The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

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The Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles

Millions of homes across the country are adorned by concrete roof tiles, featuring those expertly manufactured by brands such as Redland, Marley and Sandtoft. Boasting a diverse array of brilliant practical advantages as well attractive visual appeal, concrete tiles have become a sure favourite within the roofing industry and amongst UK homeowners.

Despite the proven advantages, with a new wave of synthetic roof tiles becoming available, many are now torn as to which choice of roof tile is best for their project. In this informative guide, we will talk you through all of the brilliant benefits that concrete tiles have to offer to make your sure your decision is not only easier but well informed.

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Roof Tiles?

From high-strength resilience to great cost-effectiveness and even a selection of environmental benefits, concrete tiles have much more to offer than you may think. Let’s get the list started with…

Outstanding Durability & Longevity

A benefit you can always be sure of with concrete tiles is undeniable, unwavering durability. With skilful development of high-grade concrete formulas, manufacturers have spent decades sourcing the best materials and refining their impressive formulas to ensure optimum levels of strength, resilience and durability in a variety of applications.

With more and more proven techniques being utilised during the manufacturing process, concrete tiles are becoming stronger and more able to withstand harsher conditions. One example of these expert techniques is a camber, in which a slight curve is moulded into the tile to reduce lift and overcome any bowing that naturally occurs through the lifespan of the tile.

Another factor that ensures long-lasting, high-quality performance is the use of a colour pigment. This not only ensures consistency throughout the tile for immediate visual effect but also ensures that the colour is fully maintained whilst aging naturally.

Take the Redland Grovebury Tile as an example. With the use of a high-quality formula, professional manufacturing and vigorous wind testing, Redland roof tiles have created a fully durable, highly robust concrete tile that can withstand all manner of harsh weather conditions whilst still maintaining a top-grade condition. The Marley Modern Interlocking Tiles are even guaranteed for an impressive 15 years of use with a sturdy 30mm thickness and incredibly long-lasting structure.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Whilst minor breakages can occur unregularly, concrete tiles are generally very low maintenance and can maintain a high-level of quality without the need from much effort or time from you. The only real work that is required after installation is simply clearing your tiles of moss every few years, as shown in our guide to cleaning roof tiles. This is to ensure your concrete tiles stay looking and performing at their best and is an easy, affordable task to carry out. This is great news for your bank account as you won’t need to hire roofing professionals on the regular to keep your roofing in top condition.

In most circumstances, the only elements that can sometimes require more attention are the membrane or battens. However, with correct installation using a high-quality timber and underlay, this should be no real concern to you either.

On the whole, apart from the odd touch of cleaning, you really have nothing to worry about in terms of maintenance with concrete tiles. They are a fantastic option for those who want to install and enjoy their tiles with none of the extra hassle attached.

Variety of Colours & Styles

Concrete tiles are a brilliant option for those who want more flexibility and control in their roofing design. They are available in an extensive range of profiles, designed to suit an endless array of aesthetics, architecture and surroundings. Ranging from the iconic plain tile to the double roman and even the pantile, concrete tiles offer an stunning array of style choices.

Offered in an assortment of gorgeous colours, concrete tiles will accommodate any style, mood or aesthetic you wish, adding an undeniable feeling of sophistication, elegance and originality to your home design. Ranging from natural browns and contemporary greys to gorgeous greens and deep reds, the choice is completely yours.

In addition to profiles and colours, most concrete tiles are also manufactured in a multitude of finishes such as smooth, granular, sandfaced and more - which can completely transform the look of your roof. Whether you are creating a cleaner appearance or are looking for a more rustic look, choosing the right finish is a great way to achieve this.

Concrete tiles are also available in various sizes so you will always have just the right tile to create a clean finish. With half and even ¾ sizes on the market, you can ensure that every part of your roof looks perfectly placed.

Affordable Costs

Ever wondered why concrete tiles are such a popular roofing choice? Not only are they extremely durable and look great but they also are available at very affordable prices, opening up the buyer range to a considerably wider audience. They are significantly lower priced than many other roofing tiles such as the synthetic alternative which can run up to as much as £50 per square metre!

Additionally, as they boast such an impressive lifespan, you can be sure that whatever expenses you pay now, will be completely worth it in the long-run, giving you your full moneys worth. For more information on the costs of concrete tiles, check out our handy blog post to help you find the perfect tile within your budget.

With the majority of tradesman having experience installing concrete roof tiles, you won’t struggle to find a fitter either. This means that your options are way more open when it comes to shopping around for the most reasonably priced tradesmen, helping to reduce the overall cost of your roofing project. In other words, you won’t be stuck with extremely expensive quotes with nowhere else to go.


With innovative techniques and methods, Marley concrete roof tiles such as the Marley EcoLogic Ludlow Major Concrete Roof Tiles are designed specifically with environmental impact in mind! They are made using 50% recycled materials plus are even able to absorb pollutants known to cause harmful reactions in humans such as asthma. This concrete tile has received some of the best environmental credentials available with an A+ environmental rating. Impressive, right?

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the efficiency of your home it is important to consider every aspect of the property, even your roofing tiles. Concrete tiles are actually a brilliant option for enhancing the energy efficiency of your home with a heavier thermal mass that helps trap heat during the winter whilst effectively controlling the indoor temperatures. Simple yet highly effective, installing concrete roof tiles can help cut down your energy bills and keep your home warmer for less.

Fire Resistance

In simple terms, concrete does not catch on fire. Therefore, concrete tiles will not be damaged by heat or fire as they are non-combustible and generally work as a Class A Fireproofing Material for your roof. This means they are a safer option for your home than other more risky materials that have a higher chance of catching, spreading and even starting fires. You should always, however, consult a professional for full information on the fire resistance of your concrete tiles to be completely safe and sure.

To Conclude

So, there you have it. Popular for a reason, concrete tiles offer a wide range of advantages and benefits that make them much used all through the roofing industry. With more advanced manufacturing techniques and formulas being developed as years go on, concrete tiles are constantly improving whilst still maintaining a top spot in the list of roofing materials.

If you are on the search for high-quality concrete tiles for your next roofing project, why not take a look at our extensive, affordable range of top-grade concrete tiles available at Roofing Megastore. For more information or answers to any questions and queries you may have, give us a call on 01295 975204, drop an email or leave us a message in our handy live chat.

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