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A brand new deck is an exciting prospect that can completely transform the look and feel of your garden. But how much does a complete decking project cost? There's no question that budget is a vital consideration in any project, and it's important to take your time planning and researching so you get the most for your money. That's why we've written this handy guide. Whether you're in the middle of the planning process, or you're just dreaming of a future decking project, we've broken down every element to uncover the exact cost of decking.

How Much Does Composite Decking Cost?

Designed to offer a range of practical advantages over standard wood decking boards, composite decking has quickly risen as an ultra-popular choice for gardens up and down the country. It is produced as a man-made product using a mix of wood fibres, plastics and bonding agents, offering excellent durability, reduced maintenance, minimal water absorption as well as fantastic slip, stain, fade resistance and more.

Unsurprisingly, this fantastic array of innovative benefits does come with a heftier price to pay. On average, you should expect to budget anywhere in the bracket of £8-£12 up to £15-£25 per metre length of board. According to, a small garden composite deck project could set you back anywhere from £1900 to £2,050!

Scale of Deck

Average Cost for a Composite Deck

Small Garden (15 SQM)

£1900 - £2050

Medium-Sized Garden (30 SQM)

£3400 - £3700

Large Garden (60 SQM)

£4900 - £5350

Extra-Large Garden (90 SQM)

£6400 - £7000

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How Much is Composite Decking Per Sqm UK?

To buy composite decking in the UK, you’ll typically be look at a cost of around £125 to £200 per sqm.

How Much Does a 20x20 Composite Deck Cost?

Based on the UK average of £125 per sqm, a 20 x 20 composite deck may run up to around £4500.

How Much Does a 12x12 Composite Deck Cost?

Based on the UK average of £125 per sqm, a 12 x 12 composite deck could cost around £1600.

Why is Composite Decking so Expensive?

From the previous figures we can conclude that composite decking is definitely the priciest decking material currently on the market. But is a composite deck worth the money? Many homeowners will argue absolutely.

Whilst the initial costs of composite materials may be higher, you can attain some practical savings further down the line by investing more upfront. Due to a higher level of durability, composite boards can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years which is a significant increase on the 10-15 year lifespan of a typical hardwood deck. In the long-run, you’ll also save hugely on upkeep, with no expensive treatments or costly maintenance required.

Is Composite Decking Cheaper than Wood?

There are two types of wood decking available: softwood and hardwood. According to, softwood decking averages at about £3 - £6 per metre whilst hardwood boards price slightly higher at £4 - £10 per metre. To compare, composite boards are around £5-£6 more expensive than softwood and £2-£4 more than hardwood.

How Much Does Softwood Decking Cost?

Softwood deck boards are manufactured from evergreen conifers such as pine and spruce to create a structure that is far less dense than hardwood. As well as being significantly more affordable, softwood decking is also easier to install plus uses fast-growing trees so is a brilliantly eco-friendly option.

Softwood decking is a very budget-friendly choice for homeowners looking to cut back on project costs. As estimated by, most DIY stores and retailers typically sell softwood boards for around £10 - £15 per sqm. In terms of total projects costs, average the rate for a small-scale garden deck at around £1000 to £1200 in total.

Scale of Deck

Average Cost for a Softwood Deck

Small Garden (15 SQM)

£1000 - £1200

Medium-Sized Garden (30 SQM)

£1600 - £2000

Large Garden (60 SQM)

£2200 - £2800

Extra-Large Garden (90 SQM)

£2800 - £3600

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Does Affordability Reflect Poorer Quality?

An attractive advantage of softwood decking is obviously its affordable price point. But do these appealing savings come at the expense of finish and lasting-power? Softwood timber is generally intended as a short-term decking solution in lower-traffic areas.

Although pressure-treated softwood does offer a pretty long lifespan, cheaper un-treated boards are much weaker so are susceptible to damage, fading and general diminishment of structural quality. Similar to any construction project, the cheaper materials you use, the less likely they are too last. If you want a high-quality deck that’ll maintain its structure and finish for years, we suggest investing more upfront to retain fewer repairs and less maintenance later on.

How Much Does Hardwood Decking Cost?

Trusted for their hard-wearing durability and stunning natural look, hardwood deck boards are manufactured from broadleaved trees such as ash, oak and beech. These trees are slower in growth so produce a far more resilient and longer-lasting timber that holds up well in high-traffic environments.

