How Much Do Fibre Cement Tiles Cost

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How Much Do Fibre Cement Tiles Cost

Fibre Cement Tiles, alike plastic tiles, often replicate the popular look of slate. Slate is a very sought-after material but it has its own advantages and disadvantages, one of these is the amount of maintenance that they require. Fibre cement slates replicate the look of real slate but are virtually maintenance free, they’re also cheaper than slate and available in a number of different colours. Fibre cement slates are also great if your property is on the waterfront as they’re resistant against the sometimes damaging effect of salt and moisture.

You’ll find a few different options of fibre cement tiles based on your budget below:


Cembrit Westerland
£1,856.40 for a pallet of 1000 Fibre Cement Slates
The Cembrit Westerland, which falls into the Luxury range has been designed to look just like real slate with a riven surface and dressed edges giving it an overall distressed and natural finish. However, it’s much lighter than real slate and everything about this tile has been designed with ease of installation in mind. From the overall large size of the tile, the uniform thickness and the fact that they come pre-drilled, all these design details will save you time and resources when it comes to installation.

These tiles can also be scribed, snapped and cut by hand which means that you can work on them, cutting them to size, on the rooftop or on the scaffolding making the process much simpler.
They’re suitable for a roof pitch of 20° to 45° and come with 30 years of product protection.


Cembrit Jutland Slate
£1,248.00 for a pallet of 1000 Fibre Cement Slates

These Cembrit slates are a little cheaper although they still come with many of the same great benefits of the Cembrit Westerlan for example, they’re pre-drilled and easily cut by scribing, snapping or cutting by hand. These fibre cement slates have a slim, low profile which means that there isn’t the shadow lines that some thicker tiles can create, this look is often sought out by designers, builders and architects for the stylish, smooth finish it provides.

The Jutland Tiles come with a high quality, semi matt acrylic coloured coating on the front and sides and feature a high-performance binder on the back.

Again, the Jutland slates are suitable for a roof pitch of 20° to 45° and come with 30 years of product protection.


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