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Midland Lead Flashing Price Guide

Robust, malleable, and brilliantly low-maintenance, lead flashing is the key to an enduring water and leak-proof roof structure. It creates an incredibly long-lasting and high-strength seal for your roof or chimney, with a myriad of ways in which it can be dressed and shaped for the most effective protection possible. There are numerous sizes and thicknesses available, allowing widespread installation on a range of flat & pitched roofs as well as within cladding installations too.

As with any roofing renovation or construction project, cost is always at the fore-front of the planning process. Whilst the cost of a lead flashing installation may seem like an expenditure best left untouched, damaged flashing and/or a leaking roof can lead to some major long-term structural issues that could leave you worse off financially in the end. So, whether you are taking on a repair or venturing to the heights of a new-build, understanding the costs of lead flashing is a great way to maximise savings and set a realistic budget.

What Effects the Cost of Lead Flashing?

From property size to safety, location to installer, there are a range of different factors that may alter the cost of a lead flashing fit. Let’s take a look at the substantial cost differences you may face in various situations.

Roof Type & Scale

The size of your property will of course have the most significant impact on the total project spend. As shown in the table below, you could expect the total average cost of a small 18sqm pitched roof job to settle in around £1,920 to £3,770 for 3-5 days’ work. This is split between a £90-£140 supply cost and £100-£250 labour fee per day. In comparison, a much larger lead flashing installation upon a 36sqm pitched roof, can cost anywhere from £3,840 up to £7,540 with the cost of coordinating supply & labour pricing entailed.

Roof type will also substantially influence pricing. Although just a slight alteration, a decrease of £10 to £80-£130 per metre sets the cost of an 18sqm flat roof lead installation at £1,540 - £3,590, LESS than that of a similarly sized pitched roof. 


Estimated Supply Cost (per SQM)

Estimated Labour Cost (per day)

Average Duration

Total Estimated Cost

Small lead roof (flat) 18sqm

£80 - £130

£100 - £125

3-5 days (dependant on size)

£1,540 - £3,590

Large lead roof (flat) 36sqm

£80 - £130

£100 - £125

3-5 days (dependant on size)

£3,080 - £7,180

Small lead roof (pitched) 18sqm

£90 - £140

£100 - £125

3-5 days (dependant on size)

£1,920 - £3,770

Large lead roof (pitched) 36sqm

£90 - £140

£100 - £125

3-5 days (dependant on size)

£3,840 - £7,540

Source: householdquotes.co.uk

Type of Installation

Lead flashing is a highly versatile roofing solution, installable in several ways across your property. Not all jobs will require the same volume of flashing or amount of man hours.

 Lead apron flashings can take as little as half a day to fix and typically entail supply fees of around £150 - £200. With an average labour costs totalling £100-£250, this will leave a total sum of £250-£450 to pay. Supply costs almost double to £300+, when it comes to a roof bay window job, with final costs reaching upwards of approx. £550 with labour included.


Estimated Supply Cost

Estimated Labour Cost (per day)

Average Duration

Total Estimated Cost

Lead apron flashings

£150 - £200

£100 - £250

0.5 days

£250 - £450

Lead chimney flashings

£150 - £200

£100 - £250

1 - 1.5 days

£250 - £450

Lead chimney gutter

£70 - £150 (dependant on size)

£100 - £250

1 day

£170 - £400

Lead roof bay window


£100 - £250

1 - 2 days (dependant on size)

£550+ (dependant on bay size)

Source: householdquotes.co.uk

Replace or Repair?

To replace or repair damaged lead flashing? Now, that IS the question. Generally, most installers will advise that as long as there is nothing wrong with your existing lead flashing, then it will likely be a candidate for repair, even if the cement work or fixings are in less than amazing condition. Repairing a lead roof can cost on average around £90 to £105 per sqm with additional labour fees at £200 per day.

Unfortunately, if you’ve been running into continual issues and/or this is the second or third time repairs have been made, a full or partial roof replacement may be on the cards. The cost of which, for averagely-sized semi-detached UK property, falls at around £3,000-£6,000+.

Property Location

Did you know that even the location in which you live can have an impact on the cost of a professional lead flashing job? It’s been noted that installer fees are often substantially higher in areas such as London and the South of England vs in the north.

Safety & Accessibility

Working at height is a risk, and any dependable industry professional will only carry out a lead flashing installation once specific safety requirements are met. For example, if the installer is working up to chimney level, scaffolding will typically be used to allow easier access and increase security. In most cases, you will need to cover this expense.

If the roofer is only repairing chimney flashing, then a simple scaffolding tower may be all that is required. Hiring fees usually cost around £40-£50 per day or £250 for the week. If the whole roof flashing needs replacing, you could be looking to pay around £130 per day/£850 per week for scaffolding around the entire property.

Can I DIY to Save on Spending?

Doing-it-yourself is a popular way to cut down on labour costs, speed up lengthy waiting times and even learn a new skill or two. However, poorly installed lead flashing is a huge culprit for leaky/impaired roofing. It can cause some dangerous damage that often leads to more expenses fixing the issue plus is hazardous for the inexperienced. Experts recommend leaving it to the pros if you are unsure for both safety & quality purposes.

Midland Lead

With their unfaltering popularity hugely present throughout the roofing industry, Midland Lead have proven themselves as a reliable supplier of this immensely useful roofing material. They have dependably showcased top standards of quality and value throughout their lead flashing range, in return for a favourable response from the roofing community.

Lead Code

Thickness (mm)

Weight (kg/m²)

Code 3



Code 4



Code 5



Code 6



Code 7



Code 8



Here at Roofing Megastore, we stock a superb selection of Midland lead flashing rolls, all of which are fully BS EN 12588:2006 compliant. As you can discover by reading our “Mega Guide to Lead Codes” there are numerous ‘codes’ available ranging from code 3 to code 8. These codes separate the lead into different thicknesses & weights with each number equating to a specific weight measured in Kg/m².

  • Code 3: For lead soakers
  • Code 4: For vertical cladding or soakers
  • Code 5: Flashings on valleys and parapets, windows and more
  • Code 6: The same as Code 5, but with added durability
  • Code 7: Pitched roofing applications that require maximum durability
  • Code 8: Flat roofing applications only; parapets, valleys, and dormers

So how much will the different codes cost you in the form of the Midland Lead rolls? As you explore our site, you will see that prices increase from Code 3 to Code 8 rolls. A 3m length 150mm/6” width of Code 3 Midland Lead Flashing sets of the range at a great valve £21.34 per roll*. A 6m roll at the same thickness prices at £41.15 whilst a 1000mm / 39” thickness of course increases to a still very cost-effective £274.32.

What about a Code 8 roll? Code 8 lead flashing from Midland Lead starts at £54.86 per 3m 150mm/6” roll or £109.73 for a 6m. The largest thickness of 1400mm/55” for a 3m sits at a reasonable £515.11 whilst the 900mm/35” 6m roll will cost you £622.94 per piece.

Now let’s explore the rest of the Midland Lead flashing range. In the tables below, you will notice a variety of thicknesses including the thinnest, thickest as well as an average mid-point for each code & length lead flashing.

3m Midland Lead Flashing*

Flashing Code




Code 3 (3m)




Code 4 (3m)




Code 5 (3m)




Code 6 (3m)




Code 7 (3m)




Code 8 (3m)





6m Midland Lead Flashing*

Flashing Code




Code 3 (6m)




Code 4 (6m)




Code 5 (6m)




Code 6 (6m)



900mm/35” - £495.30

Code 7 (6m)



900mm/35” - £588.26

Code 8 (6m)



900mm/35” - £662.94

*Prices subject to change

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