Guide to the Best Garage Roofing Materials

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Guide to the Best Garage Roofing Materials

Garages are often a desired feature when looking for a new home, with studies showing that you can add up to 5% to a house’s value. But out of the 10.6 million garages across the UK, statistics from 2019 show that nearly half of them are being used for other purposes than to store a car in. Many have been converted to create an additional room in the home or are simply being used for storage.

No matter what you'll be using your garage for, it's essential to choose effective garage roofing materials to prevent leaks or other sources of damage to the building or its contents. But if you’re unsure of whether your garage roof needs replacing or repairing, there are a few giveaway signs that we’ll cover below.

Signs of a Damaged Garage Roof

Moss on Your Garage Roof

When moss grows on any roof, it can cause considerable damage due to its roots establishing themselves and lifting the tile in the process. Moss also absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and will form a constant damp layer on your rooftop. This damp, combined with the raised tiles, can have a catastrophic effect on your roof and cause damage that will eventually result in more serious issues.

It is, therefore, vital that you spot moss before it has had an opportunity to establish itself. This will make it far easier to remove, which can typically be done with a low powered water hose and gentle brush. You’ll find further advice on cleaning moss and other unsightly dirt from your roof in our guide to cleaning roof tiles.

Damp in Your Garage

If you spot any damp patches or mould within your garage, you’re likely suffering the consequences of a leak. This can rapidly develop into a major issue, with damage being caused to anything stored in your garage as well as the structure itself. It can also cause health issues, such as respiratory problems, to you or anybody else using the garage frequently.

The most common cause of a damp patch or mould is a leak, which can be identified and fixed by following our guide. However, leaks may not always be a result of your roofing material as water tanks located in your loft space may be the route of the problem.

Raised Shingles on Your Garage

Shingles may ‘curl’ throughout their lifespan and, therefore, allow water to ingress. It also makes them far more likely to lift during severe wind. Luckily this issue can be identified from ground level as your shingles will not lay flat and gaps will be visible on their edges.

There are a few reasons this can occur. Firstly, the shingles may have become distorted whilst sitting in their bundle on a hot and humid day. Equally, shingles may ‘curl’ if they are continuously damp because of a blocked gutter or downspout overflowing.

Raised Shingles

Missing Roof Tiles on Your Garage

Over time you may begin to find pieces of your shingles or the granules that form its protective coating appearing on the ground or gutters. Besides looking unsightly, your shingles will no longer be protected from UV rays and the asphalt beneath will become exposed. Resulting in your shingles becoming dry and cracked, at which point water ingress is far more likely.

Traditional slate, clay and concrete tiles may also crack in severe weather. In some circumstances they may go missing entirely, which is usually the result of incredibly strong winds. As you would imagine, this allows water to enter your roof space and dampness to form. Thankfully, both shingles and tiles can be individually replaced in most cases.

Why Change Your Garage Roofing Material

If you spot any of the issues above with your garage roof, then it doesn’t always have to result in you replacing the entirely of your roof. Sometimes you can simply fix the affected area by replacing a few shingles or tiles, for example.

But if your garage roof does need replacing, there are several garage roofing materials to choose from. These range from stunning tile effect sheets to lightweight synthetic tiles, with each offering a variety of benefits for homeowners.

Garage Roofing Sheets

Tile Effect Roofing Sheets

These provide the stunning appearance of individual tiles whilst requiring far less work due to their coverage. Many tile effect sheets, such as Britmet Pantile, are also available in custom lengths to suit your project. Making it far quicker and easier to replace your garage roof.

As these are produced from steel in most cases, they are a little costly at up to £21 per square meter. But they offer a superb life expectancy of up to 40 years, with Corotile being guaranteed for 15 years and Britmet Pantile being guaranteed for 40 years.

You’re able to use these sheets on pitches as low as 5 degrees. Made possible by their interlocking design and lightweight build with some weighing as little as 6kg per square meter. You can, therefore, enjoy the benefits of tile effect sheets on both low and high pitched garages.

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Garage roofing sheets

Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Costing as little as £5 per square meter, bitumen sheets are by far the most cost-effect option. As they are lightweight, they are also easy to install by both homeowners and tradespeople. This helps to keep the overall cost of your garage roof replacement low.

The corrugations found on these sheets make them strong and resilient to dramatic changes in the temperature. It also allows rainwater to drain off quickly and effectively, which is why Coroline sheets offer a 15-year waterproof guarantee.

