Benefits of Choosing SuperFOIL to Insulate Your Loft

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Benefits of Choosing SuperFOIL to Insulate Your Loft

In addition to space, location and fixtures, energy efficiency is one of the (if not the most) important elements in any home. Enough so, that Part L of the Building Regulations sets out precise requirements for new builds and refurbs to make certain that you are not only kept warm but safeguarded against bill increasing heat loss. With this in mind and considering that as much as a quarter of this heat loss can be attributed to your roof, the loft is a great place to start with your insulation.

Benefits of Loft Insulation

Of all the different types of insulation you may have in your home, few work harder to pay back your investment than those you install in your loft or attic. As we’ve mentioned as much of a quarter of heat is lost in this area of your home and so combatting it can save you as much as £250 annually, if not more.

Beyond earning back what you spend, loft insulation also provides an added environmental benefit, with reduced heat loss going hand in hand with a reduced carbon footprint. This, because the more heat kept inside the less work your central heating system has to do and the higher your carbon dioxide savings rise. The exact amount can differ from home to home but, the Energy Savings Trust provide a clear visual on just how much you COULD be benefitting.

Energy Bill Savings (£/Year)

Energy savings per year

Carbon Dioxide Savings (kgCO2/Year)

Carbon dioxide savings per year 

It's clear that installing loft insulation, or even just replacing older fibreglass or mineral wool, can secure significant savings. However, with the dozens upon dozens of insulation options available, you may find yourself mired in a swap of U-value calculators and room measurements. It can be difficult to figure out what is best for you and your home – more specifically what will save you the most money. SuperFoil is here to make things simpler.

What is SuperFoil?

One of the leaders in Multifoil insulation, SuperFoil is markedly different from traditional alternatives – manufactured using multiple layers of foil and wadding. Thanks to its natural versatility it is favoured for many new builds both domestic and commercial, with 4,000 square feet of SNFC making its way into the Cardiff Innovation Centre. SuperFOIL put it best: “Modern Buildings require modern materials” and this insulation is one of the very best.

As with other Multifoils, the insulation boasts vapour control, mitigating the risks of damp and increasing the lifespan of the material. As well as an inherently thinner design making it suitable for a wide range of applications, perfect for all sizes of loft, and even compatible with other types of insulation should you not want to remove what you already have.

Standout Features


Growing more and more important with each passing year, sustainable building materials are quickly become sought after by buyers. With green homes focused on future-proofing your way of living and keeping running costs low, the value of these types of houses is on the rise. SuperFoil can be a phenomenal addition to this lifestyle, with as much as 40% of its construction being from recycled materials. Add to this, that it can also be recycled at the end of its life, and you'll find it can be an enticing feature when you look to sell.

Life Span

Whilst it can be recycled at the end of its life, that is not to say it doesn’t boast exceptional longevity. In fact, most can expect a half-century of use before you even need to think about disposal. Naturally, this allows it to go far beyond just returning on its initial price but further still to earning you back money every year.

Meets Building Regulations

New builds and refurbs can suffer from a fair bit of red tape, especially when it comes to delays in approvals. Ensuring you meet with regulations from the get-go, however, can vastly speed up this process. That’s why SuperFoil insulation has been LABC Registered System approved – saving you time better spent building.

Versatile & Easy to Install

Beyond just offering reduced heat loss, SuperFoil also provides a radiant barrier and vapour control layer. Being a 3-in-1 product, it excels at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature all year round whilst combatting damp. Suitable for use with other forms of insulation, newbuilds and retrofits it makes for a perfect solution for any application (walls, floors & roofs).

Certified Quality

In addition to all of the above, SuperFoil also comes complete with a wide array of certifications. Thermal performance tested by BBA to BS EN ISO 12667 and ISO 8301 as well as independently third party tested to comply with both UK and EU standards, including CE. All in all, choosing this material could see your lofts performance rise by as much as 15% versus traditional forms of insulation.

SuperFoil in Action

Listing all the benefits of this insulation is one thing but seeing them in action is the real proof of their quality. One perfect example is the Royal Papworth in Cambridge. A state-of-the-art facility Hospital that opened its doors in 2019 – fully serviced with SuperFoil’s 20mm Euro Class A1 non-combustible insulation.

Brought in specifically to meet the challenging needs of the hospitals design, these materials – despite being slim – offer exceptional thermal performances with an R-value of 1.54 for the roof and 1.99 for walls. Add to this its exceptional fire rating and flexibility and you have a product fit for the incredibly stringent safety guidelines you would expect from a top-notch medical facility.

Moving closer to home, their SF19 has been used up and down the country, helping homeowners achieve outstanding thermal performances (R-value of 2.14 when used in a roof) in renovations and extensions with a fully flexible design that suits smaller lofts up to 2000- square foot spaces and more.

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