How to Fit Velux Blinds

Velux have a range of blinds to suit their windows and your lifestyle perfectly. Choose from blackout, roman or roller blinds in a choice of colours and designs, including themed ones for the little ones!

It's surprising how much of a difference the addition of blinds can make to a room - instantly adding warmth, style and making a room feel like home, and Velux blinds are made from the highest quality fabrics to ensure that they are both effective and long lasting.

When designing their blinds, VELUX have used a truly unique design to make installation hassle-free. Allowing homeowners to quickly fit a new blind in minutes without the need for any specialist tools.

In this guide we’ll be providing a step-by-step walk through for installing a VELUX blind.This guide will allow you to fit any VELUX blind which features their patented Pick&Click mounting system including their blackout, roman and roller blinds.

Check the Contents of Your VELUX Blind

Before you begin to fit your VELUX blinds, check the contents of the package. This can vary for each blind, but the paperwork included will confirm what should be there.

This is a good opportunity to ensure that you have the necessary tools to hand too. They will be outlined in the paperwork and will, in most circumstances, simply be a screwdriver.

VELUX Blind Installation Guide Diagram

Step 2: Fit the Bottom Mounts

Separate the two bottom mounts and fix them into place at the bottom corners of your window frame using the supplied screws. Ensure the mount sit levels with the bottom of the frame and is positioned as shown in the diagram below.

VELUX Blind Installation Guide Diagram

Step 3: Install the Side Rails

Slide the left and right hand side rail into the top of your VELUX blind as shown in the diagram below. The fabric of the blind should sit snuggly between the front and back of the side rail as shown.

Then ‘click’ the side rail into the bottom mount. You shouldn’t have to apply much pressure to secure it in place. If you struggle check the positioning of the bottom mounts to ensure they have been fitted correctly.

VELUX Blind Installation Guide Diagram

Step 4: Secure the Side Rails

Use the remaining six screws to secure both side rails into place as shown in the diagram below. You will find screw holes located on the rear of both side rails for guidance.

Once secured into place check the entire frame of the blind for gaps. The frame of your VELUX blind should be snug to the inner frame of your window with no gaps at the corners.

VELUX Blind Installation Guide Diagram

Step 5: Secure the Guide Strings

Unclip the guide strings (encased in circular red plastic) from the blind and roll one of the strings down, remove the red casing from the string and throw it away. Click the clip at the bottom of the string into the bottom of the side rails as shown in the diagram below. Then repeat this on the other side before removing the remaining red plastic casing on your VELUX blind.

VELUX Blind Installation Guide Diagram

You've Finished Fitting Your VELUX Blinds

That's it - you have now finished fitting your VELUX blind and it is ready for use! If you haven't found your perfect blind yet, browse our vast range by VELUX blinds by clicking here. You can also view our range of VELUX windows by clicking here.