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Dealer Boots

Also known as Chelsea boots, the dealer boot is a timeless style of safety boot. A classic British design popular as both everyday wear as well as for work or as safety footwear. Dealer boots are an e...

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Common Questions About Dealer Boots

Why Are They Called Dealer Boots?

A term more commonly used in the construction industry, “dealer boots” is another name for the well-known “Chelsea” style of boot. Dealer boots are generally slightly more sturdy, built for work rather than purely for style, coming with heavier welted construction and more robust outsoles.

Are Slip-on Boots Safer Than Lace-up Boots?

Slip-on work boots such as dealer boots are very popular due to their flexibility and comfort, as well as how easy they are to kick on and off between work. When it comes to safety however, lace-up boots offer a much more secure fit, more capable of keeping your feet where they need to be for maximum protection.

Can I Wear Dealer Boots for Roofing Projects?

While dealer boots could potentially be worn when working on roofing, offering more robust support for your feet and ankles than safety shoes or trainers, we wouldn’t recommend wearing them while working on your roofing projects. Roofing is a hazardous occupation where maximum traction and safety against hazards is paramount, so a pair of full lace-up safety boots that give you a closer fit right across your feet and ankles would definitely be our recommendation.

How Should I Care for My Dealer Boots?

Caring for your work boots is the simplest way to ensure they last longer, giving you maximum protection and value for your money! After every work day, make sure to clean your boots with a damp cloth to remove any excess dirt, and once they’re cleaned apply leather protector and conditioner to avoid cracks in the upper material. Then if possible, rotate your dealer boots with another pair of safety shoes to give the first pair enough time to dry out, keeping them hygienic and more comfortable for future wear.

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8082 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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