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Shed Roofing Materials

Sheds are a British icon and there are few gardens without a shed perched in the corner. To ensure that your shed roof is leak-free, you’ll often want to utilise shed roof tiles, sheets and shin...

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How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

How to Calculate Your m²/ft²?

It’s actually very easy to calculate how many square meters or foot an area is, whether it is a simple rectangle or more complex shape. When dealing with a simple rectangle, just multiply the length by the width for your total square meterage or footage. If you’re dealing with a more complex shape, treat each area as a rectangle and perform the same calculation. Then combine the square meterage or footage of each area for to get the total area.

calculate m2 illustration

Common Questions

What to Consider When Buying Shed Roof Materials? 

Whether you're constructing a small garden shed or large garden building, picking your roofing material is an important step. There are a number of things to consider, such as the weight of the material.


Timber structures are unable to withstand the weight of many traditional roofing materials. You should, therefore, ensure your chosen material is lightweight. Failing to do so may cause your structure to fail and serious injury. 

Bitumen, plastic, and rubber are all lightweight solutions for shed roofing. Steel is also an option, but you may require additional support in some circumstances. If unsure we always recommend consulting a qualified tradesperson and the manufacturer's specification. 


The likelihood is that you require a quick and easy to fit material. Otherwise, what began as a small project can quickly become very expensive and time-consuming. 

Each of our shed roof materials are easy to fit, with only a handful of fittings required. As many are lightweight, you'll only need a couple of people to safely fit them too.


Like any outbuilding, your garden shed must withstand tough weather conditions. This includes strong wind, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures.

It is therefore essential that the materials you choose to use have been tried and tested. You should also try to use the compatible fittings to ensure your shed is protected.