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Slate Sealer

Slate is becoming incredibly popular in the UK for a wide variety of applications around the home, including internal flooring, patios and of course roof slates. This is thanks to natural slate’s ic...

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Common Questions About Slate Sealers

How to Seal Slate?

You can seal natural slate surfaces by applying specially made slate sealant. Always clean the slate surface before using sealant, as this will ensure maximum protection. Using a soft cloth, mop or brush, gently apply the sealant across the surface of the slate, then wait for it to dry. Your natural slate surfaces indoor and outdoor will now be much better protected against the element.

How to Make Slate Floors Shine?

If you want to make your slate floors shine, then opt for our satin finish slate sealant. Not only will you be giving your natural slate surfaces long-lasting protection from wear and tear, but you’ll also add a shiny, silken sheen which will dazzle any visitors.

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10,280 Reviews

Trusted Service Award 2022

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