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The Best Lean-to Roofing Materials

By Roofing Megastore Team 2 months ago 731 Views No comments

This guide will take a look at some of the most popular and beneficial lean-to roofing options and explore some of their benefits and drawbacks. Different materials will be useful for different lean-to uses and may require different tools and accessories in order to carry out installation, which will also be explored in this guide. This will help you to navigate through the many different possibilities open to you and enable to you to decide on the most effective roofing material.

How Many Roofing Sheets Do You Need?

By Roofing Megastore Team 4 months ago 1078 Views No comments

Make life easier and use one of our easy calculators to work out exactly how many roofing sheets you need plus which fittings and fixtures you need to go with them! Find out more about the different roofing sheets available and how our calculators can help you!

How to Identify Genuine Onduline Roofing Sheets

By Roofing Megastore Team 5 months ago 570 Views No comments

Onduline is an incredible, high performance, lightweight and durable bitumen roofing sheet that's ideal for many different roof types such as shed roofs, garages, stables, kennels and farm buildings. It’s extremely durable, will withstand many different weather conditions and comes with a 15-year guarantee. *

In 2017 there was the introduction of some replica Onduline products that unfortunately don’t offer the same qualities, flexibility or guarantees. Those replicas are still being sold today and it’s sometimes hard to spot the real Onduline from the replica.

How to Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets and Transform Your Shed

By Roofing Megastore Team 5 months ago 997 Views No comments

Traditionally sheds always used to be spider filled places filled with spades, brooms and a surplus of boxes that didn’t fit in the loft. However, in the last few years they’ve begun to have a bit of a revival.

Here’s a quick rundown of some quick and easy ways to update an old garden shed and make it the talking point of your garden!

How to Build a Cloche

By Roofing Megastore Team 7 months ago 1594 Views No comments

A cloche will keep your seedlings warm for longer and help to protect them from any final frosts. Although, they are great to use the other end of the season too just as the weather begins to get Autumnal.

A cloche is even easier to build than a cold frame and provides many of the same benefits. These include the ability to easily move it around your garden and providing a suitable growing spot for some more hardy vegetables.

How to Build a Cold Frame

By Roofing Megastore Team 7 months ago 1383 Views No comments

Always wanted (or could really do with) a greenhouse but don’t have the space? A cold frame could be the perfect alternative. It won’t do everything that a greenhouse can, but you can certainly use it to harden off your seedlings in. The advantages of cold frames are that they can be easily moved. Which is very convenient if you’re planning to use it for different plants that need different growing conditions.

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