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Introducing Our Modular Roof Lanterns

Introducing Our Modular Roof Lanterns
By Roofing Megastore Team 27 days ago 235 Views No comments

Shockingly a recent survey has exposed that Brits spend an average of 22 hours per day indoors, equating to 90% of our day under the glare of artificial light! This means that we’re missing out on the essential benefits that natural daylight brings us, including vitamin D, a natural uplift and the chance to harmonise with nature, not to mention fresh air!

Often it can be challenging to change the amount of time we spend indoors though, with increasingly more people’s main job being computer based. We’re spending 8 to 9 hours sat inside at a desk before heading home, and quite often we can be so tired from the mental challenges of the working day that all we want to do in the evening is stay at home and relax. Taking into consideration, 7 to 9 hours (if you’re lucky) for sleep for the average person and you can quickly see how the amount of time indoors adds up.

More and more people are reporting feelings of fatigue, depression and deficiencies in vitamin D levels and this is all contributed to by the lack of sunlight that we are getting.

How to Get More Natural Light

There’s plenty that we can do to help to correct this, spending 20 minutes of your lunchbreak going for a stroll or perhaps walking to work are great options. And now that the days are longer, in the summer months, trying to do something outside when we meet up for friends rather than just going for food or to the cinema can also help. It can be as simple as sitting in the park instead of a restaurant or going for a natter and a stroll (and it’s much cheaper too!).

However, much like a diet, we all know that new habits can be hard to get into the swing of. Another, easier way, that we can introduce more sunlight into our lives without having to adjust our lifestyle is by introducing a roof lantern into our home.

Roof lanterns are incredibly impressive and will completely transform a room letting vast amounts of light in. It can be transformational for a kitchen, which is quite often where we spend a lot of time, especially in a family home, or in a sociable house. They’re amazing for houses that have open plan living and are often added directly above a dining table, adding uplift at breakfast and atmosphere at dinner time.

And adding a roof lantern into a room and growing a variety of house plants there which will thrive in the natural daylight will not only give you a show stopping space but it will also bring the outside in.

Roofing Lanterns draw in three times the amount of light than a vertical window of the same size, allowing your body to sync with the natural light and dark periods of the day. And, because your body relies on light to regulate it's biological clock this helps to improve your sleep pattern whereas artificial light can interfere with it.

Once you’re synced back to the natural rise and fall of the sun you should see dramatic improvements in your mood, energy levels and general wellbeing.

Roof lanterns are such a stunning addition that we quite often assume that they’re just too expensive to add but this doesn’t have to be the case. Whitesales have introduced a fantastic range with a reasonable price point and you can purchase them here at Roofing Megastore.

Their flat glass panes will allow the maximum amount of light transmission in and superb sound insulation ensures your home remains peaceful, regardless of whether you live in a bustling city or a cosy suburb. The panes are fully sealed too so they have amazing thermal insulation throughout the year, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Roofing Megastore also have a brilliant range of pitched and flat roof windows. We’ve allowed thousands of homeowners to significantly increase the levels of natural daylight in their homes over the years, creating a more enjoyable living space for the entire family.

We’re excited to be continuing our commitment to enhancing your living space with our new range of roof lanterns. They have been caringly engineered to provide a clean, minimalistic finish both inside and out, and they’re available in a choice of either square or rectangular and various different sizes. So, whether you have a large or small room you can still easily transform your home.

Our new roof lanterns can also be fitted with a supplied PVC upstand or fitted onto an existing builder’s upstand, combined with their unique modular design, these roof lanterns provide an easy way to fill your home with natural daylight.

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You can browse the entire range of Whitesale roof lanterns online, or if you have any questions you can give us a call on 01295 565 565, email us at [email protected] or talk to us on live chat at Roofing Megastore and we will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

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