Stable Roofing Sheets: What Are the Best Solutions?

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Stable Roofing Sheets: What Are the Best Solutions?

Whether you're looking to undertake a full stable roof replacement or re-roof a small tack room, the likelihood is that you require roofing that is easy to fit at a reasonable cost. After all, it's essential to minimise disruption to your yard and your beloved horses. So you can save every penny for feed, farriers and all the other costs that come with being an equestrian.

Before you buy roofing sheets for your stable, there are a few things to consider. These are vital to prevent delays, unexpected costs and nightmare issues in future. These include:

  • The weight your structure can support
  • Who will be fitting the new roofing sheets
  • Your total budget for completing your project

Different Types of Stable Roof Sheets

Once you've considered the three things above, it's time to choose your roofing sheets. As with many other agricultural buildings, many people choose to roof stables with corrugated sheets made from bitumen or metal due to their strength, utility and value for money. Or, if you're looking for superior aesthetics, tile effect roofing sheets are another fantastic option. Below you can read an overview of each.

Bitumen Roof Sheets

Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are perhaps the most popular type of stable roofing sheets, and cost as little as £5 - £7 per square metre. As well as offering value for money, they are both highly durable and resistant to adverse weather. Bitumen sheets are also incredibly lightweight making them suitable for virtually any structure.

Another reason stable owners use bitumen roofing is due to the hassle-free insulation. Their size and weight make them easy to handle and worth with whether you're a handy horse owner or a qualified tradesperson. They can be installed directly onto a battened or boarded roof with few flashings being necessary.

Bitumen roofing sheets also come in a choice of colours and finishes, including black, green, brown, and red. Whichever colour you'd prefer, we'd recommend using our handy calculator, which will help you work out exactly how many sheets, flashings and fixings you'll need for your stable roof. You'll just need to provide a few measurements and confirm the shape of your roof.

Metal Roof Sheets

Whilst bitumen is durable, you may be in search of stable roofing sheets that are a little tougher. If this is the case, then metal roofing sheets could be ideal. This is because they provide a traditional agricultural finish whilst being virtually immune to damage from impacts or poor weather conditions.

Thanks to their galvanised steel construction, these roofing sheets are highly resistant to rust, but cost a little more than bitumen at £7 - £9 per square metre. Optional polyester and plastisol coatings in a variety of colours are available to provide further protection. You also have the choice of either 0.5mm or 0.7mm steel for a tough solution to suit any budget.

Much like bitumen sheets, steel roofing sheets can be fitted directly onto a battened roof. For an added insulative layer which will also prevent condensation, consider boarding the roof and applying a breathable membrane. Unlike bitumen, metal roof sheets are a little tricky to install and may require the skills of a tradesperson. This is due to their added weight and additional flashings. However, metal sheets typically last much longer than bitumen, and require far less ongoing maintenance.

We've built handy calculators for both box profile sheets and corrugated metal roofing sheets. As with bitumen, you just need to provide a few measurements and confirm your roof shape, and the calculator will tell you exactly how many sheets, flashings and fixings you'll need to roof your stable.

Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

Fibre cement roofing sheets are another highly durable stable roofing option. One of the most popular forms of roofing for agricultural buildings such as stables and barns, they provide a tasteful finish to structures in rural areas. What’s more, fibre cement is practically invulnerable to damage from moss, algae, and the effects of adverse weather.

The fantastic strength of fibre cement roofing is thanks to its construction. Made up of a composite of Portland cement and sand that has been reinforced with cellulose fibres to provide maximum durability. Another incredibly cost-effective option, fibre cement sheets cost around £9 per square metre of coverage. But thanks to their large sizes, you’ll need fewer sheets to cover the same area. Saving you both time and labour costs on your project.

Thanks to decades of development in design and engineering, modern fibre cement roofing sheets are made to be simple to install, even for a DIYer. There are a number of steps and things to consider, however, so it’s important to know what you’re doing before you begin. Check out our handy guide to fitting fibre cement roof sheets to find out how to tackle this job yourself.

Tile Effect Roof Sheets

Tile effect roofing sheets offer many of the same benefits as metal roofing sheets, but come in a far more aesthetically-pleasing profile. Tile effect sheets typically feature a textured finish along with a profile that mimics traditional tiles while being far quicker and easier to fit. Tile effect roofing is often more expensive however, and will cost between £20 and £25 per square metre.

Available in a wide range of styles and colours, these roofing sheets are ideal for stables located near your home where you want the two roofs to complement one another. Stable roofing sheets in these styles include the classic pantile effect of the Britmet Pantile 2000, or the iconic Corotile lightweight metal roofing sheet.

As with metal roofing sheets, many tile effect sheets are crafted from galvanised steel, and are therefore exceptionally strong. Their coatings provide added protection from the weather, and in some cases, unwanted footfall. Some of these sheets are so tough that they're classed as being "anti vandal."

Take a look at our tile effect roofing sheets calculator, which will allow you to quickly work out the precise number of stable roofing sheets, fixings and flashings you'll need. Just provide a few simple measurements, and tell us the shape of your stable roof.

Tips for Picking Your Stable Roofing Sheet

Bitumen, metal and tile effect roofing sheets are all fantastic options for a stable roof replacement, but the right one for you depends on your exact needs. Most importantly, our range of stable roof sheets has options to suit any budget, with prices ranging from £5 to £25 per square metre. It is, of course, still important to think about other factors such as longevity, ongoing maintenance and any manufacturer guarantees.

Before you buy your stable roofing sheets, also consider the costs of both materials and labour. This is especially important if you're thinking of purchasing metal or tile effect sheets. After all, they will typically require help from a skilled tradesperson if you've not got a handy friend or two ready to help.

We'd always recommend reading the installation guide from the manufacturer, no matter the sheet you choose. These will tell you how easy the sheets are to install, and if working with a tradesperson, allow them to estimate the length of the job. This will always of course depend upon the complexity of your stable roof's shape and whether any extra on-site work such as cutting will be required.

Have More Questions About Stable Roofing Materials?

If you've got any more questions about stable roofing sheets and materials, speak to our award-winning customer service team. With over 40 years of experience in all things DIY and roofing, they'll help you pick the ideal solution for your stable, tack store, or agricultural shelter. You can call them on 01295 565 565, email [email protected] or use our handy online live chat.

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