How Much Do Slate Roof Tiles Cost?

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How Much Do Slate Roof Tiles Cost?

Known for their iconic natural beauty, slate roof tiles are some of the most sought after roofing materials here in Britain. Slate sets itself apart through remarkable depth of colour, and the fact that each slate tile is unique. The appearance of roofing slate can vary and is particularly dependent upon where in the world it was sourced. There are slate quarries all over the world, but the most famous slate nations are Wales, Spain, and Canada. With a lifespan that can reach well over 70 years, it’s no wonder that time and again Britons turn to slate roofing for their most special projects.

Roofing slates come at a wide range of costs, including affordable, man-made synthetic slate, along with premium natural slates. It’s important to look at the differences between each option, as faster installation processes with some slates could greatly reduce the cost of your project. Below, we’re going to talk about the differences between specific slate tiles and discuss the benefits of each.

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Things to Consider with Slate Roofing

Before you purchase any slate roof tiles, you should ensure that they’re right for your home.

  • Weight – Slate is one of the heaviest roofing materials per square metre, meaning homeowners with smaller, or lighter structures may not be able to use slate.
  • Pitch – Unlike other materials, slate can only be used on a narrow range of roof pitches.

If you don’t know your roof’s pitch, take a look at our guide to calculating roof pitch. If you’re ever unsure, we’d recommend hiring a professional. That way, you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that the job is being done right, and that your new slate roof is well-supported.

Cost of Slate Roofs

Synthetic Slate Tiles

As well as natural slate roofing, we also offer a selection of striking synthetic slate tiles. Made from a mix of recycled limestone and plastic, these lightweight tiles offer a similar aesthetic to slate that’s ideal for structures that couldn’t handle the strain of natural slate. Plus, synthetic slates are generally much quicker and easier to install, and are not as brittle as real slates can be.

In terms of cost, synthetic slates tend to sit somewhere in between low- and mid-range natural slates, at just under £2 per tile. These slates can also be bought in bulk, saving a lot of money across a larger roofing project. A roof covered with synthetic slates will cost around £4000, not accounting for labour.

Low-End Slate Tiles

Spanish roof slates tend to be the cheapest form of natural slate. Although products such as the Matadale Natural Slate starts at just £1.38 per tile, it is still every bit as beautiful as its more expensive counterparts. Coming from a quarry in La Bana in the North of Spain, it has a gorgeous blue-grey colour and its matte texture allows the real depth of the colour to come out.

Each Matadale slate measures 250mm wide and 500mm long, with its own unique texture and beautiful, rugged edges. Popular for period properties and premium new builds alike, these Spanish slates add effortless character to any property they cover. They also offer fantastic protection against UV exposure and adverse weather, retaining their beauty across their long lifespans.

For added reassurance, these tiles come with a 30-year product protection guarantee. The Matadale is available in two thicknesses, 5mm and 7mm, depending on the finish you desire. The 5mm “Prime” option is the most popular, whereas the 7mm “Heavy” option is better suited to projects that require additional durability.

A roof covered with Matadale slates will cost around £4000, not accounting for labour costs.

Mid-Range Slate Tiles

Examples of mid-range natural slate roof tiles include the Cembrit Glendyne. Made from high-quality Canadian slate, these tiles are often used in conservation areas, as their sleek, uniform appearance suits heritage builds fantastically. The 406mm x 254mm is an excellent all-rounder, and at £3.05 per tile, is right in the middle of the prices our collection of slate tiles costs.

For this increase in cost, you’ll enjoy a number of additional benefits. These beautiful slates boast a highly unique blue-grey colour, that is free from rust marks, streaks, or discolouration. This is due to their excellent resistance to oxidising metal inclusions. And just like the Spanish slate, these tiles are immune to UV light, acid rain, and more. You’ll even receive an amazing 75-year warranty.

These slates are suitable for roofs with a maximum pitch of 45°, and are installed using the “double-lap” method. A roof covered by Cembrit Glendyne slates will cost around £5000 excluding labour.

High-End Slates

The Redland Cambrian Double Slate is a gorgeous, premium option for a natural slat roof. These slates are made from a unique mix of materials, 60% of which is natural Welsh slate. This makes these slates incredibly durable, and far more resistant to the elements than alternatives. They also enjoy a far simpler installation process, utilising an innovative interlocking design.

Redland Cambrians are also far more versatile than other natural slate tiles, and can be installed at pitches

 from 10° to 90°. Their mixed composition does nothing to change the beauty of these slates, with a deep, sumptuous grey colour. You can expect a roof covered with these slates to cost £6000 or more, not taking labour costs into account.


You should now have a better understanding of the differences between roofing slates at different price ranges. While there are many qualities that all slate roofing shares, it’s important to know the ins-and-outs of what you’re buying before you undertake a project. Take a look at our slate roofing range now.

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