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Frequently Asked Questions



Products ^ Top ^

Yes, for now we offer lightweight roofing products only.

Our lightweight roofing suppliers at the moment are: Britmet, Metrotile, Decra, Onduline, ExtraLight, Eco Slate, Lightweight Tiles and Tapco Slate

No, we offer: Slate effect roof tiles , shingle Roof Materials, corrugated steel roofing, lightweight metal roof tiles, corrugated roof panels, other lightweight roofing tiles and other lightweight sheets

We also offer all accessories for the our lightweight roof tiles, other roofing supplies and products.

Yes, we can deliver lightweight roofing product samples to your door, if you are interested in this please email us here.


Delivery ^ Top ^

Delivery varies depending on which roofing tiles suppliers you are buying and the quantity of roof supplies you are buying.

Yes this is available for certain roofing suppliers if you have any queries on this please contact us here.

Currently we only offer a flat rate delivery cost on our lightweight roof tiles.

Deliveries for our lightweight roofing products usually take at least 5 days but this can vary from each supplier. If you have any questions contact us here.

Not for our standard flat rate delivery on our roofing materials. However, we can sometimes offer discounts or other gifts if you order a large quantity. We can send you a quote for this if you contact us here.

No, sorry, currently you cannot collect directly from us but you may be able to collect directly from our roofing suppliers, for more information please contact us here.

Currently we do not deliver lightweight materials on weekends for our standard delivery, but in some cases we may be able to provide express delivery.

Yes, for our standard flat rate delivery on our roofing supplies we do deliver to these places. However, the delivery costs on our website do not apply for these areas, for more information about this please contact us here.


Refunds ^ Top ^

All returns information for our roofing supplies can be found here.

All returns information for our roofing supplies can be found here.


Other ^ Top ^

All our tile effect roofing products can be purchased without an account, but we recommend creating an account to stay in contact wit our latest news on our lightweight roofing products and offers on our roofing materials, also to make returning visits easier for you to buy your roof tiles.

No, sorry, we cannot offer fitting for your lightweight roofing materials but we can recommend roofing contractors, please contact us here.

Our lightweight roofing materials can be up to 7 times lighter then 'standard' roofing materials.

If you are unsure of how many roof tiles or roofing supplies you may need we can send you a quotation of how many you would need, please get in contact with us here.

We accept the following payment methods for our roofing materials: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB. Or, you can also talk over your delivery with our sales team and pay over the phone.

Yes, PDF's are displayed on each product page for every roofing supplier, these can be printed to help you fit or decide on your lightweight roof options.

To become a supplier with Roofing Megastore please fill out the form here.

You can still checkout as a guest but we recommend logging in so you can view you last orders and for a quicker checkout time.

Yes, you can reset your password here to continue shopping for your lightweight roofing supplies.

Unfortunately we do not. We do accept all major credit and debit cards for the purchase of your lightweight roof tiles.

Yes, you can pay by BACS and we will send you the invoice before you purchase the lightweight roofing products


Onduline ^ Top ^

One of the Onduline components is cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber can be extracted from various sources, including wood pulp or recycled paper. Besides cellulose fiber, Onduline also consists of bitumen, resin, mineral additives. Cellulose fiber itself is a very strong material (also used in cement and concrete to improve resistance). Bitumen makes fiber water-resistant, pigments provide the coloration, resin and other additives improve weather-resistance.

In European Standards, its classification is E, which is “normal to ignite”. It is allowed for use on different types of buildings. But the cases when a source of fire is located on the roof are very rare. And if a house is on fire, it means that almost every type of roof cladding burns and melts.

Measurements show a thermal conductivity of 0,098 W/m.C°. This value is close to cork. By comparison, stainless steel value is 52 W/m.C°, 525 times higher. Onduline insulates from heat and cold, within these values.

Tests carried out at the Sound Research Laboratories Ltd (UK) show the good sound absorption of Onduline sheets with a value of Rw= 28 dB. The noise of rain is absorbed much better on Onduline than on steel sheets.

