A Guide to FAKRO Window Sizes

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A Guide to FAKRO Window Sizes

Who are Fakro?

FAKRO windows are renowned for their innovative features and exceptional build-quality. Founded in 1991, FAKRO’s commitment to beautiful design and expert manufacturing has allowed them to grow exponentially, with around 15% of current global market share. FAKRO windows truly elevate any living space, allowing plenty of ventilation and natural light below. What’s more, never resting on their laurels, FAKRO are continually striving to improve their product range.

Whether you’re replacing an existing FAKRO roof window or you’re installing a new window for the very first time, it’s important to find the right size. Thankfully, FAKRO offer an extensive range of windows in a broad selection of sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect window for you.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve written this handy guide to FAKRO window sizes below.

How Are FAKRO Windows Measured?

Before you come to choose your new FAKRO roof window, it’s important to know exactly what the measurements mean! Ordinarily, the measurements you’ll find below refer to the external frame, and not the glazed area. This measurement is intended to help you when you come to fit the window. So this should be roughly the area you’ll need to cut out of your roof deck, but this can vary if using a flashing kit or insulation collar.

How Do I Find My FAKRO Window Code?

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Every FAKRO window, regardless of model, has a unique identifying code. This handy code is consistent across the entire FAKRO roof window range and will help you ensure you choose the right one. You can find the code by looking at the top right-hand corner of the window sash, where it will be marked out. Here you’ll see a handful of numbers and letters.

The first sequence in the top-left refers to the window’s model. To the right you’ll see the dimensions in centimetres, laid out width by height. For example, if the code reads 134/98, then your window’s width will be 134cm and the height will be 98cm.

Finally, below these two codes will be the production code. This will not be necessary in most situations, but it is certainly helpful to know when it is should you need it!

What Sizes are Available?

The various sizes, codes and alternative codes of the FAKRO window range is as follows:

Glazing Area Size Fakro Code 
369 mm x 590 mm 55/78
373 mm x 790 mm 55/98
483 mm x 790 mm 66/98
483 mm x 990 mm 66/118
603 mm x 790 mm 78/98
603 mm x 990 mm 78/118
603 mm x 1210 mm 78/140
763 mm x 990 mm 94/118
763 mm x 1210 mm 94/140
963 mm x 990 mm 114/118
963 mm x 1210 mm 114/140
1163 mm x 790 mm 134/98
603 mm x 1410 mm 78/160
763 mm x 790 mm 94/98
1163 mm x 1210 mm 134/140
483 mm x 590 mm 66/78
603 mm x 590 mm 78/78
763 mm x 590 mm 94/78
963 mm x 590 mm 114/78
1163 mm x 590 mm 34/78
603 mm x 410 mm 78/60
763 mm x 410 mm 94/60
963 mm x 410 mm 114/60
1163 mm x 410 mm 134/6


Don’t forget, the glazing, frame and opening options on a window you’re replacing won’t need to be the same, just the size.

Fakro Roof Windows in a bedroom

The right window size for you will depend on your exact needs. Larger windows provide a greater field of view and more ventilation but will of course need a lot more space. We supply the full range of FAKRO roof windows here at Roofing Megastore, so whether you want electric, solar powered or manual, in any opening type, we’ve got the window for you.

Need Help Finding Your FAKRO Window Size?

If you need help buying a roof window for your next project, then get in touch with our award-winning customer service team. They’re on-hand to answer any questions you may have about FAKRO window sizes or anything else via telephone on 01295 565 565 or via the online chat on our website. They’ll help you choose your ideal size of Fakro roof window in the perfect frame, glazing and opening style. All while keeping project time and costs low!

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