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How to Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets and Transform Your Shed

How to Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets and Transform Your Shed
By Roofing Megastore Team 5 months ago 998 Views No comments

Traditionally sheds always used to be spider filled places filled with spades, brooms and a surplus of boxes that didn’t fit in the loft. However, in the last few years they’ve begun to have a bit of a revival.
People are no longer seeing sheds as a dumping ground or somewhere to store the bikes that are never ridden, but more of as an opportunity. Using the extra space as a break out area for themselves, somewhere to entertain friends, a play area for the kids or as an office.

This could be due to the slow housing market and people utilising any space possible rather than moving home. Or, it could be directly linked to the surge of people starting up side hustles and needing a space to create.
It might also be because of the increase in flexible working and people working from home more – a shed, can make the perfect office area!
Whatever the reason, your shed could be the cheaper answer to a new office, den or tea and wine area and if you haven’t transformed yours yet now might be the perfect time to do it!

Here’s a quick rundown of some quick and easy ways to update an old garden shed and make it the talking point of your garden!


A tired or neglected shed can easily be transformed into a much more stylish looking cabin by adding a layer of cream paint and a contrasting black roof.

If your shed’s roof is looking a little worse for wear, now’s the perfect time to add some new roofing and make sure it’s weather proof for the coming year.

Adding a waterproof and durable roof can be quite straight forward and easy to do. A roofing sheet like Corrapol-BT Corrugated Bitumen Roof Sheet is lightweight, easy to cut and fold and very flexible. And, it won’t only protect your shed from the wind and rain, it’ll also add an insulative layer keeping it warmer inside on those chilly days.

Coming in a range of fantastic colours, it’s worth having a think about whether you are going to give your shed a lick of paint or not before you begin. You can then choose the perfect roof colour to top it off with.

How to Fit Corrugated Roofing Sheets:

Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to install roofing sheets on to your shed and you can also find some easy to follow diagrams in this document.

  1. Take measurements of the roof of your shed, including the width, the length and the roof rise/gable.
  2. Install your first roofing sheet on one side of the shed. Make sure that the corrugated sheet lays vertically on the roof so that rain water can run down the troughs.
  3. Hammer nails through the corrugation peaks (raised bends) and not the troughs ensuring that the sheet overhangs the sides of the roof by one corrugation peak.
  4. Install your remaining roofing sheets by overlapping each sheet with a minimum of two corrugation peaks and using nails to fix.
  5. When you install your final roofing sheet on each side of the shed you may need to overlap it by more than two corrugation peaks so that you can avoid the need to cut the sheet vertically.
  6. Now fold the overhang that you left at the sides of the roof (in step 3) and nail them down
  7. Install Roof Ridges onto the ridge of the roof. Overlap them by a minimum of 22cm and nail them down at every two corrugation peaks.
Now that you’ve got a freshly painted and newly roofed shed (or a summer house if you prefer!) you might be happy with your nice new space as it is. Or, you might want to add some insulation so that you can use your space when it starts to get chillier too.

Updating the floor and adding insulation

Adding some insulation under the flooring will help keep the summerhouse nice and toasty and we’ve got a great range of insulation that you can purchase at Roofing Megastore.

Once you’ve added insulation down you can add your final flooring on top. Tongue and grooving is a nice rustic option that’s still easy to sweep down and keep clean.

It’s tempting to want to add cosy rugs or a beautifully patterned flooring into your garden summer house but it’s worth remembering that there will probably be mud coming in on regular occasions. Having some movable rugs that you can take up when the weather starts to get bad is the perfect solution (or just have a no shoe policy!).


Choosing to keep the budget down and the look rustic can be easily achieved by giving the inside of the summerhouse/shed a good sweep down and evacuating any spiders. And then some simple prints pinned up on the walls can lend a simple but rustic charm.

But, as with the floor, if you’re planning to continue to use the space into winter you may want to consider adding some insulation. You can then decorate the boarding on top with a wash of paint.


Now that your summer house is weather proof and insulated you can begin the fun part of adding all your interior bits and pieces. If you’re still not sure what you want to use your summerhouse/shed for now that it’s finished, take a look at our article on Shed Ideas, which will give you a host of fabulous ideas of how to use it.

Upgraded your shed?

If you have revitalised the space in your shed, we’d love to see a picture of it, you can share a photo with us on Facebook, and follow us for more DIY ideas.

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