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Plastic Roofing Sheets

Typically manufactured from either PVC or polycarbonate, these corrugated roofing sheets allow you easy to fill your space with light. As they are incredibly lightweight, these plastic roofing sheets ...

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Common Questions

What Are Plastic Roofing Sheets?

These roofing sheets are manufactured from a variety of materials, including PVC and polycarbonate. Both are incredibly lightweight and fully transparent, allowing you to fill virtually any space with natural daylight. 

Homeowners often use these sheets to add a cost-effective rooflight to their shed, garage or stable. They can also be used for greenhouses and cloches, although many feature impregnated  UV protection. 

PVC and polycarbonate sheets are typically cheaper than other materials. They also offer a superb life expectancy of 10 years and, in some cases, come with a manufacturer's guarantee. 

How Much Does Plastic Roofing Cost?

When using these sheets, you can expect to spend between £10 - £15 per square meter. That is the equivalent to This doesn't take into account any fittings, underlays or timber that may be required. 

What is the Life Expectancy of PVC Roofing?

Whilst these sheets will typically provide a minimum life expectancy of 10 years, they will often last in excess of 20 years. This is due to the unique formula used, which features impregnated UV protection to prevent discoloration.

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