These sheets are available in a choice of four colours, including black, green, brown and red. They are also great absorbers, reducing the noise of heavy rainfall. This makes them ideal for garages that have been converted to offices or game rooms.

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Steel Roofing Sheets

Manufactured from galvanised steel, these roofing sheets are incredibly strong and durable. They are also available as standard corrugated metal sheets, or in a box profile, ensuring they can handle falling debris and withstand fluctuations in temperature.

Steel roofing sheets are available with optional coatings, a range of profiles, and a choice of thicknesses. Providing you with a bespoke solution to suit your application, whether you’re fitting them onto a small residential garage or large commercial garage.

Despite being manufactured from steel, these sheets remain relatively lightweight and easy to install. Dependent upon the coating selected, they also offer a lifespan between 10 – 25 years with virtually no maintenance being required.

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Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets

Extremely popular as both roofing and cladding for agricultural buildings, fibre cement sheets are also a fantastic choice for commercial and residential projects. Made from a combination of Portland Cement, water, and cellulose fibres, these sheets are incredibly durable, offering high resistance to water, UV damage, rot, and fire.

Along with the added strength that comes with their corrugated form factor, fibre cement roofing sheets set themselves apart with their incredible longevity. In fact, the Profile 3 and 6 sheets we stock from leading manufacturer Eternit boast a life expectancy of well over half a century. Plus, there’ll be little need for maintenance across their amazing lifespan.

These sheets are available in a choice of up to twelve colours, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your garage perfectly. Plus, thanks to the large sizes available, you’ll need very few sheets to cover your garage. This means installation will take no time at all. Ideal for both professionals and DIYers doing the job themselves.

Garage Roofing Tiles

Synthetic Roof Tiles

Due to the weight of traditional roof tiles, they may not be suitable for your garage. Synthetic tiles are ideal in this situation as they provide the aesthetically pleasing look of a tile or slate. All whilst being up to 80% lighter than concrete, clay or slate alternatives and ideal for pitches as low as 10 degrees.  

Both metal and plastic tiles can be installed up to 25% faster than traditional alternatives. Besides minimising the disruption caused by your project, it helps to keep the cost of your project low by considerably cutting the labour time.

Some of these tiles, such as Envirotile, also have the added advantage of being eco-friendly and are made from sustainable materials that would normally end up in landfill. Once they’ve outlived their 25 year lifespan, they can then be fully recycled.

Tiled Garage Roof

Roof Shingles

Shingles allow you to achieve a unique look whilst still enjoying a simple installation process. This is due to most shingles simply ‘overlapping’, whether you’re fitting them onto a 10 degree roof or 90 degree wall. 

They are also brilliant priced at just £20.30 for 14 shingles in the case of Coroshingle. This could cover a 2-meter square area, making them a very cost-effective garage roofing material that is incredibly easy to install.

Roof shingles can withstand extreme weather conditions and require little maintenance throughout their 10+ year lifespan. Plus, if any damage ever did occur you can simply replace the individual shingle rather than the whole roof.

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Flat Garage Roofing Materials

EPDM Membrane

If your garage has a flat roof, you’re limited as to which roofing materials you can use. EPDM membranes are a fantastic option if this is the case as it offers outstanding longevity in both heavy rain and high temperatures.

With an amazing 50 year life expectancy, Classic Bond has become the trusted choice for flat roofing. In part due to it costing as little as £9 per square meter whilst being 14% thicker than leading competitors.

These EPDM membranes are supplied in large rolls with the option to order membrane in the exact measurements you require. This allows it to be installed fast and with few seams for water to ingress through.

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Roofing Felt

A common sight on flat roof sheds and garages throughout the UK, roofing felt is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your garage roof watertight. With a large variety of felt roofing on offer, able to be installed in multiple ways, felt is a highly versatile material, able to be used on both small, lightweight structures and large commercial premises

Typically produced in easy-to-apply rolls, felt is available in a myriad of thicknesses, weights, and styles to suit its vast array of potential uses. The rolls of felt we offer are lightweight and can be cut or shaped to fit into any space or around any complex roof shape, including being dressed directly into gutters. This makes roofing felt one of the most forgiving, and therefore beginner-friendly roofing materials.

Whilst it is true that felt can rip or tear over time, it is exceptionally cheap and easy to repair. Plus, leading felt roofing brands such as IKO offer products that can last for over 15 years without issue.

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More Information on the Best Garage Roofing Materials

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