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Ogee Guttering

Ogee guttering is one of the highest capacity guttering systems on the market today. Its unique shape has been developed not only to be aesthetically pleasing with its traditional “S” curve, but a...

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Common Questions

What is Ogee Guttering?

“Ogee” is derived from “Old Gothic”, as the design of this unique profile of guttering greatly mimics styles from the Victorian era. With its multiple curves, asymmetry, and decorative facing, it greatly replicates gutters used in Britain in the 19th century. This makes ogee gutters an excellent choice for period properties, as well as more modern homes where homeowners would like to achieve an air of tradition in their style.

How Do You Fit Ogee Guttering?

When you come to install a new ogee guttering system, there are a few things you’ll need to remember:

Firstly, ogee guttering requires more fascia brackets than half-round or square gutters, as you’ll need to fit a bracket every 0.8 metres as opposed to every 1 metre. So be sure you’ve got all the brackets you need before beginning your project.

Second, all ogee guttering fittings are handed, meaning both left- and right-hand stops are needed. For example, right hand stops will be needed on the right-hand side of gutter runs when looking at your property from the front.

Finally, due to the asymmetry of ogee gutters, the gutter angles are either internal or external. An easy way to find out which you need is to stand in front of each corner of existing guttering on your property. If you can see both sides of the corner, it’s internal. If one side of the gutter goes around a corner that you can’t see, it’s external.

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9122 Reviews

Gold Trusted Service Award 2021

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