Safety Trainer Boots

Offering the protection and support of safety boots with the comfort of safety trainers, trainer boots combine the best of two popular styles of safety footwear. Tested by the manufacturers to conform to rigorous European safety standards, our range ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Boots Suitable for Roofing Work?

As working in roofing is an occupation filled with potential hazards, it’s vital to choose the correct footwear for the job. Many people choose trainer boots for roofing work because of their combination of comfort and support, including premium comfort linings on the inside along with sturdy soles, TPU ankle support, padded tongues, flexible uppers and more. However, if you’d like more robust support, we’d recommend choosing a pair of full safety boots.

The most important thing for roofing, however, is the amount of traction underfoot, and as our whole range of trainer boots are rated SRC for slip-resistance, you’ll be surefooted the whole way.

Are Trainer Boots Good for Walking on Concrete?

If your work means you’re on your feet all day, it’s vital to minimise the amount of force put through them on a daily basis. This is particularly important if you’re on hard surfaces on-site all day such as concrete. Our trainer boots come equipped with thick shock-absorbing polyurethane soles, which help to soften the blow and keep your feet healthier for longer.

Are These Boots Slip-Resistant?

Yes, our range of work trainer boots offer excellent slip protection. This is thanks to their uniquely designed soles that combine materials with solid traction as well as treads that are designed to move moisture away and maintain your grip and connection with the ground. All of our trainer boots are rated up to SRC safety standard against slip resistance, meaning they’ve been tested for grip strength against ceramic flooring with a dilute detergent solution and steel flooring made slick with glycerine.

Can an Electrician Wear Trainer Boots?

Trainer boots are an appropriate option for electricians looking to purchase the right safety footwear. They provide adequate foot and ankle support for the physical requirements of electrical work, as well as anti-static protection. Electricians should look for boots denoted with ‘ESD’, meaning the shoe has been built to withstand greater levels of electrical hazards than standard. As well as this, we also offer a range of metal-free footwear created using composite materials that will not conduct electricity or set off metal detectors if you work in a high-security environment.