Is your existing conservatory roof in need of replacement? Then look no further. Here at Roofing Megastore, we’re experts in conservatory roofing materials, from traditional polycarbonate conservatory roofs to lightweight roof tiles and even tile-effect metal roof sheets. Choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, so no matter your style, you’re sure to find something perfect for your conservatory.

We’re proud to work with a number of top conservatory roofing manufacturers, including Tapco, Envirotile, Britmet and more. Each of these leading brands is renowned for their commitment to crafting high-quality roofing materials through expert engineering and design. The perfect choice for an affordable, durable, and lightweight roofing system for your conservatory.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Do you find that your conservatory gets too hot in the summer but is too cold in the winter? You’re not alone. This is a common drawback to traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs. Solid conservatory roofs covered with roof tiles are gaining massive popularity for this very reason. As well as being much more comfortable, the added thermal efficiency of a “warm roof” will help to reduce utility bills, and a tiled roof is far less noisy when it rains.

A tiled conservatory roof offers many more amazing benefits. These include incredible durability with far less ongoing maintenance than polycarbonate or glass, as well as a lifespan of up to fifty years! Choosing roof tiles will also give your conservatory a much smarter appearance, making it look more like a full extension than an old-fashioned conservatory. Plus, our lightweight roof tiles range will also allow you to have a tiled conservatory roof that doesn’t place much strain on the structure of your conservatory.

Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof

Join millions of homeowners across Britain and fit tough, thermally efficient polycarbonate roofing sheets onto your conservatory. If a tiled conservatory roof is outside of your price range, or you don’t want to sacrifice natural light, polycarbonate is a superb choice for your conservatory roof panels. As well as brightening up the space below, polycarbonate is actually 200x stronger than glass. What’s more, they’re incredibly lightweight and easy to install for a handy homeowner.

Our range of polycarbonate conservatory roof sheets has been carefully engineered to prevent up to 98% of harmful solar radiation, while still filling the room with light. We also offer multiwall polycarbonate in a range of thicknesses, to provide you with the exact level of thermal insulation you’re after. Polycarbonate roofing is very low-maintenance, and our range comes with warranties of up to 10 years. Choose polycarbonate for an affordable way to replace your conservatory roof that still offers fantastic performance.

Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

You’ll find a wide selection of polycarbonate roof sheets along with the complete range of accessories here at Roofing Megastore. Perfect for creating a space to unwind, study, work, entertain or play – your conservatory roof will give you everything you need.

The choice of finishes we offer on our polycarbonate roofing sheets allows you to vary the amount of light passing through your conservatory roof and determine what level of privacy you’d like. Most homeowners choose 25mm fivewall polycarbonate as it offers the best balance of thermal insulation and durability.

  • Very tough– Our polycarbonate sheets have an impact resistance of up to 200 times more than glass
  • Thermally efficient– Polycarbonate roofing can achieve a U-Value as low as 1.2W/m2K
  • Different Thicknesses– We offer a wide range of thicknesses from twin wall to seven wall to suit your needs
  • Range of Finishes – Find the perfect sheet for your tastes
  • Lightweight– Very light and easy to handle when compared to glass
  • Long-lasting – 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on select sheets
  • UV resistant– 98% of solar radiation blocked out
  • Fire Safe – 1Y fire rated according to BS476:7
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Conservatory Metal Tile Effect Roof

Lightweight Metal Roof Tiles

Our range of lightweight metal roof tiles is ideal for homeowners who want a tiled conservatory roof. Not only are these tiles incredibly easy to fit, but they’re supremely durable and will look beautiful for decades. Here are a few more reasons why:

