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Roof Sheet Calculators

Work out exactly how many roofing sheets, flashings, and fixings you’ll need for your project with one of our user-friendly roof sheet calculators. We’ve created calculators for bitumen, metal, and polycarbonate roofing sheets, all from leading brands in the industry. All you need is a few simple measurements, and a few clicks. There’s no easier way to get your roofing project underway ASAP.

Corotherm Corotherm
Manufacturer Guarantee 10 Years
Delivery Time 4 Days
Material Polycarbonate
Suitable Pitch 5° - 90°
Price Per Item £18.08 Calculate
Galvanised Steel Galvanised Steel
Life Expectancy 15 Years
Delivery Time 6 - 8 Weeks
Material Steel
Suitable Pitch 5° - 90°
Price Per Item £5.62 Calculate
PVC Plastisol Coated PVC Plastisol Coated
Life Expectancy 25 Years
Delivery Time 6 - 8 Weeks
Steel Bitumen
Suitable Pitch 5° - 90°
Price Per Item £7.80 Calculate
Polyester Paint Coated Polyester Paint Coated
Life Expectancy 15 Years
Delivery Time 6 - 8 Weeks
Material Steel
Suitable Pitch 5° - 90°
Price Per Item £6.10 Calculate
Corotile Corotile
Manufacturer Guarantee 15 Years
Delivery Time 10 - 14 Days
Material Steel
Suitable Pitch 10° - 60°
Price Per Item £22.20 Calculate
Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use These Calculators?

To use one of our roof sheet calculators, you first need to enter the shape of roof that you have, and enter its dimensions on the next two pages. Then, our calculator will do its thing, and tell you all of the roofing materials you’ll need to cover the roof you’ve entered. Once you’re happy with the result, you can then add the materials to your basket ready to check out.

Can I Choose What Colour or Finish I Want?

Yes, on the final calculator screen (“Results”), you’ll be able to choose between all colours and finishing options available for that roofing sheet.

Can Someone Else Use the Calculator for Me?

If you don’t feel comfortable using our calculators, get in touch with our award- winning customer service team. As long as you know the type of roof that you have and its size, they’ll be able to do the calculations for you. Simply call them on 01295 565 565, email [email protected], or use our handy live chat to get in touch.

How To Guides

If you’re looking for more information on our products, or how to complete your project, take a look at our handy how-to guides below.

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Sheet roofing is a relatively new form of roof covering, especially when compared to roofing materials that date back hundreds, if not thousands of years, such as thatch or roof tiles.

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Corrugated roofing sheets are some of the most common means of waterproofing for garages, sheds, carports, and larger agricultural buildings.

How to Cut Corrugated Roofing

Corrugated roofing sheets are widely used in a multitude of applications throughout the roofing industry. They are highly durable, versatile in design and easy to use by both seasoned professionals and avid DIYers.