Durability depends on external conditions like weather and climate. Onduline roofs are guaranteed waterproof for a 10-year period. However, some Onduline roofs have been installed for more than 50 years in Europe, and 30 years in tropical countries.

Because it is made of cellulose-bitumen saturated sheets, Onduline resists corrosion and most chemical products. (Laboratory tests carried out at CSTB – France)

Laboratory tests in USA and Germany and the long Onduline experience in Siberia (Russia) under the very low temperatures perfectly show that Onduline is absolutely frost-proof with no mechanical damage.

In a tropical endurance test, Onduline proved suitable in severe humidity and temperatures up to 70°C (Yarsley Test Centre – UK)

Tests carried out at the Yarsley Research Centre (UK) and in Miamiand Metropolitan Dade County (USA) have proved Onduline suitable in hurricane and earthquake conditions (up to 192 km/h or 53,3m/s)

Onduline roofs are made of bitumen + resin + mineral pigments + cellulose fibers. None of this product is toxic for the people or the environment. Test carried out at Yarsley Technical Centre (UK) show no toxicity of Onduline sheets or ingredients.

Yes, it is necessary. The roofing material installation can then be weather-proof for a very long period of time. Furthermore, it will also withstand extreme weather conditions, e.g. storms. The 1998 summer hurricane in Moscow tore off Onduline sheets fastened with 4-6 nails. Sheets fastened with 20 nails have remained undamaged.

Safe Top nails have been specifically designed for Onduline roofs. The Safe Top bonded washer is resistant to UV radiations and with its weatherproof seal provides a superior resistance to wind uplift. Safe Top are particularly suitable for use on hardwood purlins, and their colors match the Onduline sheet colors. Other nails can be used, but with no Onduline guarantee.

Since one of the components is bitumen, Onduline sheets have a tendency of becoming soft in mid-day hot sun. Therefore we recommend making installations in the morning for hot countries. We would recommend installing Onduline roofs below temperatures of 35°/40°C (depending on the sun exposure)

Like everything else under the sunshine, Onduline color will gradually becomes paler. This is due to UV action. Onduline fades gradually and evenly, while the metal sheets have a tendency to lose color sporadically.

Onduline provides ridge pieces which are manufactured from the same material and to the same high specifications as Onduline sheets. Flexible double wing accommodates a wide range of roof angles. Ridges are available in the same colors and finish than the sheets.

Onduline roofs can be installed from pitches as low as 5°, up to 90°. Our Technical Department can provide all the necessary information for specific installations.

If the battens and overlapping are made correctly Onduline withstands distributed load up to 960 kg/m². Practically it withstands a single layer of 50cm snow load. However, we highly recommend contacting our technical department for installation in extreme climatic conditions.

If the roof construction is made correctly, there will be no problem with snow laying upon it. If one cleans it constantly, roof could be damaged. Therefore it is better not to do it.

It is not necessary if you want just to improve the water-tightness. Onduline roof system is absolutely water-tight. Depending on the building design and use, it may be necessary to use a vapor barrier in the roof construction.

Onduline guarantees the waterproofing of its products for 10 years. Product has to be installed according to specifications. Guarantee is limited to the exchange of product only.

Like any other roof, Onduline is not made to be walked on. So you must follow the usual safety procedures when going on an Onduline roof.

Maintenance is minimal. You must just ensure that no leaves remain on the roof and trap humidity. This has to be done for gutters anyway.

While steel expands and contracts under the action of heat and cold, Onduline dimensional stability is not affected. Test carried out at the French National Testing Laboratory.

Yes. Onduline can be installed on metal frame or on decking. The fixing must then be adapted and our Technical Department has ready procedures about this.

Onduline roofs come pre-pigmented and sometimes also pre-painted from the factory. It is perfectly possible to paint and repaint Onduline sheets, on both sides. Oil based paint with solvents should be avoided at all times. Please contact our Technical Department for getting the procedure.

