installation process.



Tapco synthetic tiles also resemble natural slate and come in five stunning colours making it easy for you to find the perfect shade for your project. The tiles have a UV protection to stop any fading from occurring so that the colour you choose stays that way.

Tapco tiles are created from recycled limestone and plastic so they’re eco-friendly whilst being extremely durable. The tiles are formed from moulds that have been taken straight from real natural slates so that they share the same irregularities, peaks and troughs giving them a fantastic realistic natural look!

As with Eco Slate, Tapco is incredibly lightweight and will save money on transport and labour costs, and if you’re planning on installing these tiles yourself their lighter weight will make it a much easier experience! With their pre-marked fixing and overlap markings they’re great for a DIY application and can easily be cut on-site using a handsaw or utility blade. And with a 40 year guarantee you don’t need to worry about these low-maintenance tiles once they’re installed.


To make it even easier for you, the calculators will not only work out exactly how many tiles you will need but they will also work out any battens, membranes or ridges you’ll need to go with them.

All you need to do is enter the roof area required plus the roof pitch, then if you have the information you can also put in the ridge, hip, verge and valley length but this isn’t required.

Then once the calculator has done it’s magic and if you’re happy with the results you can add all the materials straight into your basket.

You can find the calculators below or directly on the Tapco and Eco Slate product pages.

Eco Slate Calculator

Tapco Calculator

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