Architecture vs The Golden Ratio: Which Famous Buildings Are Most Beautiful?

From the Great Pyramid of Giza, to the Colosseum in Rome, there are so many examples of iconic architecture across the globe. Some of humanity’s greatest structures were built thousands of years ago, but others are just a few years old. Now, we’ve all got our own opinions, but can we truly say which buildings are the most beautiful? Well, thanks to an ancient algebraic equation, we can.

We’ve used the Golden Ratio, which dates back to Ancient Greece, and is widely regarded as an objective barometer for beauty. Using some bespoke software, we were able to pit the ratio against some of the world’s most famous pieces of architecture, and determine how well each stacks up against it. It turns out, that St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is the most beautiful building in the world, with a golden ratio alignment of 72.28%.

Our research was extensive, and we even looked into the history and style of architecture behind each building’s construction. The full study contains a comprehensive description of each of the top 20 most beautiful buildings in the world, detailing their origin, and any unique facts. We’ve also drawn up a league table of the 50 most beautiful buildings in the world, complete with where they are, when they were completed, and what percentage they came out with.

Read the full study to discover more: