How Good are Metal Roofing Sheets?

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How Good are Metal Roofing Sheets?

Metal Roofing Sheets have been used for many years on farm buildings and are a familiar sight across the English countryside. However, it is only recently that their myriad of benefits has begun to be recognised by the residential roofing market too.

You can now purchase metal sheets that replicate the appearance of traditional roof tiles. These tile effect roofing sheets allow you to add a metal roof to your shed or summer house that will match the roof of your home. Other benefits include outstanding resilience and a low price point, so it’s easy to see why metal roofing sheets have become incredibly popular.


In this article, we’ll answer some common questions about metal roofing sheets to help you decide if metal sheets will be suitable for your project.



How Strong Are Metal Roofing Sheets?

Metal roofing sheets are considerably resistant to all weather conditions, so much so that some insurance companies in America will even offer homeowners a discount on their home insurance if they have metal roofing installed –

Metal roofing sheets that have been installed correctly are incredibly resilient and they should be able to easily withstand the effects of rain, snow, hail, high winds and even falling objects without being dented or warped in any way. This, along with their economical price point, are two reasons that they have historically been chosen time and time again to cover barns in the countryside which receive the full force of nature.

The reason for the durability of metal roofing sheets is their supreme tensile strength. Tensile strength is a measure of a product’s strength and how much force it can take before it breaks, and metal has a higher tensile strength than many other roofing materials. Corrugated metal sheets have an even higher tensile strength thanks to the corrugations adding rigidity.

Does Moss Grow on Metal Roofing Sheets?

Moss requires moisture to grow and will grow on any roof that has organic matter on it. However, you’re much less likely to find as much moss growing on a metal roof than some other roofing materials, as metal does not absorb or hold moisture unlike asphalt or shingles, which can provide a habitat for moss to grow.

If there is organic matter present on your metal roof, this can hold moisture which allows moss to grow. Cleaning this moss up however, should be far easier than other roof types, and should only need a wash down to remove the moss.

Metal roofing sheets are also in no danger of infestation from insects such as termites, which can plague other roofing materials.


How Much Are Metal Roofing Sheets?

Cost-effectiveness is another big advantage of choosing a metal roof. Metal roofing is often much cheaper than many other roofing options. You can expect to pay between £7 – 9 a square meter for galvanised corrugated metal roofing sheets, and between £20 - £25 per square meter for tile effect sheets.

Are Metal Sheets Easy to Install? 

For a seasoned DIYer metal roofing sheets should be easy to install. The sheets are lightweight, and you can overlap or interlock them in most circumstances and the installation process shouldn’t require any specialist tools either. However, although the sheets are lightweight, they can be cumbersome and if you aren’t a confident DIYer than it may be worth hiring a professional.

Do Metal Roofs Provide Insulation?

Yes and no, while you should install adequate loft insulation to your roof space for maximum energy efficiency and comfort in your home, metal roof sheets do provide some heat conduction. A metal roof will reflect heat from the sun, helping to keep your home cool in the summer. In addition, many metal roofing systems are installed using a cavity between the metal sheet and your roof deck to increase energy efficiency.

Is the Sound of Rain on a Metal Roof Loud?

Traditionally the lack of noise insulation has been one disadvantage of installing metal roofing sheets but this is a factor that the industry is working hard to resolve. For example, Britmet Pantile 2000 tile effect sheets have a smooth or granular coating that helps to diminish the noise level.
Another tried and tested method is to add insulation to the roof area, which should completely resolve the problem with the added benefit of insulating your property. You can also purchase sound absorbing sheets or blankets to lay under the roof, or, if you are building the roof afresh, you can lay the metal sheets on top of plywood or OSB - this again has been known to improve the sound levels considerably.

How Long Does a Metal Roof Last For?

Metal roofing sheets have a considerably long lifespan and, although manufacturers will often state an expected lifespan of 10 – 15 years, people more than often find that they last much, much, longer with some people reporting their sheets to still be in good working order after 60 years!

Do Metal Roofs Rust?

Water can penetrate even the tiniest crack or hole and once this comes into contact with oxygen, rust is formed which can cause irreparable damage to your metal roofing sheets.

Usually, metal roofing sheets will already be covered with a protective coating that will prevent rust from occurring and it’s important to check for this at purchase.  Alternatively, you can purchase the protective liquid and add a layer yourself.

Do Metal Roof Sheets Protect Against Rain and Snow?

Yes, metal roof sheets are known to be incredibly resistant to adverse weather conditions and are practically impervious to rain and snow. Thanks to the way in which the sheets interlock, as well as the hard, slippery surface, rain and snow are shed very quickly from the top of a metal roof.

Are Metal Roofs Fire Resistant?

Yes, metal roof sheets are the roofing material with one of the strongest resistances to fire and combustion. As metal is non-combustible, it’s able to withstand immense heat without flaming; however metal is an excellent conductor of heat and any more combustible materials your metal roofing sheets are installed over such as wooden beams can be prone to catching fire.

Are Corrugated Metal Sheets Environmentally Friendly?

Metal roofing is 100% recyclable after use and often, the sheets that you buy are made from at least 25% recycled material making them a much greener choice than some other roofing options.

More Information on Metal Roofing Sheets:

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