VELUX Roof Windows in Modern Living Space

If you’re considering a home renovation project with the magic of VELUX windows, then it’s likely you’re in the planning stage of figuring out what type, what size and how many? VELUX have a fantastic selection of roof windows that can truly transform your space – the trick is figuring out whether simply one will do the job or perhaps even three or four will upgrade your space in the way you need?

Considering the Space

Every room is different. What works for one space may look or feel completely wrong in another and that’s no different when it comes to windows. Think sensibly about the space you are working with. Are you renovating a spacious ground floor extension with lots of floor coverage and high ceiling? Or are you working with a smaller loft conversion set with slanted ceilings and awkward corners?

Get out your trusty measuring tape and carefully measure out the entire room to gain a full scope of the area. Map out a diagram or floor plan and note down your dimensions to refer to at each stage of the project.

Natural Light Exposure

Natural light is a necessity for any home. Not only does it make a room look and feel so much more spacious and inviting but also offers a huge range of mental, emotional and physical benefits too!

The general rule is that to ensure adequate daylight coverage, glazing should take up at least 15-20% of a room’s total size. This means if you’ve got total room area of say 60m², then your windows should make up around 12m² of that.

Whilst traditional windows do act as a fantastic source of natural light, limited wall space and difficult positioning can make it tricky to reach the full 20% with just those alone. That’s where VELUX windows are so beneficial.

Roof windows and skylights are highly valuable when it comes to maximising light exposure and in fact can deliver up to three times more natural light than standard windows! If you’ve got the headspace, the installation of VELUX windows is a very practical and cost-effective method of increasing light without having to undertake serious constructional renovations.   

VELUX Daylight Calculator

So, how many VELUX windows do you actually need to create the perfect balance of light? To help you with your calculations, let’s run through an example estimated by VELUX’s very handy daylight calculator! This helpful tool takes into consideration the type and size of your space as well as any existing glazing to make an accurate estimation on how many Velux windows you will need.

For this example, we will be working on a brand-new loft conversion. The dimensions of the loft are 4m (depth) x 7m (width) with a total area of 28m². There are currently no other glazed windows/doors within the conversion.

The glazing calculator has calculated that to reach the 20% daylight recommendation, 5.6m² of glazing is needed. In this scenario, VELUX recommend:

4 of their 134cm x 140cm centre pivot roof windows.

Directional Light

Don’t forget that the quantity of windows is not the only thing that effects the light amount of coverage you achieve. To optimise exposure, you should also consider the careful positioning and placement in relation to the direction your room is facing.

North-facing rooms typically have a colder, more neutral level of sunlight throughout the day, whilst south-facing rooms are exposed to a warmer ambience from morning to afternoon. East-facing spaces have the highest and brightest volume of sunlight in the morning whereas rooms facing west experience shadowing and warmer light towards the second half of the day.


Another important function of a VELUX window is ventilation. Will your VELUX windows be a primary source of fresh air for the room? Or do you have existing glazing and exterior doors that provide a sufficient amount already? To avoid a room that feels enclosed and stuffy, you should ensure the number of VELUX windows you install will be able to provide a sufficient amount of fresh airflow throughout your space.

Room Aesthetics

Of course, you want your new VELUX windows to look fantastic too. The last thing you want is to overfill your ceiling space with too much glazing and create a room design that looks overcrowded. Similarly, you’ll also look to avoid installing windows that look misplaced and have no real impact on the atmosphere of the room. Consider whether 4 smaller VELUX windows would break up empty space stylishly or whether 1 or 2 windows would bring the ‘wow’ factor and maintain a more contemporary flow? Learn more in our VELUX window sizes guide.

Looking to Buy Your Own Velux Windows?

Are you ready to upgrade your home with a fresh set of VELUX roof windows? Here at Roofing Megastore, we stock a fantastic selection of top hung VELUX windows and centre pivot VELUX windows as well as VELUX sun tunnels, VELUX flashing kits and stylish VELUX blinds to match!

If you’d like a little extra insight into which may be right fit for your project budget, why not also check out our handy Guide to VELUX Window Prices before browsing.

Then, simply place your order online or with the help of our trusty sales team who are ready to provide any extra advice and assistance you need. Give them a call on 01295 565565, email [email protected], or leave us a message in our handy live chat below.