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Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean is a vital part of roof maintenance and will ensure that your roof stays in top condition for longer. Cleaning your roof also adds to kerb appeal and naturally helps your home ...

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Common Questions About Roof Cleaning

Why Do Roofs Become Dirty?

As roof tiles wear with age, the material can become more porous. This makes your roof tiles more susceptible to unsightly dirt, moss and algae build-up. The pores that deepen over your roof’s lifespan become an ever-more attractive habitat for this debris, so keeping on top of keeping your roof clean becomes more important over time. If your roof has a very low pitch, this is another factor that makes it an ideal environment for moss or algae growth. Thankfully, roof tile cleaners can make your roof look as good as new, returning it to its original colour.

When Should I Clean My Roof?

Although you can clean your roof in almost any weather, we’d recommend avoiding wet and windy days, as these adverse weather conditions can blow the cleaning product off of the roof before they can have their full effect. You should also avoid especially warm days, as if the temperature is above 20°C the product may evaporate before it can really do its work!

Will These Products Damage My Roof Tiles?

No, our roof tile cleaner range has been designed to be as kind to your roof tiles as possible. They contain no acid-based ingredients, and don’t need to be used with a pressure washer. Created with the homeowner in mind, all you’ll need is a gentle garden sprayer. So our roof cleaner won’t do any damage to concrete, slate or clay roof tiles in any way.

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8082 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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