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Mega Guides

  1. Mega Guide to Ladder Sizes

    werner roof ladder on roof

    Choosing the right ladder is paramount not only for practicality but most importantly for the safety of you and those around. Working at height can be a dangerous prospect when handled irresponsibly so it’s absolutely vital to ensure you are confident the ladder you have chosen is the up for the job.

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  2. Mega Guide to Roofing Membranes and Underlays

    Klober Permo Light Roof Membrane Under Battens

    Whilst roof shingles and slates do provide a reasonable degree of protection against the destructive effects of external weather conditions, roofing underlayment adds an important secondary layer of protection that ensures a more resilient and long-lasting lifespan for your roof structure. The right underlayment will not only shield your roof structure from weathering prior to shingle attachment, but also defends your sheathing from potential wind, moisture and ice dam damage long after installation is complete.   

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  3. Mega Guide to the Cost of Decking

    close up of grey timber decking boards

    A brand new deck is a very excitement investment that can completely transform the entire look of your outdoor space. But how much does this sort of project actually cost? Budget plays a significant role in any garden renovation project and getting the most for your money means taking the time to consider each level of cost and expense.

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  4. Mega Guide to Replacing Gutters

    Mega Guide to Replacing Gutters

    Whether you’ve spotted some damage, your gutters have sprung a leak, or your current guttering system is simply in need of a refresh, replacing guttering is now far easier to do yourself thanks to smart modern design.

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  5. Mega Guide to Roofing Beams, Joists, Rafters and Trusses

    Mega Guide to Roofing Beams, Joists, Rafters and Trusses

    No matter the style of roof you have, its structure will be largely made up of and supported by timber in various forms. These primarily include beams, joists, rafters, and trusses. While each of these differ from one another, they all share the same task: supporting the live and dead weight of your roof, supporting the walls of your home, and offering a space for ventilation and insulation. In other words, these elements are vital parts of any well-constructed home.

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  6. Mega Guide to Insulation Thickness

    Mega Guide to Insulation Thickness

    Fitting effective insulation into a property has many benefits. These include keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature all year round, saving money on utility bills, cleaner internal air, and many more.

    But many homeowners come to us wondering what thickness of insulation is right for their project. With so many options on offer, it can be a daunting prospect for a first timer, and that’s why we’ve written this handy guide.

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  7. Mega Guide to Felting a Roof

    Mega Guide to Felting a Roof

    Roofing felt is a simple and cost-effective countermeasure against wind-driven rain and serves to keep flat roofs, garages, and sheds watertight. It also prevents the entry of insects and other pests, at a reasonable cost of just £50 per meter squared. What’s more, a felt roof couldn’t be easier to install, even for a homeowner doing a bit of DIY.

    Felt has been used as a roofing material for well over one hundred years, and in that time three main installation methods have developed. These include Cold Adhesive, Torch-on and Shed. Beyond this, we’ll also explore re-felting your roof as well as the types of repairs that you might have to perform to keep your felt roof in tip-top condition.

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  8. Mega Guide to Roof Ventilation

    Mega Guide to Roof Ventilation

    The roof is arguably the most vital part of a safe, comfortable home. Roofs offer protection from storms, direct sunlight, falling debris and more – but they can only perform at their best when properly maintained. Roof ventilation is likely not at the forefront of most homeowner’s minds, but it’s a simple way to keep your roof space happy and healthy long-term.

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  9. What is EPDM?

    What is EPDM?

    EPDM Rubber is an outstanding roofing product with amazing longevity. But what exactly is EPDM? What are its advantages and where can it be used? Read this article to discover answers to these common questions and more. 

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  10. Guide to Safety Footwear

    Guide to Safety Footwear

    Whether you’re purchasing new work boots or you’re an employer who wants to learn more about safety footwear codes, this guide will tell you all about the various standards in place and what the codes on Safety Boots and Safety Shoes mean, making it easier for you to find the pair you need.  

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