What Is Composite Roofing?

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What Is Composite Roofing?

Due to its sustainable qualities and fantastic environmental benefits, many see composite roofing as the way forward in not just lightweight roofing construction but within the entire roofing industry. With more and more resistant materials being drained from the earth, synthetic composites pave the way to the future of roofing with a permanent switch to synthetic slate roof tiles awaiting in the near future. Synthetic composites are comprised of a mix of high-quality materials such as fibreglass, asphalt and recycled paper components. They are expertly designed and manufactured to closely resemble traditional slates and tiles with the synthetic alternative creating such an authentic natural look, that it is often hard to tell the difference!

Composite Roof Tiles

Britmet LiteSlate Lightweight Synthetic Tiles

Comparing natural slate to synthetic slate, you will find it hard to determine major variances with finished roofing projects placed side by side. Take the brilliant Britmet LiteSlate for example. Available at Roofing Megastore now, these lightweight roofing tiles are a highly cost-effective, longer-lasting alternative to traditional slates that still create the gorgeous natural aesthetic that you’d get from the real thing. The tile design incorporates realistic riven edges and a worn, organic surface, utilising the latest in production technologies.

They are not only cheaper that traditional tiles boast an incredibly impressive lifespan of up to 40 years without the hassle of tricky maintenance. Want to save time with preparation and installation? Britmet LiteSlate can be fitted with absolute ease in a much shorter timeframe than regular slate. They require no sorting, predrilling or clipping, making your job as hassle-free as possible.

Envirotile Plastic Slate Tiles

Another superb composite roofing option available is the fantastic Envirotile Plastic Slate Tiles which are available in a range of stunning, natural colours. Manufactured using fully recyclable materials, these eco-friendly roofing tiles intelligently utilise products that would otherwise be dumped in landfills, ensuring optimum sustainability. Everybody knows how heavy traditional slates are and the manpower you need to fit them so you can often be left paying extortionate delivery fees due to how difficult they are to transport. With an ultra-lightweight structure, this composite roofing completely eliminates this problem without forfeiting any level of durability or strength.

This takes us on to the next point; that traditional tiles can also be extremely prone to cracking and can damage fairly easily over a period of time. Despite their lightweight build, composite tiles have been innovatively developed to be incredibly tough and resilient, perfect for use in all weathers. The Envirotile Plastic Slates additionally incorporate an extremely useful locking mechanism as well as an interlocking side lap system which in comparison to regular tiles, cuts an enormous amount of the installation time down.

Lightweight Tiles

With an ingenious level of realism, composite tiles can be designed with a variety of different surface textures to create whichever illusion you want for your roofing. Available now at Roofing Megastore, these fantastic lightweight tiles come available in a range of realistic colours with both smooth and granulated exteriors. Unbelievably lightweight at just 6kg per square metre, these composite tiles are perfect for a range of roofing structures including porches, sheds, car ports and conservatories, creating a top-quality appearance that steers clear from the fake look. Traditional tiles can often be negatively impacted when it comes to weathering, drastically effecting their longevity. Produced from a high-grade non-corrosive polymer material, the lightweight Tiles range instantly fixes this issue, ensuring optimum protection against wear and damage as well as full resistance to rainfall.

IKO Slates

Another issue that is often tricky to avoid with natural slates is the expensive additional expenses caused by wastage. Traditional tiles can be very pricey on their own but with resources going to waste, it can feel like throwing money down the drain. The innovative design of the IKO Slates mean that this problem won’t even have to cross your mind. Each pack includes enough composite roof tiles to cover approximately 1.5m2 with a guarantee of no wastage whatsoever.

They also will not break, chip or smash in the way the regular tiles could meaning you are sure to receive the full and total amount for your project. Better still, they offer highly impressive sustainability with just 1m2 containing more recycled material content than that of what an average family discards in an entire month. You will also find that composite slates such as these open up roofing projects to a much wider audience. With extremely easy installation, the IKO Slates can be fitted by avid DIYers with beginner levels of roofing practise or roofing professionals with years of experience. Weighing in at 80% lighter than regular slates of the same size, these composite tiles are ideal for roof areas that can’t take the weight of the traditional option such as garden buildings and conservatories.

Guardian Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles

Many composite tiles just like the Guardian Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles also offer an ‘A Grade’ fire rating for enhanced home security and protection. Manufactured from recycled crushed limestone, these synthetic slates are completely safe and highly resilient with no need to worry about even the most extreme weather conditions. They are also incredibly straightforward to install by almost anybody with practical fixing guides marked on the back of each individual tile and no specialist equipment required. Incorporating ‘rugged’ edges, these composite tiles closely mimic the visual characteristics of actual slates with a range of natural colours available so even you’ll forget they aren’t the real thing.


With a fantastic range of functional advantages from excellent sustainability to impressive longevity as well as ease of installation and top weather resistance, composite roofing proves to be a highly impressive roofing choice that is becoming increasingly popular for a reason. Not only is it brilliantly practical but it creates an authentic looking natural aesthetic that now, with innovative new design techniques, mimics the real thing so closely you will forget it isn’t.

Be sure to take a look at our fantastic range of lightweight composite roof tiles available now at Roofing Megastore and join the future of roofing construction in your next project. If you have any additional questions or queries, be sure to give us a call on 01295 565565 or leave us a message in our handy live chat.

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