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Firestone: A Leading Name in Flat Roofing Materials

By Roofing Megastore Team 4 days ago 13 Views No comments

Whether you’re planning to replace an existing flat roof or are adding an extension with a flat roof, picking the right materials is vital. These materials will adorn your home for decades to come and are responsible for the prevention of any nightmare leaks from popping up!

What are the Benefits of Clay Roof Tiles?

By Roofing Megastore Team 11 days ago 32 Views No comments

With such a vast range of tiles available it’s difficult to know what kind to look at when you’re renovating or building a new roof. And because the roof material that you use is so important you want to make sure that you make the right choice as it will impact the entire success of your build.
In this article we’re going to take a look at the benefits that a clay tile can offer you.

What is Chipboard and What is it Used for?

By Roofing Megastore Team 23 days ago 50 Views No comments

Ikea is famed for selling chipboard furniture and kitchens made from chipboard were all the rage back in the 50s but are we beginning to see the decline of Chipboard/particle board or low-density fibrewood as it’s also known?

What is OSB and what is it used for?

By Roofing Megastore Team 24 days ago 1328 Views No comments

Most people know what plywood is and turn to it for renovation and DIY projects, but what about OSB – what is this and what can you use it for? Is it better than plywood or should it be used for different projects entirely?

We’ll cover all this and more in this product review.

Introducing Our Modular Roof Lanterns

By Roofing Megastore Team 27 days ago 235 Views No comments

Shockingly a recent survey has exposed that Brits spend an average of 22 hours per day indoors, equating to 90% of our day under the glare of artificial light! This means that we’re missing out on the essential benefits that natural daylight brings us, including vitamin D, a natural uplift and the chance to harmonise with nature, not to mention fresh air!

An easy way that we can introduce more sunlight into our lives without having to adjust our lifestyle is by introducing a roof lantern into our home.

Synthetic Tile Calculator

By Roofing Megastore Team 27 days ago 280 Views No comments

If you’re tiling a roof for the first, second or third time it can be tricky to work out how many tiles you need for the project which is why we’ve taken the hard work out of it and created a nifty Synthetic Tile Calculator to help you.

The Best Ladder for an Electrician

By Roofing Megastore Team 2 months ago 351 Views No comments

Do you need a new ladder but aren’t quite sure what type of ladder would be best for your day job?

Here’s a quick review of the different types available and their pros and cons.

Guide to VELUX Window Sizes

By Roofing Megastore Team 2 months ago 809 Views No comments

For more than 70 years, VELUX have combined gorgeous styling and innovative technology in their range of popular roof windows. Each of these VELUX windows transform living spaces, whether it be a small entrance area or large family kitchen. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof window or introducing one for the first time, finding the perfect size for your project can be a challenge. This is especially if you’ve never shopped for a roof window before.

Chimney Cowls vs Bird Guards: Which is Right for You

By Roofing Megastore Team 2 months ago 525 Views No comments

Don’t know your Chimney Cowl from your Bird guard, or your Cap from your Rotorvent? If you’ve just moved to a new house or are renovating an old one you might find that you don’t have a chimney cowl - or even know what one is. But installing a chimney cowl should be a high priority, not only to maintain a healthy chimney and to make sure your fire has a good draw but also to avoid any safety issues. We’ve compiled a quick guide below on all the different types of chimney cowls there are and what they’re used for to point you in the right direction.

Composite Decking: Hollow vs. Solid

By Roofing Megastore Team 3 months ago 597 Views No comments

Are you about to begin revitalising your garden but aren’t sure which is the most cost effective choice of decking? Are you looking to add an area to your pub garden for customers to congregate but aren't sure which type of decking offers the greatest level of durability? Whatever your project, sometimes it’s difficult to know which type of decking to use. After all, you must not only choose from a variety of materials but also pick from a range of styles.

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