  • Lightweight: Weighing as little as 7kg per square metre, which is even lighter than glass and even some polycarbonate sheets
  • Wide Range of Profiles: From slate tiles to plain tiles or profiled villatiles, we’re sure you’ll find a tile to perfectly match your conservatory roof to your property
  • Quiet: Lightweight metal roof tiles reduce noise transfer, and so won’t cause a racket when it rains or hails
  • Broad Selection of Colours and Finishes: Enjoy a superb choice of colours and finishes for each tile profile, so your conservatory roof will be perfect
  • Extremely Fast to Install: On average you only need 2.2 lightweight metal roof tiles per square metre, whereas slate roofing requires 22. So you’ll be able to install them 10 times faster, and enjoy your brand new conservatory roof even quicker
  • Longevity: Our metal tiles come with a 40-year manufacturer’s guarantee with a 60-year life expectancy
  • Virtually Maintenance Free: Breakages and repairs will be a thing of the past with metal roof tiles. All you’ll need to do is keep your gutters clean
  • Want A Roof Window? Not a problem. All major roof window manufacturers have special flashing kits designed for lightweight metal roof tiles
  • Strong and Durable: You could stand on these tiles and wash your windows. Their strength also makes these tiles secure against vandalism and extreme weather
  • Suitable for Low Pitches: Certain profiles can be fit onto roofs with pitches of as low as 10°. Perfect for low pitch lean-to conservatory roofs, or height restrictions from windows, extrusions or pipes
  • Fire Rated: Comply with British Standards and Regulations on fire safety
  • Simple to Fix: No special fixing methods required, install as you would traditional roof tiles onto roof battens
  • Cost Effective: From only £18.88 per square metre these products combine high-quality manufacturing with excellent value for money as they last for decades
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Conservatory Synthetic Tiled Roof

Lightweight Synthetic Tiles

We supply an extensive range of lightweight synthetic roof tiles, often referred to as plastic or slate effect tiles. If you’re looking for an option that mimics the iconic appearance of natural slate that won’t break the bank or strain your conservatory’s structure – this is the conservatory roofing material for you.

  • Beautiful Aesthetics: These plastic roof tiles share the unmistakable appearance of authentic slate – you won’t be able to tell the difference
  • Lightweight: At just 700g per tile, these weigh around 15.5kg per square metre
  • Ideal for Low Pitches: You can install these tiles as low as 14.5°. Highly suitable for conservatory roofs with height restrictions
  • Range of Colours and Finishes: Choose from a number of tasteful, traditional colours and finishes – you’re sure to find the ideal one for you
  • Excellent Lifespan: These synthetic roof tiles come with a 40-year warranty
  • Almost Zero Maintenance: You may never need to touch your conservatory roof again
  • Very Easy to Fit: Our plastic roof tile range is ideal for homeowners who have never installed roof tiles before. If you’re a professional, then you’ll do the job in no time.
  • Cost Effective: From just £45.09 per metre squared, and there’s no need to order excess tiles to account for breakages on-site or during your roof’s lifespan
  • Eco Friendly: Most tiles in our range are made from recycled materials, and can be recycled at the end of their life
  • Fire Rated: To give you peace of mind
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Conservatory Metal Tile Sheets

Lightweight Tile Effect Sheets

Does your conservatory roof have a pitch that is very shallow, but you still want to enjoy a tiled conservatory roof? Then lightweight tile effect sheets are perfect for you. Our range includes products from brands such as Britmet and Corotile, which are leagues ahead of the competition when you have a very shallow pitch conservatory roof.

These sheets can be installed on roofs with pitches as low as 5° and come with a 40-year guarantee. Plus, thanks to their high-quality steel construction, these sheets are incredibly durable, and can withstand almost anything vandals or mother nature throw at them. They’re also available “made to measure”, allowing you to order the perfect amount for your project. No waste, no fuss. This is a huge advantage for lean-to conservatory roofs. For example, for a 4m x 3m lean-to you’ll just need 4 sheets in 3m lengths. Other benefits of lightweight tile effect sheets for conservatory roofs include:

  • Great for Low Pitches: Even down to just 5°
  • Cut to Size: With our made-to-measure service, your project will go much quicker and more smoothly
  • Extremely Tough and Durable: Made from high-grade steel, you could even run and jump all over these sheets without causing damage
  • Superb Longevity: These sheets come with a 40-year guarantee, but can be expected to last far longer
  • Wide Choice of Colours and Profiles: Choose the perfect sheet for you, including traditional pantile profiles
  • Fast Installation: As these sheets are made to your exact measurements and much larger than individual tiles, they’re super quick to install
  • The Ideal Choice: For lean-to conservatory roofs, or conservatory roofs fitted to bungalows
  • Value for Money: From just £15 per square metre
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