Pricing in at around £4 to £10 per metre, hardwood decking sits between composite and softwood in the pricing scale. Whilst also being a more expensive material, it is also trickier to install than softwood which adds higher installation costs into the mix. Based on a rough estimation from, a small garden 15sqm deck, could set you back anywhere between £1525 and £1675.

Scale of Deck

Average Cost for a Hardwood Deck

Small Garden (15 SQM)

£1525 - £1675

Medium-Sized Garden (30 SQM)

£2250 - £2950

Large Garden (60 SQM)

£3375 - £4225

Extra-Large Garden (90 SQM)

£4900 - £5500

(source: myjobquote)

How Much Does PVC Decking Cost?

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) decking makes a dependable, low-maintenance addition to any outdoor living space. Thanks to its chemical composition, PVC is extremely durable with high resistance against moisture, insects, denting and even flame. It contains no organic content so doesn’t promote mould growth, even in very wet weather or damp conditions.

Although less expensive than composite,, still approximates a typical price of around £23 per sqm for these ultra-durable deck boards. An £800 - £1000 budget roughly covers expenses of a small 15sqm PVC deck whilst an additional 15sqm pushes up the price range to £1200 - £1600.

Scale of Deck

Average Cost for a PVC Deck

Small Garden (15 SQM)

£800 - £1000

Medium-Sized Garden (30 SQM)

£1200 - £1600

Large Garden (60 SQM)

£1600 - £2200

Extra-Large Garden (90 SQM)

£2000 - £2800

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How Much Does Decking a Garden Cost? – Labour Only

As well as purchasing material supplies (boards, clips, accessories etc), you’ll also need to factor in labour fees and professional fitting costs if you don’t fancy DIYing the installation. There are a number of factors that will effect the total cost of decking installation including the scale of the job, your choice of boards, the condition of the building space and even the location of your property.

In the table below, we’ve compiled a list of timescale and price averages for each decking material calculated by These estimates are based on the professional construction of a 15m² deck area.

Decking Material (15m² area)

Average Timescale

Average Cost


1-2 days

£500 - £620


1-2 days

£300 - £400


1-2 days

£600 - £800


1-2 days

£300 - £330

There’s nothing worse than surprise fees that can throw your funds way off course. To avoid any nasty blows to the budget, make sure to factor in estimates for extra expenses including £150-£400 for future decking repairs and £50-£100 for deck cleaning & maintenance.

Is DIY Installation Cheaper?

‘Doing-it-yourself’ has never been as popular as it is currently. As well as being a fantastic way of getting creative and avoiding trade waiting times, DIY installations reduce project costs significantly with labour expenses completely cut from the equation. But how much can you actually save taking on the job yourself? Use the table below to calculate the average material costs of your dream deck area (with no extra installation fees included!)

Decking Material

Average Cost per Metre (Boards Only)


£8 - £12


£3 - £6


£4 - £10


£5 - £10

Additional Material Costs

As well as deck boards, there are a range of additional decking materials you may need on your shopping list including:

Decking Extra

Average Cost

Balustrade Kits

£100 per kit


£5 per bag

Weedproof Membrane

£30 per pack


£6 - £12 each


£50 - £215

Decking Stringer

£12 - £28 per stringer


£1 - £2 each

Post Caps

£2 - £7 each

Trellis Panels

£2 each

Decking Lights

£15 - £40 each

(source: myjobquote)

Is Decking Cheaper than Paving?

Whilst the choice between paving and decking comes massively down to your personal taste and vision, there’s no denying that cost plays a role in the decision too. Of course, there are a vast range of both deck boards and paving slabs available, so there’s no way to compare the affordability of every single kind. We can, however, give you an insight into a few approximate averages that may come in handy whilst budgeting.

Primethorpepaving estimates the cost of budget range decking when fitted DIY to be around £15-£25 per m². In comparison, the DIY fitting of basic sandstone/limestone slabs (with all construction materials included) can cost up to £10 - £25 more at £35 per m². When professionally installed, a medium-quality deck will average at close to £80 per m² whilst high-quality paving materials fitted by a trade expert may set you back between £100 and £120+ per m².

As we’ve said, there’s far more to factor in to the decision than just prices. To help you pick the perfect material for your outdoor patio space, check out our handy guide linked here for an in-depth comparison of both pavers and deck boards.

Thinking of Starting Your Own Decking Project?

Is a beautiful new deck on the horizon for your outdoor space? Then why not make your vision a reality with our stunning collection of deck boards and accessories ready to order right here at Roofing Megastore. We’ve got a fantastic variety of decking products available at some of the best prices on the market, so you can enjoy professional-standard quality whatever your budget.

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