The Most Popular DIY Tracks on Spotify Revealed

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The Most Popular DIY Tracks on Spotify Revealed

One of the many changes 2020 brought to our lives was a massively increased interest in DIY. With so many of us stuck at home, thousands of British homeowners decided it was the perfect time to get stuck into a project – and who could blame them? But as everyone knows, no DIY project would be complete without the soundtrack. But which songs do we listen to most when we’re doing DIY? That’s exactly what we found out in our latest study.

Our research into Spotify data has revealed a treasure trove, including the top 10 most listened to DIY songs, some of which really surprised us! Many of the top tracks we listen to while taking on a DIY project are very relaxed, including Dreams by Fleetwood Mac which took the top spot, added to nearly 50 DIY playlists. We also took a look at the top 10 artists for DIY, which revealed Taylor Swift to be the undisputed queen, part of 659 playlists overall.

We also delved into more specific data, and found the top 10 songs to paint to, and out of 13,395 total songs across these playlists, Pretty Girl by Clairo was the clear winner, making an appearance in 42 playlists. Along with painting and decorating, we researched the top 10 songs to play when gardening, and the favourite track among green thumbed listeners was Van Morrison’s seminal track, Brown Eyed Girl.

Take a look at the full study to find out more:

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