Best Carport Roofing Materials

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Best Carport Roofing Materials

Carports are fantastic, lightweight structures that offer solid protection against the elements. As well as shielding your car from harsh winds and rainfall, a carport will also add value and kerb appeal to your home. What’s more, installing a carport is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to a fully-fledged garage build.

With so many different roofing materials available, it can be hard to decide which is carport roofing is best for your carport. We’ve written this guide to help you make the best decision to create the carport that’s perfect for your needs. We’re going to talk about some of the best carport roofing materials, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Carport

Like anything in or around the home, carports come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few of the most common:

Wall Mounted/Lean-To

By far the most common variety, wall-mounted carports can be seen right across the country. This type of carport requires the fewest materials, making it the quickest to install and the most cost-effective. A lean-to carport provides fantastic protection right up to your door at a low price.


A cantilever roof is similar to a lean-to, but supported entirely from the wall-mounted side, requiring no posts to support it underneath. This offers a far more sleek, modern appearance for your carport, however, be sure to consult a professional to ensure your cantilever is structurally sound.


A free-standing carport offers a great amount of freedom and flexibility, as it can be placed away from your house. However, as a free-standing structure requires more materials to create, this is a more expensive option. You’ll also need to have plenty of space and access for your car.

Best Materials for a Carport Roof

Whether you’ve opted for the humble timber-framed, wall-mounted carport, or you’ve gone all out with a brick-free-standing option, you’ll need to choose the right roofing material for the job. Here are some of the best materials for protecting your carport:

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Far and away the most popular roofing option for a carport, polycarbonate roofing sheets have many advantages. Polycarbonate is ideal for carports due to its cost-effectiveness, lightweight, range of finishes, and wonderful light ingress. This means that you’ll be able to choose the finish that’s perfect for you, all without breaking the bank or worrying about your carport staying up.

Plus, the natural light that flows through will make working on or cleaning your car far easier than doing it in a dimly-lit garage. Plus, these sheets will last for 20 years or more. Whether you choose corrugated, solid, or multiwall, polycarbonate is a versatile material that can be used on any carport.

GRP Roofing Sheets

Crafted from tough plastic reinforced by glass fibres, GRP roofing sheets are another superb choice for your carport. Sheets made from GRP come in a corrugated profile and can allow up to 92% light transmission. Thanks to their corrugated form factor, GRP roof sheets can resist hard impacts without faltering, and what’s more, they won’t discolour or warp due to UV rays. A carport roof made from GRP fibreglass roofing can be expected to last around ten years. An ideal cost-effective option for a wall-mounted carport with no frills.

PVC Roofing Sheets

Another transparent rival of polycarbonate, plastic roof sheets made from high-quality PVC are a great budget option for carport roofs at just £10 per square metre. Due to their lightweight, these sheets are a breeze to install, even if you’re a novice DIYer. With a similar lifespan to GRP of around a decade, a carport with a plastic roof can enjoy years of protection from both sun and weather damage. We’d recommend choosing plastic if your carport is made from timber, and you’re on a tight budget.

Metal Roofing Sheets

Made from incredibly strong galvanised steel, metal roofing sheets are the most durable carport roofing material. These sheets are available in several profiles, including the classic corrugated profile, as well as industrial box profile or gorgeous tile effect roofing sheets. Plus, with a wide range of colours and finishes, you’re sure to find a sheet that’s perfect for your home. Metal roof sheets are simple to install even for new DIYers and can last for decades. While little maintenance is required, ensure that the structure can support the weight of metal roofing before you buy.

Bitumen Roofing Sheets

Another popular choice for carport roofs, bitumen roofing sheets are fantastic for lightweight timber structures due to their combination of reliability, strength, and low cost. Starting at just £5 per square metre, a carport protected by bitumen sheets will last for years, with minimal maintenance required. Plus, with a range of brands and colours to choose from, you're sure to find a sheet that's ideal for your carport roof. What's more, these sheets are so simple to install, even a DIY novice could handle the job. Saving you on labour costs too!

Plastic Roof Tiles

Due to their weight, roof tiles made from traditional materials such as clay or concrete would be unsuitable for a carport. However, lightweight roof tiles made from synthetic materials such as plastic are ideal for lightweight timber structures such as carports.

These synthetic roof tiles are incredibly lightweight and quick to install, and can last for almost 30 years with zero maintenance required. This is thanks to the fact that they’re almost entirely immune to issues that usually plague roofing tiles. These are ideal to finish a beautiful free-standing carport, but can be used on a lean-to.

In Closing

We hope this guide to the best carport roofing materials has helped you choose the one for you! If you’ve still got any more questions, be sure to ask our award-winning customer service team. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. Call them on 01295 565 565, email [email protected], or use the handy live chat below.

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