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The roof is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect of an agricultural building. Whether housing livestock, machinery or produce, ensuring sturdy and resilient protection is of the utmost importance, especially in rural conditions. But durability isn’t the only consideration you need to make when picking your perfect roofing material. From aesthetics to breathability, installation to cost, there’s a whole host of factors that should be considered.

To ensure you make the right choice for your next building project, we’ve explored and compiled some of the best agricultural roofing materials. We’ve also included a host of handy links that take you straight to our top roofing ranges, making it easy to find all of the fantastic materials we mention.

Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

What Are They?

First up on our list of farm-friendly roofing materials are fibre cement roof sheets. One of the most popular agricultural options currently on the market, fibre cement sheets are a composite material comprised of a cement and sand mix that is reinforced with cellulose fibres.

Benefits for Agricultural Use

Durable in structure yet wonderfully smart in their finish, fibre cement roof sheets are a strong contender for the top spot on our list. These ultra-tough boards can easily withstand the conditions of a rural area, with exceptional resilience to moss, algae, and all types of harsh weather. They also offer an impressive average lifespan of up to 50+ years, meaning less replacements and less disruption to livestock and fewer expenditures.

Most fibre cement boards typically price up at around £9 per square metre, making them a very cost-effective option if you’ve got numerous farm buildings to cover. Thanks to their larger size, you’ll also require fewer sheets in total, minimising your money, time and labour spent – three crucial factors.

A brilliant choice for stables, pens and livestock buildings, fibre cement sheets are also highly resistant to temperature changes whilst also offering an enhanced degree of fresh air ventilation for any occupants within. This means that your farm-yard friends will experience a far more comfortable living environment with better internal air quality.

  • Excellent strength & structural durability
  • Tasteful visual finish
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick & simple to install
  • Invulnerable to rural conditions
  • Resistance to temperature changes
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • 50+ year lifespan

Discover more benefits of fibre cement roofing sheets in our in-depth guide. Alternatively, try our handy calculator to see exactly what you'll need and how much it will cost. 

Metal Roof Sheets

What Are They?

Lightweight and highly affordable, metal roof sheets are another common pick when it comes to agricultural construction. There are a wide range of profiles to discover, such as traditional corrugated metal roof sheets or box profile panels. They are each produced with a robust galvanised steel body and numerous optional protective coatings available.

Benefits for Agricultural Use

Metal roofing sheets have been a dependable choice for farm buildings for decades – and for good reason. Strong, sturdy and highly weather-resistant, galvanised metal sheets are truly trustworthy when it comes to daily wear and tear. They can last upwards of 40 years with the correct installation, plus won’t rot or decay.

Better yet, although ultra-durable, steel boards are also ultra-lightweight too. This not only accommodates installation across a wider array of agricultural structures but additionally ensures quicker, safer, and easier fitting too. Perfect if you are a handy DIYer taking on the job without professional help.

In terms of appearance, metal sheets offer a distinct industrial-style finish that harmonises well within a rural environment. They can often be coated with various polyester and plastisol finishes to customise aesthetics further and improve protection, so you can even vary finishes based on the uses or contents of your buildings.

  • Up to 40 year lifespan
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Excellent resistance to temperature changes
  • Attractive industrial appearance
  • Ultra-durable with superb weather resistance

Find out whether metal roofing sheets are really worth the money in our article if you're still unsure.

Bitumen Roof Sheets

What Are They?

Incredibly versatile, bitumen corrugated roofing sheets are available in an array of thicknesses, sizes and even colours to perfectly accommodate virtually any agricultural roofing installation. The combination of a robust corrugated form and resilient bitumen fibres make these sheets a brilliant option for use around the farm.

Benefits for Agricultural Use

A common choice for livestock and stable structures, bitumen roof sheets achieve excellent value for money plus are highly resilient and reliable long term. Prices average at around £5-£7 per square metre with numerous sizes and thicknesses at your disposal. Despite their strong qualities, bitumen boards are actually very lightweight and easy to handle. This means you can cut installation times in half and achieve professional yet affordable results whether you’re a seasoned expert or a farming enthusiast.

Another fundamental selling point of bitumen sheets is the flexible array of colours and finishes out there on the market. From black to brown, red to green, there are numerous shades ready to buy, many of which look perfectly placed across a rural landscape. This versatile palette is perfect for crafting a professional-looking finish whilst increasing visibility and making it easy to instantly recognise livestock/farming buildings.

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Easy to handle, cut & install
  • Selection of colours to choose from
  • Durable & weather-resistant
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Suitable for a range of rural structures

Take a glimpse at exactly how easy bitumen roofing sheet installation is in our guide. 

Tile Effect Roof Sheets

What Are They?

Love the look of tiles but want a more reliable option for agricultural use? Tile effect roof sheets may be the perfect alternative. These practical and stylish boards combine the durability and convenience of metal sheets with the aesthetics and finish of roofing tiles. Most are manufactured from galvanised steel and come with the option of additional protective coatings to enhance weather and impact resistance even further.

Benefits for Agricultural Use

If a more traditional look is what you’re aiming for, tile effect roof sheets are for sure the way to go. Although crafted from sturdy galvanised steel, these attractive sheets instead mimic the classic look of roofing tiles by utilising distinct textures, profiles, and finishes. Each sheet is cleverly formed to emulate the aesthetics of real roof tiles whilst maintaining the exceptional weather resistance and strength of metal boards.

Farming life can be hectic so minimising the labour of fitting and maintenance is a priority. The process of tile installation can be pretty long and labour-intensive, whereas tile effect sheets are lightweight, quick, and straightforward to fit in just a fraction of the time. In most cases, you can simply get the job done yourself without the need to invest in extra help or pricey tools.

If your residential property is situated within neighbouring proximity to your stables or farm buildings, then tile effect sheets are perfect for creating a seamless, classic finish that coordinates well with your existing tiled roof.

  • Traditional tiled look
  • Available in a range of colours & styles
  • Easily coordinated with residential properties
  • Ultra-resilient yet lightweight
  • Easy to handle & install
  • Ideal for DIYers

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