Stains are made of bitumen drop and are normal. They will be washed away with rain after a while. Should you want to reduce them immediately, just rub another piece of Onduline material against it.

Virtually everywhere! Onduline roofs cover homes, agricultural and industrial building all around the world with colors matching the environment.

Onduline has currently 9 factories around the world. All factories are ISO9001 certified, which guaranties the same level of quality, wherever the production is made.

Onduline offers the widest range of cellulose-bitumen sheets with various kinds of profiles, finishes, and colors. Onduline uses a monolith structure which is more durable than the multi-layers sheets proposed by the competition.

Onduline has been the first company to produce cellulose-bitumen sheets on an industrial scale. The company has been created in 1944 and has been constantly improving its products, and increasing sales. To date, Onduline Group is the #1 producer of cellulose-bitumen sheets worldwide with a constant effort in developing and improving its products.


Tapco ^ Top ^

Galvanised steel nails driven through the slate, either manually or by nailgun. No drilling, clipping or hooks required.

Depends on the pitch of the roof, please see our Measuring Guide.

14 degrees (on a fully-boarded roof). This is very useful for extensions and other applications where the available roof slope may be limited.

This is intentional. The induced camber flattens and creates a tight fit when nailed in situ.

Yes. Standard slating principles apply.

Yes. BBA certified. Copies readily available.

Nailed in situ and overlapped. Dry-fix system much more secure than a bedded ridge. Cement does not adhere well to TapcoSlate.

No TapcoSlate is UV stable and through coloured. It will weather, as does any roof covering, depending on location and exposure.

Fine-toothed saw, disc cutter, or it can be scored with a utility knife.

Once again, this depends on the location and exposure of the site. Algae grows better on a laminar material, TapcoSlate is not laminar. To deter growth, string a copper wire across the length of the ridge.

Yes, the water run-off from our products meets the World Health Organization Standards testing. However, rainwater is variable across regions; atmospheric conditions should be considered in actual use. Water collected during the first or second rain fall after extended dry periods can be contaminated by dirt accumulation.

Individually strap-banded bundles of 25 slates… 1600 per pallet (or less). There is a delivery charge depending on location.


Ecoslate ^ Top ^

100% recycled P.E. Resins with additives, colouring, and UV Inhibitors.

The Eco Slates are extremely lightweight in comparison with most other options. On average a square metre will weigh less than 12kg.

See our Installation Guide on the product page.

The slates have been tested in winds up to 110mph and therefore the wind causes no problem.

Relevant size 9.5mm head, copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanised nails are recommended.

Over the 50 year warranty expect a variable colour change; however the UV Inhibitors ensure they are extremely fade resistant.

No, the slates have UV Inhibitors built in them to protect against harmful UV rays.

Yes, we recommend using a breathable membrane.

Yes, a Stanley knife blade or any other cutting equipment will cut the slate.

No, the slates have been given a class 4 impact rating; see the specification page for full test certificates.

No, the slates are solid and not hollow, so the noise is kept at a minimum.

17 slates on average per square metre for a pitch of 20 degrees. 7 slates per linear metre for valleys and ridges.

Roof pitches between 15-20 degrees require on average 19 slates per square metre. Roof pitches between 10-15 degrees require on average 22 slates per square metre. Please contact the office if you require further information.

The Eco Slates are very flexible, therefore can be fitted to a vertical, enabling cap flashing to be dressed over it. Ensure flashing lap is sufficient for adequate weatherproofing. For pitches below 20 degrees it is highly recommended to use the Eco Slates for flashing; If not then it is imperative to ensure existing flashing is sealed to the Eco Slates.


Lightweight Tiles ^ Top ^

Lightweight Tiles roofing system is made from recycled polymer, resulting in a very tough, durable, lightweight roofing solution as opposed to traditional tiles that do not offer half of these features.

The tiles also offer exceptional insulation which makes your conservatory usable throughout the whole year including the cold winter months.

The tiles they manufacture are extremely lightweight weighing under 6kg per metre²!

