Solid Conservatory Roof Systems


Solid Conservatory Roof Systems From Roofing Megastore

26th September 2016

At Roofing Megastore we're officially about to make your life as easy as can be. With the introduction of our Conservatory Roof Kits, you can now have absolutely everything you need for a brand spanking new conservatory roof in one click of a button... the only thing you need, the dimensions of your conservatory. Easy right!

Wehether you're after an Aluzinc steel panel system or an eco-friendly slate effect system, it does not matter at all. Here at Roofing Megastore we can supply you almost any appearance you want, whether it's shown on the website or not. Along with all of your tiles and flashings, your conservatory roof kit will come with a full aluminium structural frame, ready for your doors and windows to be fitted with ease.

Either tile option comes in a range of colours, providing you with tiles to match your existing roof or a unique colour to contrast your home. With lightweight roofing tiles on your conservatory, be prepared for a slash in energy bills and an increase in the rooms demand! Throughout the winter months, your conservatory could become the warmest room in the house, who doesn't want to be in that!

Not only are you getting the benefits of having the ease of purchase, but you're also providing a roof for 30+ years that can be fitted by any DIY minded person. The Supalite roofing system is set up so that it is the absolute easiest system possible to fit with colour coding and step by step instructions. Furthermore, both of the profiles you can have on your roof will be much more aesthetically pleasing than a basic, fragile glass or PVC roof.

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