Eco Slate - Recycled Plastic Roof Tile (Pack of 16 - 1m2 Cover)

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Product Description

As seen on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, the Eco Slate Roof Tile from Eco Systems is a 100% recycled, lightweight plastic roof tile. It offers the beautiful aesthetics of traditional slate along with added durability and sustainability. This is achieved through the use of a truly unique formula, which helps to maximise its longevity and simplify installation.

Eco slate roof tiles come in packs of 16, with no further ridge, hip, verge or valley tiles required. This is because these synthetic roof tiles are so flexible that they can be moulded and used for other purposes. The self-bounding edges of the tiles ensure that they can withstand winds of up to 100mph. This also helps to prevent water ingress at pitches over 10°.

A single pack of 16 eco slate tiles will cover approximately one square meter of roof space, depending on pitch. For valleys, hips, and ridges, you’ll need 7 tiles per linear metre. Verges require 3 tiles per linear metre. When first delivered, these tiles will be covered in a brown protective coating. Not to worry though, this coating will disappear once UV light comes into contact with the tiles. Our installation guide provides further guidance on fitting this lightweight roof tile.

How many Tiles Do I Need to Cover my Roof?

This will depend on the pitch of your roof. For pitches between 10 and 15° 19 tiles will be needed per meter squared. This decreases as the pitch gets steeper and the overlap required is less. For pitches 16 – 20° it’s 17 slates per meter squared and for 21° + it's around 16. Please be aware that these are all approximated figures.

Overview of These Eco Slate Roof Tiles

  • 100% recycled roof tiles – perfect for new roofs & re-roofing projects
  • Flexible & suitable for moulding – no ridge, hip, verge or valley tiles needed
  • Highly durable & resistant to temperamental weather – able to withstand strong winds & rain
  • Virtually unbreakable & anti-vandal – life span up to and over 50 years
  • Lightweight & easy to handle – Quick to install

Benefits of Eco Slate Roof Tiles

Unwavering Durability

Due to its unique formulation, this slate is practically unbreakable and anti-vandal. When compared to traditional roof slates this reduces wastage during installation and removes much of the need for future maintenance. 

It has also been tested under vigorous weather conditions and, as a result, shown that is capable of handling wind speeds of up to 110mph whilst also effectively combatting water ingress at pitches as low as 10°. Eco Systems are so confident in the strength and reliability of their Eco Slate Roof Tile that they offer a staggering 50-year guarantee.

Incredible Versatility

Suitable for roofs with pitches over 10°, Eco Slate is an excellent choice for a variety of projects. Weighing just 11.9kg per square metre, it can even be fitted onto much more lightweight structures. This includes structures without roof battens, as these synthetic slate roof tiles can be laid directly onto plywood with a breathable membrane. This makes Eco Slate Roof Tiles ideal for homes, garages, garden buildings, stables and much more.

Iconic Appearance

With its rugged edges and intentionally imperfect finish, this tile offers a finish exactly like that of natural slate.

Painless Installation

Thanks to their amazing flexibility, Eco Slate Roof Tiles can also be used as ridge, hip, verge and valley tiles. Requiring just two fixings per tile with self-bonded edges, you won’t need many tools and fixings to fit these tiles onto your roof. 

This means Eco Slate is an excellent choice not just for professionals but also homeowners looking to do the job themselves. Its quick installation also helps keep project time and labour costs down.

Have More Questions About The Eco Slate Roof Tile?

If you’ve got any more questions about this synthetic slate tile from Eco Systems, get in touch with our award-winning team online or by telephone on 01295 565 565. With over 40 years of experience in all things DIY and roofing, they’re sure to be able to help answer any questions you might have about the Eco Slate Roof Tile. They’ll also help you calculate exactly how many tiles, fixings and other accessories you may need for your project, so you can get started as soon as possible.


Product Specifications

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More Information
Lead Time5-7 Days
BrandEco Systems
Guarantee50 Years
Min Pitch10 °
Thickness10 mm
Tiles per M219 at 10°
17 at 16°
16 at 21°
Overall Length440 mm
Overall Width305 mm



Video Guide - yUDzbyGRkuI


What Ridge and Verge Do I Use for the Eco Slate Roof Tiles?
Due to these tiles being flexible, they are also used on your ridge, verges and hips. You'll require 7 tiles per linear meter of ridge and 3 tiles per liniar meter of verge.

What is the Coverage of This Roof Tile?
The coverage provided by this tile is dependent upon the pitch of your roof. See below the number of tiles per square meter for various pitches. 

10° - 15
16° - 20
21° - 90

What is the Life Expectancy of This Roof Tile?
This roof tile offers a 50 year gurantee, providing you with confidence that they will adorn your property for decades to come.

Do Eco Slate Roof Tiles Come With in a Coating? 

Yes. These tiles are coated in a temporary protective coating, which prevents damage during transport. This brown coating will dissapear when placed in direct sunlight for a few days, at which point they will be grey, 

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