Due to the ultra lightweight properties it allows them to be installed at an extremely low pitch of 10 degrees!

Lightweight Tiles roofing materials can be cut with a hand saw or any alternative to this.

Lightweight Tiles roofing materials can be cut with a hand saw or any alternative to this.

Lightweight Tiles have an extremely fast fixing time as they are the equivalent to 3 traditional tiles so you can fit your roof 3 times quicker. Additionally once the battens are installed it is possible to install 3 tiles in 3 minutes, this is the equivalent to 1 metre².

Yes, there is a 25 year warranty on your products but terms and conditions do apply.

Yes, the system offers excellent sound absorption which can help you through the pain of the poor weather conditions.

Certainly! Lightweight Tiles are designed for DIY as they can be cut with a simple handsaw and are easy to handle, providing you with the full lightweight roofing solution.


Envirotile ^ Top ^

The Envirotile system is made from recycled polymer giving it extremely good green, eco friendly credentials.

It varies depending on the size of the head-lap: 85mm headlap - 11.9 tiles/m2, 100mm headlap - 12.58 tiles/m2, 115mm headlap - 13.33 tiles/m2.

They weigh in at an incredible 610grams!

They can be installed at a very low 12.5°.

You can also purchase the tiles in Dark Brown, Slate Grey and Terracotta. Providing you with the range of colours to suit any other roof.

The price per square metre starts at £31.65.

Certainly not, each tile is fixed in 8 different places forming a complete interlocking system that is more durable than traditional tiles.

Not at all, although they are most popular on conservatory roofs they can be used on almost any building with a pitch above 12.5&deg

For the easiest understanding of how to install the system view our Installation guide


IKOslate ^ Top ^

IKOslate is a composite roof tile manufactured from mineral reinforced 99% recycled and re-engineered materials.

One pack of 27 tiles provides you with 1.5m2 of coverage.

The weight per slate is an incredible 0.57kg.

22.5° (felt & batten) / 18° (fully boarded with suitable underlay).

For now yes, but IKO are working on manufacturing additional colours in the future.

The price per square metre starts at £37.76.

IKO Slate is suitable to be used on any building type provided the pitch is suitable for use.

For the easiest understanding of how to install the system view our Installation guide.


Ariel ^ Top ^

When cutting PVC sheet use a fine tooth saw at a shallow angle, applying light pressure. The sheet must be supported on each side to avoid cracking. Follow these instructions when cutting across a Corotherm sheet, when cutting parallel to the flutes a sharp knife can be used. Follow the same procedure when cutting Coroline; additionally lubricate the cut with general purpose lubricating oil to prevent binding.

There are a number of fixings required for PVC sheets. They are stated on a label on each individual sheet as each profile and sheet size requires a different amount of fixings. The frequency of the fixings is indicated on the profile diagrams which is available on the downloadable product brochures.

Glues and paints should NOT be applied to sheets. On Corotherm sheets use clear, neutral cure low modulus silicone sealant.

For 1 m2 of Coroline Bitumin Sheeting it will cost you £5.60

The corrugated sheets weigh 5.6kg

Not at all! Ariel offer a huge range of products, some may not be displayed. Please contact us regarding the product you need and we can source that for you.

Not at all! Ariel offer a huge range of products, some may not be displayed. Please contact us regarding the product you need and we can source that for you.

Yes you can view the videos and many more on our YouTube Channel

To calculate the number of sheets required to complete your roof, measure the width of the roof and divide this figure by the cover width of coroline (855mm). Eg: the roof is 3000mm wide, divide by 855mm = 3.5 sheets.


Towerflex ^ Top ^

Of course! SupaLite roofs will retain warmth in the winter months of November to March.

Again, Of course! SupaLite roofs provides you with a safe & cosy space capable of being used 365 days per year.

All tiles are tried and tested for many years in USA, Canada and Australia, giving you total peace of mind in extreme weather conditions.

Yes! Full range of colour matching fascias, soffits and gutters to suit your choice of windows.

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