A Guide to the Cost of Roof Tiles

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A Guide to the Cost of Roof Tiles

With so many brands, materials, sizes, and styles of roof tile out there on the market, it can seem impossible to find the right fit for your budget. Whether you are simply repairing a singular tile or renovating an entire roof structure, you always want to make sure you are getting the most value for your money without sacrificing quality.

To make the task a little easier and help you get the most out of your project budget, we have created this helpful and informative guide. Throughout this post, you will find a comprehensive list of varying tile types with the key benefits of each, as well as direct price comparisons. To get the guide started, let’s dive into the options you have.

Roof Tile Types and Their Prices

Concrete Roof Tiles

Budget Level: Economy

Providing exceptional durability and strength, concrete roof tiles are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to build a robust roof structure without breaking the bank. This highly cost-effective roofing material is manufactured using a mix of sand, cement, and a colour pigment to create a tile structure that performs well and looks stunning. With a multitude of stylish shapes and colours on the market, concrete tiles give you the freedom to create a high-quality roofing finish, unique to your home.

Quick and easy to install, interlocking concrete roof tiles are practical for both DIYers and professional roofers. They require only minimal maintenance and cleaning, plus are straightforward to replace should one become cracked or damaged. Better yet, thanks to a heavy thermal mass, concrete roof tiles also help to enhance the energy efficiency of the roof structure, regulating internal temperatures so you can save on energy bills.


Approx. Price Per m²

Redland Renown Tile


Sandtoft Lindum


Marley Ludlow Plus


Fibre Cement Slates

Budget Level: Economy

Love the look of slate but don’t want the price tag that comes along with it? Intelligently designed to closely mimic the look and feel of natural slate material, fibre cement roof slates are a stylish, affordable alternative that can accommodate virtually any budget range.

With an easy to score structure that is six times lighter than concrete, fibre cement slate tiles are simple to handle, transport, install and maintain. They offer an impressive lifespan of up to 50 years, plus are highly resistant to salt and moisture damage, making them ideal for homes close to the seafront.

Metal Roof Tiles

Budget Level: Economy

Utilised for their hard-wearing durability and high-quality appearance, the metal roof tile is vastly growing in popularity throughout residential renovations. Although commonly spotted on outbuildings and garages, they are fast making their way onto properties right across the country.

Commonly manufactured using aluminium, steel and copper material, metal roof tiles are typically produced in sheet form. This makes them faster and easier to install DIY plus brings down the cost significantly per m². With many brands focused on accommodating both traditional and contemporary property types, there are now a multitude of styles available including the classic pantile and double roman.


Approx. Price Per m²

Britmet Slate 2000


Clay Roof Tiles

Budget Level: Mid-Range

A traditional favourite throughout the roofing industry, clay roof tiles provide homeowners with a high-quality mix of practicality and style. Known for their stunning visual appeal and excellent curb appeal, clay roof tiles are perfectly suited to both modern new builds and existing period properties. They are easy to install by a seasoned DIYer plus are available in an extensive range of spectacular profiles including Roman, interlocking pantile and more.

Although seemingly extremely affordable, it is important to bear in mind that clay plain roof tiles such as those included below, do often average out at a higher cost per m². For example, the Redland Rosemary Traditional Tile comes in at a very inexpensive £0.78 per tile. This is an ideal price for those looking to buy one or two for replacements and repairs. However, for large scale installations, the Redland on average can cost around £36.72 per m² which is where costs do begin to add up.


Approx. Price Per m²

Redland Rosemary Traditional Tile


Sandtoft Country Pantile


Marley Acme Plain Tiles


Slate Roof Tiles

Budget Level: Luxury

Roofing slates set themselves apart with two key features. The first is their unmatched durability and exceptional resilience. Slate is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, and even extreme temperatures. Due to this impressive toughness, they can last for anywhere from 50 up to 100+ years with the right installation and care.


Whilst slate has a lot going for it, it should also be said that it is quite heavy in comparison to some of the alternatives and therefore is not suitable on small loadbearing roofs.


Approx. Price Per m²

Redland Cambrian Slate


Plastic Roof Tiles

Budget Level: Luxury

A near perfect pairing to the natural aesthetic of slate and the lightweight yet sturdy construction of metal, plastic roofing tiles gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to practicality, strength, and style. Ideal for those in search of a hassle-free roofing material, plastic tiles are very easy to install and maintain, allowing homeowners to create a professional-looking finish completely DIY.

Offering an impressive lifespan and top-quality level of hard-wearing protection, plastic roof tiles are generally considered well worth the higher price point. Whilst the upfront costs may seem pretty substantial, many homeowners view plastic roof tiles as an investment, that of which will last well into the future.


Approx. Price Per m²

Envirotile Plastic Tile


Tapco Synthetic Slate Tile


Lightweight Tiles – Smooth Budget Tile


What Are the Cheapest Roof Tiles?

If you are working on a strict budget or just looking for a little extra affordability, spotting the cheapest tiles on the market can really help to bring down the overall cost of your project. As demonstrated in our cost-effective selection of products shown below, inexpensive doesn’t always have to mean low quality. You are still able to create a professional-looking finish for your roof without spending a fortune.

Type of Tile Name of Tile Average Cost (per tile)
Concrete Sandtoft Standard Plain Tile £0.59
Metal Britmet Plaintile £6.25
Clay Redland Rosemary Tile £0.94
Plastic Envirotile Plastic Tile £4.01

Getting the Best Price

Once you’ve decided on your tile, the next step is to ensure you get the best price possible. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how many tiles you need. This can be a difficult question, even for experienced roofers but with our convenient ‘Roof Tile Calculator' the process is simple. With just the area of your roof and its pitch, not only will you know the number of tiles you need, but also all the additional fixings for a complete, high-performing roof.

To be sure you’re getting the best deal possible, you can browse our full range of roof tiles online and contact our award-winning customer services team via our online chat or at 01295 565565.

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