How Much Do Plastic Roof Tiles Cost?

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How Much Do Plastic Roof Tiles Cost?

Plastic roof tiles can typically be one of the more expensive types of tile, but they also have a great deal of benefits. They require little to no maintenance across their lifetime, unlike many other types of roof tile which can often need regular maintenance due to, for example, chipped tiles. When you take maintenance costs into consideration the overall cost of plastic roof tiles compared to other types can quickly balance out.

In this article we look at the benefits of plastic tiles, their suitability for different projects and the different styles and brands available based on a budget, mid-range and luxury level so that you can see what you can get whatever your budget.


Tapco Synthetic Slate Tile - Pewter Grey £66.59 PER M²
The luxurious Tapco slate tile looks just like a natural slate with a hand cut appearance. It replicates natural slate perfectly, boasting ridges and ruts just like the real thing. But Tapco slates weigh up to 75% less than real slate and can be used on almost any structure including conservatories and sheds, which real slate would be too heavy for.

Tapco tiles can be used on roof pitches from as low as 14° right up to 90°, and, thanks to their lightness, the installation process is one of the easiest across all tile types.
They’re easy to cut with a hand or power saw and require just two nails per tile when combined with Aledora starter tiles. There are clear markings and measurements on each tile and no specialist tools are required for the process.

Although Tapco tiles are pricier than other types the ease, look and longevity that they deliver are unrivalled. Coming with a 40-year manufacturer warranty you can expect virtually no maintenance to be required. They’ve been tested to withstand bad weather including heavy hail and wind speeds of up to 110mph and have a class 4 impact rating for your piece of mind. They are made using virgin resins and limestone and can be recycled after use. 

Available in natural slate tones of Steel Grey or Charcoal Black.


Britmet LiteSlate Synthetic Tile-£37.20 PER M²

Britmet LiteSlate Synthetic Tiles fall into the mid-range price range and are a fantastic choice that delivers on all levels.

They have a stunning slate like look that is combined with all the latest production technologies to make it incredibly strong and durable. With a life expectancy of 40 years, once they are installed they should need little to no maintenance in that time period. And the installation process is much easier than that of real slate with no need for sorting, predrilling or clipping meaning that you will need less time and resources when installing your roof.

The LiteSlate Synthetic Tiles are suitable for roof pitches between 14° and 90° and are ideal for many building structures from garages, sheds and chalets to conservatories and homes.

They’re available in 7 different colours ranging from natural slate tones to a brighter Sunshine or Sunset.

Eco Slate Plastic Roof Tile - £36.89 PER M²

Another plastic tile for the mid-range budget is the Eco Slate Roof Tile. The Eco Slate Tile is made from 100% recycled plastic and so is a fantastic choice if you are eco conscious or have sustainability guidelines to adhere to.

Replicating the look of natural slate but with the durability and low maintenance of plastic these tiles are also incredibly versatile and you will only need to buy one type of tile as they can be moulded to be used for the ridge, hip, valley and verge tiles too. Just two fixings are required per tile and installing these tiles onto a garden building, for example, could be undertaken by a seasoned DIY'er. These tiles have also been tested under vigorous weather conditions, withstanding wind speeds of up to 110mph and they come with a 50-year guarantee!


Lightweight Tiles - Smooth Budget Tile £19.06 PER M²

If you are looking for a cost-effective plastic tile for your outbuilding or conservatory then these Lightweight Tiles might be just what you’re looking for.

As some of the lightest tiles on the market, they are perfect for porches, conservatories, sheds, carports and other garden buildings. They’re incredibly durable and will withstand heavy rainfall and low temperatures down to -20°C. They’re easy to keep clean and should require little maintenance over their lifetime.

Each tile is the size equivalent of 6 smaller tiles put together and because of this, installation is much quicker. The tiles are light and easy to handle, and installation only requires a few basic tools including batons, a drill and screwdriver and some screws making the process DIY friendly.

They’re available in a number of colours which are UV resistant and colour fast including red, black and opaque.

They’re designed for roof pitches as low as 10° and come with a 25 year guarantee, and as they’re made from a mix of recycled and virgin materials they’re a good choice for a more environmentally friendly build.


This is just a small selection of the different types of plastic tile available and you can find a large range at Roofing Megastore. If you're interested in how plastic roof tiles compare in cost to other types of tile including clay, fibre cement, plastic, metal, concrete and slate have a look at our comparison article.

A Comparison of the cost of Roofing Tiles

And if you’re still unsure whether the tile you’ve chosen is right for your product you can give our friendly customer service team a ring at 01295 565565, speak to them online or send them an email and they will be more than happy to help.

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