Firestone Rubber Roofing Price Guide

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Firestone Rubber Roofing Price Guide

It’s been almost 60 years since we first started using EPDM to protect our roofs and today it is still one of the most popular choices for professionals and homeowners alike. It is long-lasting, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, lightweight and best of all one of the most cost-effective materials on the market.

Thanks to its popularity, there are quite a few brands of rubber roof to choose from, but perhaps none quite as well-known as Firestone whose rubber membrane boasts a life expectancy of over 50 years.  With their commercial-grade RubberGard™ the system of choice for a number of large-scale international projects, including one of Air France’s hangars, it is difficult to argue the quality of their products. The big question is then, ‘how much would this cost me?’

What is Firestone?

It was 1980 that Firestone entered the waterproofing industry and today, now a part of Holcim counts itself among the leading manufacturers of EPDM and TPO membranes.  Over 1,500,000,000 metres squared of Firestone have been installed to date, all of which boast the very best in quality control from state-of-the-art facilities all having achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

A high-performance system designed for all manner of flat roof structures, RubberCover™ is Firestone's hallmark residential roofing system. Like its commercial-grade counterpart, you can expect a very long life out of this rubber, with a design tailored to ensure low costs across the decades. Perhaps most importantly, it is also DIY friendly. Helping you cut down (or out) on a pricey part of any rubber roof installation – labour costs.

Why Choose Firestone Rubber Roofing?

Exceptional Durability & Versatility

When a Firestone rubber roof is installed, it is done so with the understanding that more work may be needed in future. Not only will it be able to last for these upcoming decades, but it can accommodate additions light skylights or even full extensions without diminishing in quality.

This is thanks in large part to one of the rubber’s most famous characteristics, its elasticity. RubberCover™ can elongate to 300%, meaning it is very unlikely to sustain any rips or tears due to building movement or changes in temperature. As you might expect from such a long-lasting product, it is also resistant to UV, Ozone and all manner of extreme weather conditions.


Low Maintenance, Low Cost

At the risk of repeating ourselves, perhaps Rubber Roofing's’ most attractive quality is the combination of its initial low install costs paired with little to no maintenance requirements across its life. Together this makes for a true ‘one and done’ system, offering the peace of mind that comes with a lack of surprise repairs.

Simple to Install & Flame-Free

RubberCover™ is suitable for roofs up to 150 meters squared and is supplied in sheets, large and flexible enough to cover most residential roofs without the need for field seaming. Because you also don’t need any specialist kit, the EPDM is as quick to install as it is easy and can be fitted across almost any substrate, new or old. The introduction of contact adhesive has also completely removed the need for blow-torches – greatly limiting the risks of fire accidents.

Sustainable & Wasteless

Money is not the only thing you can save in the long run by choosing to go with an EPDM roof. Much of its fame has also been accrued thanks to its position as one of the top-ranked materials for low-environmental impact (Greenpeace, Building for the Future). Naturally, its excellent lifespan and durability play a huge role in this ranking but, even in the unlikely event of its damage, EPDM can also be fully recycled. Finding use in a myriad of other applications such as playground surfaces, in general matting and more.

How Much Does Firestone Cost?

The cost of Firestone EPDM, like most other types of roofing cover, will depend largely on how much you need, the thickness as well as other accessories, adhesives and labour costs.

EPDM Membrane

FireStone RubberCover (1.14mm)

Approx. Cost

1000 x 1000 (L x W in mm)


5000 x 2500


5000 x 5000


10,000 x 5000


10,000 x 10,000


30,000 x 12,000





Approx. Cost

Rubbatrim Edge Trim (2.5m x 110mm)


Rubbatrim 2 Piece Gutter (2.5m x 65mm)


Termination Bar (3m) & Fixings


Steel Batten Bar


Trim Internal & External Edges

£4 per corner

RubberCover Contact Ahdesive

£34 - £58

QuickPrime Plus

£19 - £60

18” Quickseam Flashing

£102 per m2

Note: These are just some of the accessories you may require for a complete installation, please consult a professional for advice on a full list & quantities.

The above should hopefully provide some rough context for the costs of Firestone on different applications but, to narrow it down even further, you could expect a total cost of materials to be in-between £600 - £1000, with labour adding another £325 on average, if you aren't going the DIY route.

Installing Firestone

Installing EPDM can be quite a time and labour extensive project, so we would only recommend this for those of you confident in your skills and comfortable working at height. Of course, all health and safety guidelines as laid out by HSE should be followed when undertaking this job.

This means taking care to check for fragile surfaces and making sure that all of your kit is suitable, strong and stable enough to hold not just your weight but the weight of any tools and materials you may be carrying.

You will also need to clear the surface of your roof of any dust, dirt, rust, oil and other debris before beginning. Once this is done you can start the installation proper, installing drip battens where needed, relaxing your membrane into position, applying your adhesive and then sweeping the EPDM to adhere it and remove trapped air before finishing with edge trims. A full detailed set of installation instructions for Firestone can be found right here, should you need them.

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions about Firestone or are currently looking to start up your next project and need a hand picking out the perfect products, our award-winning team is here for you. Simply call us on 01925 565565 or chat with us online, we’ll be happy to help.

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