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  1. Classic Bond vs Firestone: Which Ones Best

    Selection of Flat Roofs

    Classic Bond or Firestone? It’s a question that crops up a lot for those of us looking to cover our roofs with brand new EPDM. A natural one, considering both are world-leading manufacturers and both boast membranes that are strong, durable, and versatile enough to suit virtually all domestic flat roofs.

    However, there is no need to just rely on guesswork or gut feeling. Below we’ll talk a bit about the history of these two manufacturing goliaths and go through some of the key differences that may sway you one way or another.

    The History of EPDM

    EPDM can trace back its origins to the 1960s when it saw a boom thanks to its incredibly cost-effective design. At the time (and still today) it was seen by many as one of the best roof coverings available on the market. This original innovator was none other than Classic Bond who, since that first introduction six

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  2. Best Loft Ladders Guide

    Range of FAKRO Loft Ladders

    Every loft, big or small requires a way to get into it and for most of us that way is a loft ladder. These are much more than a simple means of getting from one from place to another however, they are a safety feature in of themselves with a myriad of types and sizes to choose from. It may not sound a daunting task but finding the right ladder for you is not always as simple as it may first appear. So, let’s start with asking ourselves the right questions.

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  3. Cost of Replacing Roof Tiles

    blue tiled roof with white chimney

    Roof tiles can need replacing for a whole host of reasons. A heavy storm may have led your tiles to break or come loose. Maybe time has worn away the material and your tiles have simply reached the end of their lifespan. Or perhaps you’d just like to switch up aesthetics and create a different style for your property? Whatever the reason for replacement, it’s likely that the potential costs of the task ahead are one of the first thing’s you’ll consider.

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  4. How Many VELUX Windows Do I Need?

    VELUX Roof Windows in Modern Living Space

    If you’re considering a home renovation project with the magic of VELUX windows, then it’s likely you’re in the planning stage of figuring out what type, what size and how many? VELUX have a fantastic selection of roof windows that can truly transform your space – the trick is figuring out whether simply one will do the job or perhaps even three or four will upgrade your space in the way you need?

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  5. What is the Best Loft Insulation?

    man installing pink loft insulation between joists

    Choosing the right loft insulation is an incredibly important task. Did you know that a home without adequate insulation can lose a quarter of its heat just through the roof? That’s a huge amount of avoidable heat loss that really takes a significant toll on your energy and heating costs over the years!

    Investing in a good-quality insulation for your loft space is a fundamental way of enjoying more comfortable living temperatures and keeping those bills to a minimum. In fact, according to, the right insulation (when installed correctly) can pay for itself multiple times over its total lifespan – a truly worthy investment!

    So, the big que

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  6. Guide to VELUX Windows Prices

    velux top hung roof window in white bedroom

    VELUX windows make for a stylish, practical addition to any home. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof window, or adding brightness and natural light to a new build, VELUX windows are a fantastic choice. A key step to consider before you buy the widow is your budget. In fact, there are many more costs to factor in than you might expect. In this guide, we’re going to take you through all of the key points, helping you to identify the cost of your next VELUX window.

    How Much Do VELUX Windows Cost?

    VELUX windows come in a wide range of sizes and styles. With such an abundance of glazing types, opening styles, customisable functions, and more, the cost of one VELUX to the next can be wildly different. But how do these factors affect the cost of a VELUX window? Is a manual window much cheaper than electric? How does frame material affect the price? In this nex

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  7. What Are Soffits and Fascias?

    soffit and fascia boards along roofline

    The soffit and fascia are two fundamental elements of your roof structure. Installed in practical conjunction, these essential components serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, finishing and protecting your roof structure from all the external conditions that threaten to damage it. So, they’re an important part of your roof… but what exactly are soffits and fascias? Where are they installed? And what are the different types available?

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  8. Benefits of Sheep's Wool Insulation

    Benefits of Sheep's Wool Insulation

    Installing insulation is a fantastic way of minimising heat loss, enhancing energy efficiency, saving money and creating a more comfortable and consistent temperature for your home. Sheep wool insulation is popular as one of the most natural and sustainable variations of insulation available. It is quite literally as the name implies, made from sheep’s wool.

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  9. Hemp Insulation: Everything You Need to Know

    Hemp Insulation: Everything You Need to Know

    Hemp insulation is a kind of home insulation that is manufactured using hemp wool. Hemp wool is made from strong and woody fibres that are derived from a hemp plant. Due to its exceptional durability, hemp wool has been used through history in sturdy applications such as clothing, ropes and even sails. It has excellent insulative properties and is very robust, so makes for a fully resistant and breathable insulation material. Hemp insulation helps to regulate thermal performance plus has high thermal mass and low conductivity so is a fantastic insulator.

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  10. What Types of Roof Tiles Are There?

    What Types of Roof Tiles Are There?

    With such a variety of different options now available, it can be tricky to narrow down to the best type of tile for your roof. From traditional clay tiles to contemporary synthetic slates, there are a multitude of styles out there, each creating their own unique look for your home.

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