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Roof Tiles

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Marley Mendip - Interlocking Concrete Roof Tile

Marley Mendip - Interlocking Concrete Roof Tile

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1 Item(s)

Common Questions

What Are Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles are amongst the oldest type of roofing material. They have been used on villas, homes and offices around the world since the 3rd millennium BC. They are, however, thought to have originated from the Greek city of Lerna.

Modern are typically crafted from either concrete or slate. However, there are a growing selection of manmade alternatives which are manufactured from metal and plastic. These are ideal for low pitched roof or those with a timber structure.

The primary benefit of roof tiles over other roofing supplies is durability. They typically provide a lifespan in excess of 50 years, with slate tiles often lasting as long as 75 years. This is with virtually no maintenance being required.

Tiles also offer far more choice of styles. This includes a vast range of profiles, finishes and colours. This allows you to find a roof tile to match virtually any type of property and to suit any taste.

Which Profiles Can You Choose From?

Roof tiles are available in a selection of gorgeous profiles. These include bold and minimalistic styles, with each being suited for particular properties and tastes.

The most popular profiles include flat, roman and pantiles. Whilst a flat tile such as the Redland Plain Tile is very minimalistic, a pantile tile such as the Sandtoft Double Pantile offers a bold aesthetic.

Most profiles are derived from either concrete or clay roof tiles. However, metal and plastic tiles now allow you to enjoy these profiles without the extensive weight of traditional materials.

Whilst not strictly a profile, slate roof tiles are another popular style. Whilst these are flat, they sport a uniquely rugged appearance that is favoured by many homeowners.

Plastic slate roof tiles are becoming increasingly popular too. Offering a similar aesthetic to natural slate, they are not as vulnerable to chips and cracks. In some cases, they are also cheaper.

How Much Do Roof Tiles Cost?

The cost of roof tiles can vary. This is as the cost is dependent upon the exact tile, with it being largely dependent upon the material and size of the tile.

Whilst concrete roof tiles can require an investment of as little as £12 per square meter, slate can be considered more costly at £30 per square meter.

When selecting your roof tiles, however, it is important to also consider the long-term cost. This is as whilst manmade tiles may have a higher initial cost of approximately £30 per m2, they are less prone to chips and cracks.  

How Many Tiles Will I Need Per Squared Meter (m2)?

The number of tiles required per square meter can vary. This is as roof tiles require varying levels of headlap, which is often dependent upon the pitch of your roof or the batten gauge.

To confirm how many tiles you’ll require per m2, simply refer to the technical data on each product page. On a selection of our roof tiles, you will also find a handy calculator which will estimate the number of tiles you’ll need.

We also recommend consulting a qualified professional if you’re unsure. This is particularly the case with traditional roof tiles, where various factors can influence the number of tiles required per square meter.


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3,182 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2019

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