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Hemp Insulation

Hemp insulation is a completely natural form of insulation, crafted using fine hemp fibres. Due to its low-impact manufacturing process, it is one of the most sustainable types of insulation available...

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Common Questions

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant grown specifically for industrial use. Its strong, woody fibres are ideal for a variety of purposes, including insulation. As hemp wool has incredibly low levels of thermal conductivity, it’s an ideal natural insulation material. Plus, hemp naturally draws CO2 and other impurities from the air, contributing to a healthy home environment. Due to its resilience, hemp can be grown in almost any soil under a wide range of conditions and is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth.

What Are the Advantages of Hemp Insulation?

Hemp insulation has many advantages, which make it easy to see why this insulation material is growing so quickly in popularity.

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic performance
  • Low levels of embodied energy
  • Fully recyclable at the end of its lifespan
  • Draws CO2 and other pollutants from the air
  • Not irritating to human skin or lungs
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Regulates moisture content in the air

What Are the Disadvantages of Hemp Insulation?

Hemp insulation does have a few drawbacks however, which we’ve listed below:

  • Poor performance against high levels of excess moisture
  • Contains non-renewable polyester binder (10%)
  • Unproven, not as much testing as other materials

What Is the R-Value of Hemp Insulation?

Hemp insulation has an R-Value of 3.5 per inch of material thickness.

Is Hemp Insulation Flammable?

Hemp insulation is flammable; however, it is fire-resistant, meaning it will resist flaming and prevent the spread of fire for up to three hours. All of the hemp insulation we sell passes the standards of BS EN 5803-4.

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10,280 Reviews

Trusted Service Award 2022

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