Spanish Slate

Spain is famed for its carefully extracted and beautifully coloured natural slates. They are sourced from a variety of idyllic regions throughout the country, with Northern Spain being responsible for a significant portion of the country’s slate ex...

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Samaca Q33 - Natural Spanish Slate - Blue Grey
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Samaca Q33 - Natural Spanish Slate - Blue Grey
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Estillo 15 - Natural Spanish Slate - Blue Grey
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Estillo 15 - Natural Spanish Slate - Blue Grey
From: £2.62 £3.25
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3 Items

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Spanish Roof Slates?

Spanish roof slates are slate tiles which are extracted from quarries throughout Spain. The Northern region of the country is particularly renowned for producing high-quality slates.

Spanish slate roof tiles share similarities with Welsh alternatives. This includes an iconic grey and blue colouring. They are also incredibly durable, largely due to the environment in which they are produced.

These slates are popular amongst UK homeowners. This is due to their ability to add curb appeal to virtually any home, including both old properties and new builds.

How Much Do Spanish Slates Cost?

Slate roof tiles are unarguably a premium roofing material. Although, they typically provide a lifespan in excess of 50 years. They are therefore a cost-effective solution in the long-term.

You can expect Spanish slates to cost between £25 and £30 per square meter. This does not account for any other materials, such as timber or membranes. It doesn't account for labour either.

They are therefore up to double the cost of some concrete alternatives but remain cheaper than synthetic slates. Although, few roofing materials provide the elegance of natural roofing slates.

How Long Does Spanish Slate Last?

One of the greatest advantages natural slate has over other roofing materials is its incredible longevity. Spanish slates can be expected to last for many decades, in some cases well over 100 years without much maintenance. This is thanks to Spanish slate’s excellent strength and durability, as well as its ability to resist moisture and weather damage. To give you added peace of mind, all our Spanish roof slates come with a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee.